Top 10 Moments from Toy Story (1995)

It's time to look back at some of the most memorable moments from Pixar's first full length computer animated movie which was a first for its kind in which followed the same success as that of Snow White as the computer animated movie that set the standard for what all future computer animated movies would become today.

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1 Woody Lights the Rocket Woody Lights the Rocket

After RC's batteries run out and Woody and Buzz get stranded in the middle of the road Woddy remembers the rocket still strapped on to Buzz and also the match in his pocket as he tries to light it a car passes by causing the match to go out but luckily Woody is still able to light the rocket using Buzz's helmet to light the fuse as they blast off throwing RC into the van as it smashes into Mr. Potato Head as he explodes all over the place however the rocket sends Woody and Buzz into the air and just as they are about to meet their doom Buzz releases his wings freeing them before the rocket explodes as the two fall before somehow start flying. - egnomac

2 You Got a Friend in Me Opening
3 Woody Meets Buzz

The iconic scene after Woody is knocked off the bed he climbs up the bed to greet Andy's new toy Buzz as Woody reaches the top he is in awe as the camera slowly scrolls up revealing Buzz to the audience. - egnomac

4 Woody and Buzz Chase After the Moving Truck on RC
5 Strange Things Are Happening to Me

In the scene Woody starts to slowly seeing his whole world being turned upside down as as he starts seeing less cowboy stuff and more Buzz Lightyear merchandise and the worst for Woody comes when the bed which is his domain in now a Buzz Lightyear bed as now Woody feels his lost his place at the top and as the scene goes on everyone starts favoring Buzz even Andy in the final moments of the song as he's putting the other toys away he coddles in bed with Buzz leaving Woody in the toy trunk as he looks on in despair realizing his lost his place as Andy's favorite. - egnomac

6 Woody and The Other Toys Get Their Revenge on Sid

To free Buzz from Sid Woody rallies his deformed toys into teaching him a real hard lesson in something out of Stephen King movie all the toys who Sid had wrecked and tortured over the years start coming after him as Woody speaks without his pull string being pulled speaks to Sid how they don't like being blown up and destroyed and that he better start taking better care of his toys or else as Woody creepily spins his head around as Sid looks on in horror before Woody breaks toy code and tells him "NOW PLAY NICE" as Sid goes screaming into the house in horror as they all cheer in victory. - egnomac

This is literally the best part in the movie. Although Sid didn't know toys are sentient, it still didn't make what he did right. But they teach him a lesson when they gang up on him and traumatize him. I love how he flips out and goes running into his house screaming, then getting chased upstairs by his sister.

7 Woody vs Buzz

While stopping off at the gas station Buzz enters through the car roof to confront Woody and as he says "even though you tried to terminate me revenge is not a idea we promote on my planet" as Woody sighs in relief before Buzz brings him in closer and adds "but were not on my plant are we" as a scuffle proceeds as the two end up under the car and fight possibly one of the funniest moments is when Buzz hits Woody and his head spins around as the two continue fighting until the van pulls away stranding them. - egnomac

8 Buzz Encountering the Aliens in the Claw Machine

Buzz enters the claw machine like space ship where he encounters the aliens as he asks who's in charge as they all point up to the claw who is their master who chooses who will go and who will stay. - egnomac

9 Pizza Planet
10 "You are a TOY!!!"

The Contenders

11 Sid Blows Up Combat Carl

The scene speaks for itself as Woody, Buzz and the others overhear Sid's sadistic laugh as they watch from the window as Sid plans to destroy another one of his toys Combat Car with a stick of dynamite to his back as Sid lights it and causes a huge exploding as toy parts go flying everywhere. - egnomac

12 The Van Chase Scene
13 The Other Toys Accuse Woody of Purposely Knocking Buzz Out the Window

After Buzz gets knocked out the window it doesn't take long before the toys lead by Mr. Potato Head knowing how jealous Woody has been towards Buzz as everyone except for Bo go to attack Woody before Andy returns. - egnomac

14 Buzz realizing he’s a toy
15 Sid replaces the head of his sister's Janie doll
16 What Would You Say If I Get Someone Else to Watch the Sheep for Me Tonight?
17 The Army Men Head Downstairs
18 Falling with Style

In the scene Woody challenges Buzz to prove that he can fly which Buzz is more then willing to do with his eyes close as he takes a leap of faith and in a series of bizarre coincidences he actually does as he lands safety on the bed in front of Woody and rubs it in his face. - egnomac

19 Scud Destroys Alien Toy

As soon as Sid returns from Pizza Planet he takes out the alien toy he got from the claw machine places it on Scud's nose then goes "Ready and NOW! " as Scud violently shakes the alien toy while it squeaks in agony as Woody and Buzz watch helplessly from inside Sid's backpack. - egnomac

20 Staff Meeting
21 Sid gets chased upstairs by his sister
22 Bo Peep Mistletoe
23 I've Found My Moving Buddy!
24 Bo Peep Kisses Woody
25 Bo Peep Saves Woody and Buzz from Sid
26 When Barbie Took Down Sid
27 Andy Gets a Puppy
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1. Woody and Buzz Chase After the Moving Truck on RC
2. Woody Lights the Rocket
3. You Got a Friend in Me Opening
1. Woody Lights the Rocket
2. Woody and Buzz Chase After the Moving Truck on RC
3. You Got a Friend in Me Opening
1. Woody Meets Buzz
2. You Got a Friend in Me Opening
3. Woody Lights the Rocket


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