Top 10 Moments from TinkerBell (2008)

The top moments from the direct to video movie spin off Tinker Bell which is basically her origin story.

The Top Ten

1 Tinker Bell Repairs the Music Box

Tinker Bell finds the parts of a music box that washed up on shore as she begins to repair it all while her friends watch from a distance, Tinker Bell manages to fix it as her friends show up telling her that she was tinkering and that she should be proud of her talent and the mainland should not matter but Tink is still unwilling to accept her role as a tinker fairy and still wants to go the mainland at any cost and pleads with Rosetta to teach her to be a garden fairy but she still insists that Tinkering is her talent which causes Tink to fly away in anger. - egnomac

2 Be Proud of Your Talent

While talking with Terrance a dust fairy as she's preparing to leave as he reminds her how important his job is supplying dust to all the fairies even if it may seem glamours he's proud of his talent which gets Tinker Bell to realize the importance of a tinker. - egnomac

3 Saving Spring Tinker Bell's Redemption

After realizing her importance of a Tinker, Tink attempts to make up for her mistake by using her inventions to help the fairies get the preparations done is a very short amount of time however Vidia reminds everyone that it was because of Tinker Bell that everything was ruined as Tink calls her out for her selfish attitude as Vida responds while also revealing that she was the one who told Tinker Bell to capture the thistles as Vidia is punished by being forced to round up all the thistles as everyone gets to work. - egnomac

4 Going to the Mainland

After fixing the preparations for Spring Tinker Bell is allowed to accompany her friends and the other fairies to the mainland as she returns the music box she worked on earlier to its owner who just happens to be Wendy Darling - egnomac

5 Tinker Bell Accidentally Ruins All TheĀ  Preparations fro Spring

After Tinker Bell loses control of the thistles destroy all the preparations fro Spring as everyone is upset with what Tinker Bell has done as Tink is left in disgrace as she decides to leave Pixie Hollow. - egnomac

6 Tinker Bell Arrives in Pixie Hollow

The opening scene where after Tinker Bell is born from a baby's first laugh as she makes her way to Pixie Hallow which in part of the island of Neverland where everyone is there to greet her as she obtains her fairy talent. - egnomac

7 Tinker Bell Shows Off Her New Look to Bobbles and Clank

After arriving in the Tinker's nook Bobble and Clank show Tinker Bell to her new home along along with her Tinker attire as she makes a few adjustments to it before showing off her new look which is her iconic green dress with her hair tied back as Bobbles and Clank look on not realizing that its Tink. - egnomac

8 Tinker Bell Attempts to Capture the Thistles

In a last ditch effort to change her talent Tink ask help fro Vidia who really doesn't like her convinces her to capture the thistles at first Tink seems to do okay until she is over run bu thistles and Vida frees the ones she captured as they end up destroying all the fairies prep for Spring. - egnomac

9 Tinker Bell Attempts to Teach Baby Bird to Fly

Tink attempts to learn to be animal fairy from Fawn by trying to teach baby birds to fly, while Fawn has an easier time due to her being a animal fairy Tinker Bell has a much harder time as the baby bird she's trying to help refuses to cooperate with her which leads to a hilarious struggle between the two. - egnomac

10 Tinker Bell Finds Out That Tinker Fairies Don't Go to the Mainland

During the Queen's review where she goes over the preparations fro Spring Tinker Bell attempts to show off her inventions to help with the preparations for when they go to the mainland however to Tink's disappointment she learns that Tinker fairies don't go to the mainland only the nature fairies get to go which leads to Tinker Bell's desire to change her talent. - egnomac

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