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1 The Ending of Rose's Scabbard

This has to be my favorite scene in any T.V. series. You can feel the weight of Pearl's grief and self-doubt as she reenacts her decision to stay and fight with Rose. It is impossible not to cry when Steven hugs her and says "Well, I think you're pretty great." The dialogueless scene that follows is the most beautiful moment in the series with it's gorgeous music and attention to detail. - Atham

2 Pearl Sings "It's Over, Isn't It?" (Mr. Greg)

Such a beautiful and heart-wrenching performance with stunning animation. Nothing short of a masterpiece. - Atham

3 Garnet and Stevonnie Sing "Here Comes a Thought" (Mindful Education)

I have a bias towards this episode. It's personal effect on me is something I cannot overlook. Although I've yet to be diagnosed with a disorder, I do suffer from issues related to anxiety and depression from time to time. It's nothing extremely serious at the moment, but it does make life that much more difficult when you always have that paranoid voice stuck inside your head. Here Comes a Thought has helped me cope so much. Whenever I have a panic attack, I sing this song to myself. It helps remind myself to breathe and remember that it's all in my head and it's going to be okay. I am eternally grateful that this episode exists. - Atham

4 Steven Fuses With Himself (Change Your Mind)

It's so beautiful to see Steven finally accept himself for who he is: not Rose or Pink Diamond, just Steven. Also the animation quality went up ten notches during this scene, and it looks amazing. - Atham

5 Garnet Fights Jasper (Jailbreak)

Definitely one of the series' most badass moments. The song is just too good! - Atham

6 Rose Quartz is Revealed to be Pink Diamond (A Single Pale Rose)

It took me a while to recover from this reveal. I never would've guessed! I thought the Rose Quartz=Pink Diamond theorists were crazy! But somehow, it all makes perfect sense! - Atham

7 Steven Turns Himself In (I Am My Mom)

One of the series' most powerful and suspenseful moments. I don't know how anybody was able to survive watching this scene. - Atham

8 Steven and Amethyst Fuse (Earthlings)

One of the most hype moments in the series. My jaw dropped right to the floor when they formed Smoky Quartz for the first time. - Atham

9 Ruby and Sapphire's Wedding (Reunited)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what is probably the first same-sex wedding in a cartoon targeted at kids. It's such a cute scene, and I totally did not shed a few tears while watching it. - Atham

10 Rose's Tape (Lion 3)

This scene always makes me smile. It's impossible to watch with dry eyes. - Atham

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1. The Ending of Rose's Scabbard
2. Pearl Sings "It's Over, Isn't It?" (Mr. Greg)
3. Garnet and Stevonnie Sing "Here Comes a Thought" (Mindful Education)


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