Top 10 Moments from the Undertale Fanfic "the Iron Mettagiant"

The Top Ten

1 Alphys and Undyne hanging Burgerpants upside-down from a tree, beating him with a stick like a piñata and erotically tickling/worshipping his bare, naked feet in the process
2 Alphys' skydiving monologue
3 Burgerpants and Asriel having an entire music video's worth of hot steamy romantic sex with each other to George Michael's Careless Whisper
4 Mettaton re-enacting the Iron Giant's sacrifice from the original film and saying that he wants to be "MOOMOO" in the process
5 Burgerpants getting stripped naked and hairless in public by one of Mettaton's lasers
6 Undyne turning Asriel from a bad guy into a good one by repairing the conscience wires in his brain
7 Mettaton going on a ballistic rampage and destroying everything in Snowdin Town
8 Asriel getting brain freeze and overreacting so much that it caused the entire Silver Sleet restaurant to explode
9 Alphys and Undyne re-enacting the vast majority of Half-Life 2 in a nutshell
10 Flowey taking control over Alphys' brain and threatening to make her violently murder Undyne

The Contenders

11 Toriel's long and extremely loud angry rant at Burgerpants
12 Alphys and Undyne getting high on coffee
13 Burgerpants' scrap-and-art lecture
14 Alphys' and Undyne's vag-pillow fight in Burgerpants' living room
15 Toriel literally yelling her head off and having to pick it up and screw it back on
16 Burgerpants getting a squirrel in his pants
17 Burgerpants getting washed halfway across the forest in a massive tsunami-sized tidal wave
18 Toriel getting Sans a shock collar to count every pun he makes
19 Burgerpants' house decorations
20 Alphys' "douchebag-sh*thead" monologue
21 Undyne making herself look as cute as possible to stop Mettaton from attacking her
22 Alphys and Undyne fornicating with Asriel's brain
23 Flowey harassing Alphys and Undyne nonstop all throughout their preparations for their milkshake dinner date
24 Asriel getting sleeping medicine poured into his milkshake right in front of his face by Alphys, and then still falling for it anyway
25 Mettaton crushing Greater Dog into a fluffy pancake
26 Alphys and Undyne watching anime together
27 Mettaton's hands destroying Toriel's entire kitchen and most of the dining room area
28 Adult Asriel telling his "mommy" that he needs to go "poo-poo" at Thanksgiving dinner
29 Toriel pushing Sans in a baby carriage
30 Mettaton catching a massive swarm of heat-seeking missiles simultaneously and throwing them back at the airplanes that fired them
31 Mettaton accidentally (almost) burning down the entire Snowdin forest
32 A local Maine cruise-ship captain's wife seeing Alphys falling to her death and being more concerned about whether Alphys is male or female
33 Gerson's drill-sergeant class
34 Papyrus' "GAAAAAAAY" scream
35 Burgerpants attempting to push Asgore out of the way of Mettaton's laser-targeting system
36 Burgerpants causing Alphys and Undyne to violently nosebleed and pass out from his sheer hotness
37 Asriel, Toriel, Alphys and Undyne forming a foot-worshipping centipede with each other
38 Mettaton saying "KAWAII DESU NEEEEEE"
40 Mettaton remolding a naked statue of Catty into one of Burgerpants
41 "I think that's enough FUN for one day..."
42 Mettaton becoming the new mascot for Burgerpants' restaurant
43 Alphys literally putting her foot in Undyne's mouth
44 Undyne worshipping Alphys' feet in public
45 Temmie losing her head and having to screw it back on
46 Alphys using Mettaton's windshield wipers to wipe the oil-tears from his eyes
47 Undyne accidentally getting her left eye gouged out with a chicken bone at the school cafeteria
48 Mettaton slicing Sans' and Papyrus' house in half
49 Burgerpants watching Season 1 of Rocko's Modern Life while high on drugs
50 Burgerpants stripping Asriel naked and strapping him into a bondage table
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