Top 10 Moments from Toy Story 2 (1999)

Pixar's first sequel to their very first movie and its time to look back at some of the most memorable moments from Toy Story 2.

The Top Ten Moments from Toy Story 2 (1999)

1 Woody and Jessie's Escape

After freeing Jessie the two attempt to get off the plane before it takes off as Buzz riding on Bullseye follows Woody uses his pulled string as they swing to safety landing on Bullseye as the plane takes off as the 4 celebrate. - egnomac

2 When Somebody Loved Me Jessie's Back Story

One of the saddest Pixar moments, Jessie's entire back story is told in flashback through the song "When somebody loved me" as Jessie goes from being loved by her owner Emily and as she got older Jessie ended up being forgotten about until years later when Emily finds her again under the bed only for Emily to give her away, one line that Jessie says sums it up "you never forget kids like Emily or Andy but they forget about you". - egnomac

3 Buzz Lightyear Video Game Opening

Great way to open a movie especially for Pixar's first sequel that sees Buzz land on a planet as he makes his way past robots, death traps and other hazards before facing off with Zurg who eventually blasts him leaving nothing but his legs as it all turns out to be a video game as the game over screen appears as Rex who's playing panics. - egnomac

This is the best for me. Such a charming event - darthvadern

4 You Are a Toy

Possibly one of the best scenes in the movie after the gang led by other Buzz and the actual Buzz shows up to take Woody back but Woody has made up his mind to stay with them and go to the museum in Tokyo and in a total role reversal from the first movie Buzz tells Woody the same thing he told him about how life is only worth living if your loved by a kid while Woody tells him he wasted his time as Buzz and the others are leaving Buzz tells him the downsides of living life on display of spending the rest of his life behind glass never to be loved again. - egnomac

Woody: I don't have a choice Buzz. This is my only chance.

Buzz: To do what Woody? Watch kids from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life. - SuperSonic17

5 Woody Meets The Roundup Gang

Woody gets kidnapped by Al and while at his apartment Woody comes across Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete who are all part of very old show called Woody's roundup as they show him all of the Woody collectibles and merchandise Al has acquired over the years for his collection as Woody is mesmerized by it all. - egnomac

6 Zurg Battle

While making their way to the elevator to get to Woody Buzz and the group come face to face with Zurg who followed them from Al's Toy barn as the other Buzz fights with Zurg the battle ends when Rex accidentally kncoks Zurg over the elevator side as he falls into the abyss and one other funny moment takes a page out of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back when other Buzz accuses Zurg of killing his father and Zurg responds "No Buzz, I, am your father" as other Buzz cries out "Noo". - egnomac

7 Buzz vs Utility Belt Buzz

While at Al's Toy Barn Buzz comes across another Buzz Lightyear with a new utility belt who gets angry at him for being out of his box then a scuffle takes place until the new Buzz incapacitates Buzz and places him in an empty box and puts him on the shelf right before the others arrive with Toy guide Barbie. - egnomac

8 How Long Will it Last

A scene that takes place after Woody hears Jessie's back story and as he is leaving Stinky Pete asks him "How Long Will it Last Woody, do you really think Andy's going to take you to college or on his honeymoon, Andy is growing up and there's nothing you can do about it! " which leaves Woody with a real tough decision to make either go despite not knowing what lies ahead or stay with them and last forever in a museum in Japan he ultimately decides to stay. - egnomac

9 The Toys Crossing the Road
10 Stinky Pete Out of His Box

After deciding not to go with Buzz and the others Woody quickly realizes that Buzz was right and even though he can't stop Andy from growing up he wouldn't miss it for the world unfortunately Stinky Pete is not happy and takes drastic measures by locking the vent with his pickax and too everyones surprise he's out of his box as he goes off on Woody and Jessie telling them of how he spent his whole life on a dime store shop not being wanted by the other kids until his patience finally paid off and now has a chance to be something by going to the toy museum in Tokyo and no one is going stand in his way especially Woody. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Buzz and the Others Chase After Al in the Pizza Planet Truck
12 Woody Gets Shelved

After getting his arm torn Andy decides to leave Woody home as his mom places Woody on the high shelf as he and the others are shocked at seeing him be shelved which is the ultimate form of shame if your a toy. - egnomac

13 Woody gets kidnapped
14 Al McWhiggin's Chicken Suit
15 Al McWhiggin Crying on TV

This shows what happened to Al after the roundup gang disappeared from his suitcase.

16 Wheezy Introduction
17 Al Falls Asleep While Eating Cheetos
18 Tour Guide Barbie
19 Woody vs Jessie
20 Barbie Pool Party
21 Hi, you'll like Amy. She's an artist!
22 Al's Toy Barn
23 The Cleaner Fixes Woody

It's a nice reference to one of Pixar's shorts Jeri's game with the cameo from Jeri himself

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