Top 10 Moments from the Undertale Parody Fanfic "Um Jammer Alphys"

The Top Ten

1 Alphys Chainsaw Massacre
2 Final Concert Scene
3 Alphys using a purple dildo as an air guitar in public while wearing a seminally glued suit of chicken feathers
4 Chara's diss track about how him and Alphys are both pretty much the same at heart
5 Airplane scene with Papyrus as Fussenpepper
6 Alphys being thrown into the very top of the atmosphere by the Statue of Liberty and then rocking out to AC/DC in her astronaut suit like a total badass on the way back down
7 Alphys nakedly putting out a skyscraper-class fire with nothing but ice cream and a single measly fire hose
8 Alphys emptying out the entire catalogue of items listed in the rapping segment of Weird Al's "Hardware Store" from her pockets
9 Day-care scene with Muffet as Nurse Cathy Pillar
10 Hot Burgerpants X Nice Cream Guy yaoi action

The Contenders

11 Hot RG01 x RG02 Yaoi Action
12 Alphys' Hallucinations
13 "Laboratory, Jewish slaughterhouse; it is all in your MIND!"
14 Guitar-shop scene with Asgore as Chuck
15 Crossdressing Papyrus
16 Alphys crashing Papyrus' airplane right through the Twin Towers and into the exact center of Times Square
19 Alphys being able to use literally ANYTHING as a guitar
20 Gaster plugging his Guitar Hero controller into Alphys' brain and literally playing Guitar Hero inside of Um Jammer Lammy
21 Rewinding Scene
22 Housekeeping Scene
23 "Gotta kill every Bill, and Jiminy Joe, and Scrippity Scott, and Cassidy Cage!"
24 Lammy Bodypillow
25 Alphys/LemonBread/Asgore Three-Way Closet R*** Scene
27 Alphys reenacting part of the end segment from the Rocko's Modern Life intro
28 Alphys piloting one part of an airplane by playing the flight lever like a guitar...while handling the other part with her feet
29 Gaster jerking off to the top-secret Alphamalg photos stored deep within Alphys' memory banks
30 Alphys Hitler Photoshop
31 "NOOOO doubt about it; she's got the border-LINNNNE!"
32 Dressing Room Sequence
33 Alphys and Undyne getting publicly intimate with each other
34 Gaster as Master Onion
35 Alphys threatening to go inside Asgore's head and rip his brain apart from the inside-out with her bare hands
36 Muffet's spider-goat babies
37 Russian Roulette wheel
38 Nice Cream Pedophile
39 Alphys meets Angstphyss
40 "My life's insane; so is my brain"
41 Papyrus playing the Spongebob nose flute on an airplane
42 "Now do you like skellies? Soap operas on tellies?"
43 Alphys kicking Papyrus in the face
44 "Flying colors here, flying colors there; show me what you got, BE A STAR! Get up in the morn, run around the track, hoot about how great WE ARE!"
45 "Alphys went so freaking insane that everyone died. THE END"
46 Gaster literally losing his own control over Alphys' brain from her sheer insanity
47 Muffet's child abuse
48 "If you don't think that you're too young, then the candyman's daily work can't be done!"
49 Alphys Inflation
50 Asgore's reaction to finding out that Gaster is inside Alphys' brain
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