Top 10 Moments from The Three Caballeros

An now for the top moments from the Three Caballeros movie the follow up to Saludos Amigos.
The Top Ten
1 The Three Caballero's Song

This is part of one of my favorite animated films ever! Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HY!

"We're three caballeros three gay caballeros they say we are birds of a feather, we're happy amigos no matter he goes there's one two a three for were always together♫

Excellent moment

2 Jesusita en Chihuahua

Better known as the Cactus dance in which Donald once again falls for another live action woman as she wields conductor's stick and brings several cacti to life who all dance around and prevent Donald from getting near her.

3 Bull Fight Finale

A really weird way to end the movie as they end with a bullfight with Panchito as the matador and Donald as the bull who's wearing a bull costume and Jose acts as the audience the bullfight ends with Jose lighting the fireworks attached to Donald as he goes rushing off that culminates in both Donald and the bull charging at one another until a huge fireworks explosion happens as Panchito and Jose catch Donald with a blanket as they all watch the fireworks with the words Fin appearing.

4 The Flying Gauchito Race

During the Flying Guanchito segment where a little kid from Uruguay who finds a flying donkey who he calls Burrito as he enters him in a race though he hides its wings so no one would know after the race begins the kid and Burrito are dead last and with no other option he cuts the ropes holding the blanket covering Burritos wings as they two immediately rush past everyone giving Speedy Gonzalez a run for his money as they cross the finish line and emerge victories.

5 Donald Attempts to Break the Pinata

Donald is blindfolded so he can wack the pinata while Jose and Panchito lift in the air and they really give Donald a hard time as they continue to mess with him until he completely loses it and finally smashes it as all the goodies start raining down.

6 You Belong to My Heart

During this scene a picture is shown of the skies of Mexico when one of the starts turns into a beautiful woman who sings "You Belong to My Heart" and Donald once again falls for her and tries to get to her and more craziness happens as Donald beings dancing around the stars before seeing the woman again.

7 Os Quindins de Yaya

In the sequence that blends animation with live action Donald and Jose meet with some locals in Baia the capital Brazilian state of Bahia and dance the Samba with one of the locals is a woman Yaya played by Aurora Miranda who Donald is smitten with and tries to get closer to her but ends up being pushed aside by the other guys.

Fun fact, this was the first Disney film to blend animation with live action.

8 Panchito's Big Entrance

Panchito really knows how to make one heck of an entrance as he comes bursting in guns blazing before launching them in the air before landing back on his belt before introducing himself to both Donald and Jose.

9 Panchito Holds Long Note

In the finale of the Three Caballero song as all three finish singing Panchito continues to hold onto a note for what feels like an eternity all while Donald and Jose try to get him to stop.

10 El Lilongo Scene

Another animation/ live action sequence as Donald, Panchito and Jose drop in on several people dancing while they play "El Lilongo" and Donald tries impressing the ladies with his awkward dancing.

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