Top Ten Moments from the Warriors Book Series

Hello, I'm a huge fan of Warriors (Cat Novel Series). I've pretty much read the entire original series. I'm probably one of the few who knows everything that happened in the series. So without further ado, here's the official Top Ten Iconic Moments of the Original Warriors Novel Series!

The Top Ten

Firestar vs Scourge (The Darkest Hour)

After Tigerstar's Death, the iconic final battle between Lionclan and Bloodclan took place in the final arc. The legendary fight between Firestar and Scourge also took place. Therefore, there is a huge reason why this is number ONE. When these two unscathed claws and did battle, it was complete magic. In fact, when I read this book, I actually read it in the course of one day, that's how epic the final arc was. This is also number one because tragically, both leaders never knew that they were both half-brothers, since they had the same father.

This battle would cement the legacy of both Firestar and Scourge as the battle was completely fierce and deadly to the bitter end. Firestar would lose his first life in this fight, which would sadly be Scourge's undoing. The original series would end With Firestar standing tall as the victor and hero of the forest.

The original ending of Warriors was designed well for a final book. The greatest warrior, and protagonist, verses an evil cat that took down the main villain without any trouble. It makes the reader worry for the protag. The fact that it was won not by strength, but by spirituality also fits well with the mood of that arc. It is also deservingly popular.

This part is VERY important. Or else. Firestar wouln't be a very special cat. He would be a stupid, normal, leader, like Pinestar.

Now here is a list of the most important warrior cats:

1. Firestar
2. Shadowsight
3. The Three
4. Thunderstar
5. Bluestar
6. Hawkfrost


I have to admit, I completely forgot Firestar had nine lives, so when Scourge killed him te first time I thought the rest of the book would just be him in StarClan! Luckily he lives for another 5 series before he's killed by a burning tree or whatever. Yay!

Bluestar's Sacrifice (A Dangerous Path)

For me, it was the most epic scene in the series. That may just be how it played out in my head though. Nevertheless, it is still a memorable and iconic scene. I was happy that the authors gave her a noble death instead of just killing her off when she lost her leading ability and faith. It was like revisiting the character she was when I first met her.
"I will not let you destroy my clan! "
- Bluestar

Bluestar is perhaps one of the series most lovable characters. Her whole life has been filled with many tragedies as she lost her mother and sister, mated with a Riverclan Warrior named Oakheart, and lost one of her kits. As Thunderclan leader, she was tasked on looking after her clan. However, after Tigerclaw's betrayal, she became horribly paranoid, and lost trust in her clanmates, including Fireheart. During the 5th arc, Thunderclan was attacked by a pack of bloodthirsty dogs, thanks to Tigerstar. Bluestar, in a brave attempt, saves her clan by pushing the dogs into the river, sacrificing herself in the process as she fell with them.

This moment is very intense as Bluestar would lose her final life in the process, showing a devastating scene where she dies right in front of her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot. Bluestar would too kind and courageous to actually die in this manner, so many readers were probably devastated.

Bluestar death is so sad. She's crazy in this book, but she sacrifices herself to save Firestar. She's so amazing.

I need to go and comment on what really is not payed attention to that much.

Oakfur Flirts With Bluestar On Her Boundary

ADORABLE AGHH they were SO CUTE and bluestar tried to hide her being flattered and intriuged by covering it up with hostilty and then she eventually fell for him this ships is AWESOME

This is so cool! The beginning of a terrible time for Bluestar, but I really like this bit.

Bluestar, if you want to be deputy then don't flirt with RiverClan!

I love this part! Oakheart is so funny.

Tigerstar's Death (The Darkest Hour)

Although, this moment is also gruesome, it's probably the most satisfying. I might go far to say that every reader have actually cracked a big smile at this death scene. Tigerstar was leader of Shadowclan at the time and was allied with Riverclan. However, he decided to align also with a deadly rogue faction known as Bloodclan, lead by Scourge. Unknown to readers at the time, Tigerstar have crossed paths with Scourge before. When Tigerstar was Tigerpaw at the time, his mentor was Thistleclaw, who was unfortunately another bloodthirsty warrior. He instructed his apprentice to attack Scourge, who was a kit at the time, and was curiously strolling the forest. Scourge was nearly killed.

When they confronted Thunderclan and Windclan, Bloodclan made their appearance. Tigerstar wanted Scourge to swear his loyalty, and prepare for war. However, Scourge didn't want to battle now. With rage, Tigerstar lunged at him, but was quickly put down with a slash. With sweet irony, Tigerstar lost ...more

Why did Firestar thank Tigerstar when he died. I can't help but agree with the people in the books that say he's to soft hearted.

I didn't like this- he killed and conquered everything, then was just dead

Lol this was great everyone underestimates scourge until bam

"Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan" (Into the Wild)

It is iconic because every fan knows it and it was the prophecy in the prologue of the FIRST book! This scene set everything up and is referenced throughout the later books in the series. What more needs to be said about this scene?

Welcome back to very beginning of the series where the battle between Thunderclan and Riverclan would take place. This is the battle where Tigerclaw fight alongside his clanmates in a deadly battle when times are dark. This would feature a scene where Bluestar speaks with Spottedleaf, Thunderclan's Kind Medicine Cat at the time. She would soon have a vision which would be the fate of the future.

This would trigger an epic quote from Spottedleaf to Bluestar. "Fire Alone can save our clan." This would be cemented as the series opener as it would probably be the most beautiful ever.

Boi, I love this. Maybe not my favorite moment ever, but it's really magical. The beginning of it all, you know? I think it would be so cool if they made a Warriors movie and had that part in the beginning. I really loved this part, but I could just be happy and nostalgic...

This moment is warriors

Yellowfang's Last Words

So sweet. I loved Yellowfang. When I read Warriors, I picture it in my head like a computer-animated movie (like How to Train Your Dragon, or other movies like that). With some dramatic, sad, or basically emotional moments, I play music in my head. I do a lot of How to Train Your Dragon soundtracks for dramatic moments, and for after some character's deaths, I play that music from How to Train Your Dragon 2 when they shot the ship with flaming arrows, after Stoick's death. Awesome, but perfect for a look of triumph, even though sad. Anyone else do that?

it was so sad,I LOVED the relationship yellowfang had with fireheart it was so cute and then next thing you know shes dead, Iits SO SADDD and especially how fireheart grieves as if he lost his own mother

Yellowfang was such an amazing character, she added so much depth to the story

Why did Yellowfang die... It was epic though.

Feathertail Falls to Save the Tribe from Sharptooth

Oh my gosh so sad. ! I was really mad they had to make this happen because the Erins always make characters grow more and more great but then make them die I think they are trying to mess with our emotions.

Feathertail was great and I'm pleased that Crowfeather named himself after her but this part made me cry. It was the second Warrior Cats book I read, so I was only just understanding how cats do die in these books.

I love this part! Crowfeather did not deserve Feathertail she was such an amazing cat

Feathertail's sacifice was very brave of her and It was nice for the Tribe of Rushing Water to honor her.

Silverstream Saves Graystripe

I've always liked this moment, even though Graystripe and Silverstream isn't my " BEST COUPLE EVER" like some people would say. This was a good way to start the subplot of Graystripe and Silverstream's relationship.

"What are you doing on our territory? "

Same but her death was sad.

That was so epic

Firepaw Looks Into Spottedleaf's Eyes

Firepaw: I love you Spottedleaf!
Spottedleaf: I love you too!

And so began the series-long trend of forbidden love.

I though I saw the end of the world in her eyes... "I love you Spottedleaf!

Firestarxspottedleaf is so overrated- they hardly spoke when she was alive

Goodbye my dear spottedleaf-firepaw

Stonefur's Death (A Dangerous Path)

It was so sad when he died but I cannot blame Blackfoot. It’s not fair to accuse someone who was being ordered around by a gruesome cat to kill because he wanted to. He didn’t want to kill anyone but TIGERSTAR told him to!

This moment is perhaps the most gruesome on the list. Stonefur and Mistyfoot are Riverclan warriors who are actually kits of Thunderclan leader, Bluestar. This made Stonefur a Half-clan breed with his sister and kits of Graystripe and Silverstream, Stormpaw and Featherpaw. They were branded as traitors by Tigerstar and Leopardstar, and were to be executed. Fireheart, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw attempted to save them at the time. However, Stonefur was forced to fight both Darkstripe and Blackfoot in order to protect the others.

While Stonefur managed to defeat Darkstripe, he was finished off by Blackfoot. If you read this moment, you would probably have nightmares as you would imagine Stonefur throat being ripped opened and blood covering his entire face.

This scene made me cry, no one bothered to acknowledge his death, he just died without anyone there. He died. That same small kit, the one who was born of Bluestar the mighty leader, who thought journeying in a blizzard was a game, the one whose sister died, the one who proved his loyalty and became deputy, the one who died to save the youth of his Clan, the one who now rests with his mother and sister, the one who now watches over his dear sister, the one I'll never forget...

Um hello! Stone fur died in the darkest hour! I know people get mixed up on that but please check it over! I have to agree though, this moment made me cry. Just the fact that all the pressure on graystripe while he's worried about his kits and stonefur has to kill them and he refuses and the battle and then more cats join in is probably the main cause of pure depression. But hey, at least its not that long before blue stars son is reunited with his mom again in Starclan.

The Contenders

Swiftpaw Dies for Brightheart

I never new that Swiftpaw actually saved Brightheart but now I do and It's SO SWEET! Ugh, I hate how Bluestar named Brightheart lostface

My sister told me Swiftpaw became Swiftbreeze... And you know what, I believed that! And so I died the day I got to that chapter.

Swiftpaw is probably my favorite character in warriors. His death is the saddest in my opinion, and the fact that he died for Brightheart is so sad. I love Swiftpaw ;~:

Also I think I named my main clan after him ouo
- Greyriver of Swiftclan

YES. Swiftpaw's death is the saddest death in my opinion. He was so brave and didn't deserve to die. - Greyriver

Graystripe and Silverstream (Fire and Ice, Forest of Secrets)

This moment is on the list of the forbidden love between Thunderclan warrior, Graystripe and Riverclan Warrior, Silverstream. Reader would probably feel warmth in their as these two was together. This would start when Silverstream saves Graystripe from drowning. Ever since then, the gray warrior was captivated by her. They would soon mate during the 2nd arc. This caught a riff between Fireheart and Graystripe, however it passed.

During the 3rd arc, tragedy would strike when Silverstream would die during kitting. This would be a very tragic moment, but also remembered as these two would love each other to the very end.

Such a romantic couple...

Wahh! Why did she have to die?

Crowfeather Saves Leafpool from Falling Off Cliff

Oh my this was so emotional! This part made me actually cry when I read it for a second time because I knew that they would separate in the end. Love was not strong enough for them. This is my favourite part in all the books - I memorised it in memory of Leafpool when she died in Squirrelflight's Hope.

Thus moment is iconic! This marked the start of their love! They did love each other before then, but this was where it was actually said aloud.

This scene was great, but it sometimes made me doubt if Crowfeather ever really loved Leafpool. Because it was pretty clear he was thinking about Feathertail when he saved Leafpool...

Crowfeather is a very confusing character. I never know if I should feel mad at him, or if I should feel bad for him. Did he save her cause he loved her or cause he didn’t save Feathertail? Either way I reread this part twice

Honeyfern Dies from Snake

Leafpool couldn't have saved her, whatever people say. Still it was SO sad that she had to die! Poor Sorreltail and Brackenfur. Two of their kits die, one breaks a leg, and the last nearly dies of greencough.

This part was so sad! She had been talking with Berrynose about having kits then she died saving a spoiled one.

It was such a sudden when she died. She was talking to Berrynose, and the next moment we see her, she died saving Briarkit.

This happened so fast I had to read it again when I did I cried so hard

The Fire Scene (Long Shadows)

I felt so bad for Ashfur but he was pouring out all his feelings which was good because now everyone knows how much he suffered. I loved this scene and enjoyed reading it but Ashfur had a hard enough life before Squirrelflight became stupid.

Such a powerful scene and a pivotal moment for the plot twist. At this point in the series, I think everyone was suspecting that the three were not SquirrelxBramble and to see that secret come out was both satisfying and heart wrenching. It also shows how fiercely loyal Squirreflight is to have adopted the kits and kept the secret for so long.

I was so shocked when Squirrelflight revealed her secret! So not expecting that.

Love it. Read it over and over and watched the video over and over.

Tigerclaw's Demons (Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm)

If you read this series, then you should probably know who Tigerclaw is and should know that he is NOT is good person. He is a ambitious-driven, power hungry warrior who just wants to become leader. To do so, he managed to kill Thunderclan's deputy, Redtail. Fireheart was on to him however. He would thwart his plans to kill Bluestar, and they would have their first battle against each other. Tigerclaw would then be exiled afterwards. This happens in the 3rd arc, by the way.

During the 4th arc, Tigerclaw was allied with rouges and they've crossed paths with Thunderclan patrol. Although it was off-screen or off-page, Tigerclaw completely snapped and brutally killed Runningwind, leading to Whitethroat's death and another fight between Fireheart and Tigerclaw.

This basically sets up the whole end to the series.

Forest Fire (Rising Storm)

Remember the awful forest fire that happened to Thunderclan in the 4th arc of the series. This moment would see the near destruction of the clan and the death of Yellowfang, former Shadowclan medicine cat, and Thunderclan's current one at the time. She's been through a lot as her son was none other than Brokentail, One of the series first antagonists and former deadly Shadowclan leader. Yellowfang rid herself of him the last arc for his crimes, however, when her and Fireheart went to save other cats during the fire. She was trapped along with Halftail.

This moment is kinda heartwrenching, since Fireheart was forced to leave Yellowfang and Halftail behind. When he returned, Halftail was dead and Yellowfang was dying with her last breath, Fireheart would be devastated and Yellowfang would die from smoke inhalation.

What's funny is that when the prophecy "Fire will save the Clan" is said, Yellowfang, Halftail and another elder dies.
Then when they say "You will find the spark that remains", Duskpaw dies.
What is it? When a prophecy involves fire, cats die of a fire? Lol. :3 Fox the Rogue
P.S. I'm not saying those deaths were funny, they were sad. :,(

Yellowfang was a great cat, and it was so sweet when Yellowfang was spending her last moments with Fireheart. I couldn't help but smile

How will a fire save the clan?

Needletail's Sacrifice (Shattered Sky)

Oh poor Needletail poor Violetshine and then she didn't even get to StarClan straight off!

I almost cried! It was so sad!

I love Needletail! She saved Violetshine!

I like Needletail so much... It was especially sad for Violetpaw. Or Violentshine...

Cinderpelt Protecting Sorreltail

I think just the whole thing about Cinderpelt being Cinderheart should be #1 or at least up there... I always get so happy. You should search up Cinderpelt Blame MAP, it’s really good.

Fireheart Meets Princess (Fire and Ice)

This is in the 2nd arc of the series. Fireheart had just became a warrior in the last arc, he would also receive an apprentice named Cinderpaw, who would then be injured and destined never to become a warrior. Fireheart would come to meet his littermate and sister, Princess. Fireheart would keep visiting her throughout his clan duties. When Cinderpaw is hit by a monster (car), Princess had noticed Tigerclaw because of it, helping Fireheart figure him out. One moment that puts this on the list would be when Princess gives Cloudkit to Fireheart to raise him in Thunderclan.

Princess's strong will would be inside Fireheart and Cloudpaw throughout the entire series as her kindness, warmth, and positivity can hit the hearts of many who reads the series.

"Oh hey your my sister right? What if I just went to the lake and could never see you again? "
"wouldn't care."

Rusty Becomes Firepaw (Into the Wild)

This is what I'm starting with as this is at the beginning of the series. After the battle between Thunderclan and Riverclan. A kittypet named Rusty decided to take a curious troll of fate in the forest as he would then meet Graypaw. Then soon after he would be face-to-face with the Thunderclan leader herself, Bluestar. She would give Rusty the opportunity to become a warrior, which he reluctantly agrees to. He is brought into the clan as a kittypet, and proves himself in a classic bout against Longtail.

I would consider this classic moment as Rusty would leave the life of a kittypet to survive as a respectable warrior. This would be introducing Rusty as he becomes Firepaw, therefore he legacy had begun.

Technically, Firepaw is/was a very generic character. He was adventurous, journeyed to where he was not supposed to go, a cat finds him there, and, against the rules, lets him join them. This cat then becomes the hero. As I said GENERIC!

And now, you who just happened to join us at 6 moons, will become Firepaw!

Love this part��� -,

Skyclan Helping the Little Twoleg Kit

Yes this is my favorite part of the book! I searched for this part to reread again and again

Yes I rearead this so many times

Kittywarriors did it - Joyscar

Spiresights Sacrifice for Pouncekit

Spiresight is probably my favorite cat that wasn’t in the clans. I love all the things he does for Tigerheart’s kits! It makes my feel like crying when I realize he never made it to the clans.

This almost made me cry...

What book is this from?

It was in Tigerhearts Shadow and Shadowpaw became Shadowsight

Rusty Leaves to Join Thunderclan

This is a farewell moment... Not epic.

Hollyleaf's Death (The Last Hope)

ok this was SO SAD. like I was sad in the beginning but then when fallen leaves entered the picture and started greiving for his lost love I BURSTED INTO TEARS, I shipped fallen and holly SO HARD and when he came with his mother and saw her dead I couldn't control myself. at least they are mates now in starclan :D

This death is so sad, and perhaps the big point of the great battle. It was tragic and I cried for like 2 hours, but it was worth it. Hollyleaf should have gotten more time, though it IS an amazing scene when she finally forgives Leafpool.

Hollyleaf is a hero, Ivypool and Hollyleaf will be best friends in StarClan for SURE (I hope)

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