Top 10 Moments from Tarzan (1999)

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1 Tarzan vs Clayton

Epic showdown that follows Tarzan and Clayton as they fight high upon the tree tops as Tarzan manages to get a hold of Clayton's gun as Clayton tells him to shoot and be a man as Tarzan breaks the gun telling him he's not a man like him as Clyaton brings out a knife and attempts to kill him as Tarzan drops a bunch of vines as he gets tangled in them as Clayton begins violently cutting them unaware that one of the vines is tightened around his neck as Tarzan tries to warn him but its too late as he cuts the wrong vine as he falls and gets hanged the scariest part is even though we don't actually see his body his shadow of his hang bodied caused by the lighting is shown for a brief few seconds. - egnomac

2 Son of Man
3 Strangers Like Me

Very unappreciated song as Mr. Porter, Clayton and Jane not only teach him to speak but also about the human world which really fascinates Tarzan. - egnomac

4 Trashin the Camp

Terk, Tantor and the other gorillas come across the Porters camp site and begin messing around the stuff making music while scatting as they trash the camp and causing so much noise that everyone in the jungle can hear them. - egnomac

5 Kala Finds and Saves Tarzan from Sabor the Leopard

Kala comes across a tree house built by Tarzan's parents and discovers Tarzan as a baby as she rescues him from Sabor as she returns to the pack with the new baby however Kerchak is not happy with her decision to want to raise the baby though he agrees to let her keep him he makes it perfectly clear to her that Tarzan is not his son. - egnomac

6 Two Worlds Opening

Good way to start off the movie that sees two different worlds that eventually come together with one of them being Tarzan and his parents who escape a shipwreck and arrive in the jungle where they build themselves a tree house before being killed by Sabor the leopard and at around the same time two gorillas Kala and Kerchak's son is killed by the same leopard thankfully we never have to actually see this but the expression on Kala's face seeing her only son be killed is heartbreaking. - egnomac

Fun Fact: Tarzan is the little brother of Elsa and Anna - MaximusKing

7 Clayton Betrays Tarzan and the Others

After finding out about where he came from Tarzan decides to go to England with Jane and her father leaving the jungle behind but quickly finds himself in a trap set up by Clayton who locks the group in the ship so he can capture the gorillas leaving Tarzan with the crushing realization that he betrayed his own family. - egnomac

8 Me Tarzan, You Jane
9 Tarzan vs Sabor

After growing from boy to young man Tarzan comes face to face with the leopard Sabor the same one who not only killed his parents but also Kerchak and Kala's kid as Tarzan fights with the leopard killing it with the spear he made as everyone celebrates his victory while also finally gaining Kerchak's reluctant respect. - egnomac

10 Tarzan Rescues Jane from the Angry Baboon Fleet

After being separated by her father and Clayton Jane finds herself in trouble with a group of angry baboons after she upsets a baby monkey as she runs for her life Tarzan shows up and helps her escape the angry baboon fleet. - egnomac

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11 What Do You Feel?

Following the elephant stampede caused by Tarzan he is scolded by his adoptive father Kerchak for endangering everyone with the stampede while also telling him he will never be one of them Tarzan sulks near the river as he is joined by is adoptive mother Kala comes to comfort him as he vows to improve himself and be the best ape ever and show Kerchak how great he can be. - egnomac

12 Terk Wearing Jane Porter's Clothes
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