Top 10 Moments from the Undertale Fanfic "Alphys vs Undyne"

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1 Undyne Taking Over Alphys' Brain And Making Her Dance Naked With The Amalgamates On Live Public Television
2 Giantess Toriel X Asriel
3 Alphys' Modern Life
4 Friendship Punch
5 Verbal Wrestling
6 Undyne Worshipping Giantess Alphys' Feet, Sliding Down Her Soles And Eating Her Toejam
7 Alphys dating Francis from Super Paper Mario
8 Undyne Spearpants
9 Undyne receiving a phone call from Alphys while literally inside of her ear canal
10 Sans and Papyrus get into a fierce bar brawl and accidentally blow up Grillby's bar with the gas from their own cartoon dust-cloud effect

The Contenders

11 "Now your sanity and mine can die TOGETHER!"

My sanity is dead after reading these

Actually inspired by "YOU AND BLUE FALCON CAN DIE TOGETHER" from F-Zero GX, believe it or not - xandermartin98

12 Cookie Forcefeeding
13 Sans jokes about Grillby's tragic accidental death
14 Alphys NEO ANDERSON and Undyne The Undying SMITH
15 Undyne crawls inside Alphys' vagina and sleeps there
16 Undyne dating Muffet
17 Alphys getting tickled by the Amalgamates on public TV
18 Alphys getting literally all of her teeth knocked out in a dodgeball game
19 Undyne worshipping Alphys' brain
20 Undyne squealing fangirlishly after seeing the sheer amount of pornography stored inside Alphys' memory banks
21 Undyne fantasizing aggressively about strangling Alphys in her sleep
22 Undyne tickling Alphys' uvula
23 Undyne squishing her toes into the surface of Alphys' brain
25 Alphys singing "Careless Whisper"
26 Undyne singing "My Heart Will Go On"
27 Alphys threatening to stomp on Undyne, effectively crushing her own best friend to death
28 Alphys threatening to swallow Undyne whole
29 Romantic Foodfight
30 Alphys placing Undyne lovingly inbetween her breasts
31 Undyne scraping Alphys' earwax off of the bottom of her shoe and eating it
32 Alphys literally having "mewmewkissycutie" as the password to her own brain
33 Alphys adding her own improvised lyrics into the first half of the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie theme song
34 Undyne suplexing the Titanic directly into an atom bomb
35 Alphys declaring Sans the new Royal Scientist
36 Undyne and Alphys telling each other what their names literally stand for
37 Tem Kart
38 Undyne getting her skin mauled off by Muffet's pets
39 Alphys and Francis french-kissing and getting their tongues stuck together ala Lady And The Tramp
40 Francis revealing his finely toned muscular body
41 Francis yelling that the prices of the restaurant him and Alphys are dating at are "OVER 9,000"
42 Undyne making a candle out of Alphys' earwax
43 Undyne tilting Alphys' eardrum off to the side with one hand
44 Alphys yelling "NO" so loudly that it causes a rock avalanche
45 Undyne digging through molten rock with her bare hands
46 Undyne calling Alphys a literal genderbent version of Francis from Super Paper Mario
47 Temmie causing a nuclear explosion in the Tem Kart race
49 Undyne commenting on how cute and squishy Alphys' brain is
50 Undyne literally diving straight into Alphys' brain
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