Top 10 Best Moments of the Undertale Fanfic "Alphys' Bad School Day"


The Top Ten

1 Alphys taking control over Toriel's brain and making her make sweet unprotected love to her husband in public
2 Mettaton's Loadsamoney
3 Asgore L. Jackson
4 Donald Mettatrump VS Alphys Clinton
5 Homestuck in a Nutshell
6 Cooking With JerBear: The Dreemurrs' Wedding Cake
7 The Birth Of Asriel
8 Giant Robot Alphys VS Fearsome Mecha Undyne
9 Papyrus having a heart-to-heart inside of Toriel's heart with Frisk
10 Alphys creating the Amalgamates

The Contenders

11 Alphys, Sans and Burgerpants tearing Little Miss Muffet apart from the inside
12 Alphys dangling by the tail from one of Toriel's trachea-branches and accidentally exposing herself indecently as a result
13 The kids playing volleyball and frisbee with Toriel's blood cells
14 Mettaton's Temper Tantrum
15 Spaghetti Volcano
16 Muffet getting morbidly obese from drinking too much of Toriel's blood
17 Alphys' Nipple Lasers
18 "I'll take a popato chisp...AND EAT IT!"
19 Amalgarape
20 Alphys Getting Hit By A Truck
22 Asgore reading Ezekiel 25:17 to Alphys while she severely worships his feet
23 Toriel literally getting her brain washed and even yodeling in the process
24 The kids drinking the blood from Toriel's liver through straws
25 Sans literally throwing Toriel's heart around inside of her chest with telekinesis
26 Undyne grabbing Alphys by the tail, swinging her around and throwing her Super-Mario-64-style
27 Alphpyrusprite^2
29 Mettaton getting his brain replaced by a fancy golden piggy bank full of riches
30 Mettaton building the Great Wall Of America
31 Burgerpants rolling on the floor laughing at Mettaton's pathetic manchild-ness
32 Asgore laying his vengeance upon Alphys
33 Undyne sprinkling shredded-up R34 pictures of her former self into the cake
34 "This isn't the warrior's way, it's the freaking COWARD'S way!"
35 Toriel getting her mouth tickled
36 Alphys tripping Frisk to his death with her tail
37 Mettaton's presidency causing the World War 3 nuclear fallout (as in the game Fallout, of course)
38 Alphys pleasuring herself with Asgore's feet
39 Alphys curling up into an adorable little ball and hiding inside Undyne's new locker
40 Frisk gouging Alphys' eyes out
41 The kids farting in Toriel's lungs
42 The kids swimming in Toriel's stomach acid and playing volleyball with an undigested Brussels sprout
43 Burgerpants feeding Snowdrake's Mother a literally infinite amount of hamburgers
44 Burgerpants being shipped with Catty
45 Burgerpants force-feeding Glamburgers into Little Miss Muffet's stomach until she explodes
46 Alphys curling up into a ball and getting fired from a cannon
47 Burgerpants catapulting himself face-first into a wall
48 Burgerpants ripping Temmie's still-beating heart out of her chest and eating it
49 Alphys and Undyne crashing themselves right through a brick wall
50 The school's blocking system somehow still applying to the supercomputer inside Toriel's brain
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