Top Ten Moments of Turkeyasylum's Total Drama Action: TheTopTens Blog Post Series

Don't call me a narcissist for making this list. I personally wanna know what the best moments were in the series so I could come up with something similar for the upcoming season (Total Drama World Tour: TheTopTens).

The Top Ten

1 The Usurpers' Viagra Commercial (Do Not Talk About The Challenge)

I wrote that script. I wrote that script! - Puga

I helped Turkey by giving him my favorite moments in messages. - Therandom

This was an amazing moment. - EpicJake

2 SuperHyperdude And Valetine Eat Smile Dip (Payne Sucks)

I personally like Gravity Falls and I might sneak in more references to it later on... - Turkeyasylum

3 Lizards Pokes BDFN's Face Thinking It's How To Play Poker (2Storms In A Row: Part II)
4 Good Therandom Having A Hard Time With The Voice Activated Security System (These Stupid Slippers!)
5 Mlpyes' Threats Against Admin (The Once, Payne Sucks, I 8 U, etc.)
6 Lizards' Threesome Question (Payne Sucks)
7 PositronWildhawk and SelfDestruct Agree To Peace (Gimme Anoner Chancy)
8 Keycha1n And Kiteretsunu Fall In Love With Each Other (MIKASA!!!)

Lol my character hates their relationship but impressive shipping skills. - ToptenPizza

9 Yasmin1 Debuts (Gimme Another Chancy/#episode15)
10 Gordette Ramsay (2Storms In A Row: Part II)

The Contenders

11 MsWiseGuy wants to go the "right way" (Episode 11)
12 Therandom throws a pineapple at Valentine (Episode 15)
13 Luigism (56 Punishments, Mooning By The Moon, Y U NO SEASON FINALE, The Boring, Boring Finale...)
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