Top 10 Moments from The Sword and The Stone (1963)

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1 Arthur Pulls the Sword Out of the Stone a Second Time and Becomes The New King of England

Arthur returns with the sword as Kay takes one look at the sword realizes its not his then Ector sees the inscription on the sword realizing it's the legendary sword in the stone as the tournament stops as he orders Arthur to tell him where he got the sword and Arthur explains he pulled it out of an anvil in the church yard as everyone laughs at his ridicules story as Ector demands to tell the truth but Arthur tells him it is the truth as everyone gathers around the church yard and places the sword back in the stone and order Arthur to prove himself by pulling the sword but before he can actually do it he's pulled aside as Kay attempts to pull the sword but fails as everyone begins to try and pull it until Sir Pellinore suggest they let Arthur try it which he does and again successfully pulls the sword out of the stone and is declared the new king of England.

2 Higitus Figitus

After deciding to go with Arthur back to the castle and become his new teacher Merlin packs up all his stuff using magic while singing Higitus Figitus as he shrinks all his furniture into a small bag, possibly of the funniest moments is the sugar cup cuts the line and starts swatting the tea pot and Merlin puts a halt to the song and scolds it, and as the song is about to end Merlin really goes all out singing faster and faster until the stool he was standing on also gets shrunk and is put into the suitcase.

3 The Wizards Duel

Merlin and Mad Madam Mim decide to settle their dispute with a wizards duel in which they transform into different animals in an attempt to destroy one another after going over the rules Mim blatantly breaks one of the rules of no disappearing and tries to get the drop on Merlin as the duel continues it seems like Merlin may have had the upper hand until Mim again breaks another of the rules they set earlier by turning into a dragon and turns the table on Merlin ans just when it seems that Mim has won Merlin outwits her by turning himself into a germ and infecting Mim resulting in Merlin as the winner.

Very memorable

4 Arthur Pulls the Sword from the Stone

After arriving in London as the tournament to crown the new King of England Arthur makes the foolish mistake of forgetting Kay's sword at which Kay is really angry at him for and orders him to go back to the inn to get it but finds the place closed as everyone has gone to the tournament then sees the a sword attached to an anvil which is of course the sword in the stone and as Arthur starts to pull on it a light shines around it with a choir singing as Arthur lefts the sword from the stone to give it to Kay.

For a movie called The Sword in the Stone,the movie barely has anything to do with the actual sword in the stone its only mentioned in the beginning of the story and is only brought up at the end of the movie.

I feel bad for saying this but this is the only part of the movie I can remember. : /

5 Arthur Gets Chased Around By a Female Squirrel

Merlin basically convinces Arthur to play hookey from his dish washing duties in order to teach him about gravity by having them both turned into squirrels, while on this adventure Arthur runs into a female squirrel who instantly falls in love with him as she chases him all around the tree and even Merlin finds himself in the same situation, as Arthur repeatedly tries to tell her he's a human boy but she still doesn't understand which makes it all the more sadder when Arthur reverts back to human form as the girl squirrel is left heartbroken.

6 Merlin Gets Angry at Wart After Becoming He Becomes Kay's Squire

Arthur rushes over to tell Merlin the news that he's become Kay's new squire while Archamedes is happy for him Merlin is downright furious at Arthur and Arthur is upset that Merlin isn't happy for him and after he tells off Merlin that he's so focused on the future that he knows nothing about what going on in the present which angers Merlin even further as he blows himself to Bermuda, on one hand Merlin has a legitimate reason to be angry he believes that Arthur is capable of so much more than being a squire and at the same time for Arthur being a squire was the only thing he had to look forward to in his life since he is adopted and not of noble blood and really doesn't have a whole lot of options.

7 Arthur vs the Giant Fish

Merlin turns him and Arthur into fish and swim in the castle moat to teach him about using brains over bronze during their lesson Arthur gets chased by a giant fish who looks to devour him while Merlin is left incapacitated as Arthur is forced to use his wits to outsmart the bigger fish.

8 Ector and Kay vs the Dishes

After one of the servant woman walks in on Melin bewitching the dishes so they'll clean themselves she calls upon Ector and Kay who where in the middle of training to put a stop to it as Ector and Kay fight off the magical dishes but find themselves completely outmatched until Merlin and Wart show up and Merlin calls a halt to the magic, obvious Ector is outraged by all this considering its Wart's duties to clean the dishes and after some arguing and after Wart tries to defend Merlin Ector takes away Wart's position as Kay's squire.

9 Merlin Returns from Bermuda
10 The Tale of the Sword in the Stone

The opening song as the singer sets up the story with the tale of the sword in the stone.

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