Top 10 Moments from Up (2009)

Still continuing with the best moments from Disney and Pixar movies next up we have the best moments from the 2009 Pixar movie Up, a story that follows an elderly man Carl Fredrickson who flies his house to Paradise Falls in South America but gets way more then he bargains for.

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1 Carl and Ellie's Wonderful Life

The movie really knew how to kick things off shortly after Carl meets Ellie we get a full montage of their lives as they get married and go through many ups and downs of life leading to Ellie getting sick and dying leaving Carl all alone. - egnomac

2 Carl Looks Through Ellie's Adventure Book

After finally getting his house in the exact place he wanted much to Russel's displeasure for him giving up Kevin after he promised he would protect him, Carl enters the house sits in his chair with Ellie's chair alongside him
and looks over Ellie's Adventure Book and comes across the page she labeled "Stuff I'm Going to Do" and as he flips through the pages he sees she filled the pages with photo's of her and Carl over the years together then finds a message from her to him "Thanks for the Adventure, now go have a new one, Love Ellie". - egnomac

3 Carl and Russel Meet Dug

While making their way to exact spot where Carl wants to take his house the pair run into Dug who talks through a collar who wants to take the bird Kevin to his master. - egnomac

4 Carl Meets Ellie

Very memorable moment during the opening of the movie as a young kids Carl and Ellie meet who are both fans of Charles Muntz as the two quickly become the best of friends and eventually get married - egnomac

5 Carl's House Takes Flight

After being forced to move to a retirement home Carl is still determine to fulfill Ellie's wish of taking their home to Paradise Falls as the people from the home show up Carl puts his plan to work launching his home in the sky using thousands of balloons as he and his house fly off to Paradise Falls as countless people look in shock and amazement as the house flies through the city. - egnomac

6 Carl vs Charlez Muntz

Carl comes to Russel's rescue as he and his long time hero Carles Muntz square off in a senior smack down. - egnomac

7 Charles Muntz Monologue

To Carl's surprise he and Russel are lead by the pack of dogs to his long time hero Charles Muntz who invites them to join him for dinner, during dinner Charles goes on about how he's spend years still searching for the the giant bird of Paradise Falls until Russel mentions the skeleton of the bird he has looks like Kevin as Charles quickly becomes hostile and paranoid as he gives this speech about how other explorers have come to Paradise Falls over the years and its hinted that he may have killed them thinking they were trying to take the bird from him as Carl quickly realizes that Charles is unstable as he and Russel leave before Muntz sends out the dogs after them. - egnomac

8 Charles Muntz Burns Carl's House and Captures Kevin

As Carl and Russel make their way to the birds home they are attacked by Muntz who captures Kevin in a net and as Carl tries to free the bird Muntz shows up and sets Carl's house on fire giving Carl ultimatum either save Kevin or watch his house burn down Carl leaves Kevin to put out the fire allowing Muntz and his dogs to capture Kevin. - egnomac

9 Carl's Mistake

After one of the construction workers accidentally breaks his mailbox as Carl rushes over as the worker tries to fix it as Carl angrily tells him not to touch it as the two pull on the mailbox Carl hits him with his walker severely injuring him as Carl looks around seeing the shock on everyone faces as realizing he just made the biggest mistake of his life as he rushes back inside closes the windows then peeks through them seeing the commotion he just caused as the police arrive as the real estate agent looks back at him while placing his hand on his fence signaling that he has won and Carl is going to lose the house. - egnomac

10 Escape from Muntz

After finding out Carl and Russel havethe bird he sends his dogs to attack them as they try to get away from them. - egnomac

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11 Russell Named the Bird Kevin and Then Noticed it is a Girl
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