Top Ten Moments Where You Wished Time Was Longer

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1 When summer holiday is ending

I hate this feeling

2 When someone you care dies

Death is so sad! My cousin's dog died and I only see that adorable little fluffball every year. I was up all night crying!

I wanna see my Granny again thought D:

I hate typo! I typed the title wrong AGAIN!
Wait off topic. -_-
Its always heart breaking to see the one you care die,and you know what they say,sometimes it takes some losing to realize what you really had._

I wish I chuld hear my grandpa talking to me

3 When your childhood ends

Oh...yes...I had a wonderful childhood. I have such happy memories of wonderful carefree days, especially in Summer. rewind those days and play them back in slow motion would be so amazing.
Lovely list, SamuiNeko

My carefree days ended in third grade.

4 When you don't have enough time to study

Someone tell me to get offline because I have a math test to study for that I ain't studyin' for.

5 When you're forced to get out of that cozy bed

You know that feeling when you're 1/16 awake, just barely awake at all, but a tiny but aware, then you hear someone's voice and you're 1/2 awake and it just feels amazing. Like, if you move, you feel like you'd wake up fully, but you don't want to. You're on the point of drifting back to sleep, but someone aproaches you, then wakes you completely up.

In the morning, I'm sometimes in the PERFECT spot! When my mom comes in to wake me up, I say "wait mom just a second! " That's always a lie, laugh out loud!

6 When you're favorite song is just about to end

Hate that, the song must go on!

Put it on loop, you goof!

That was my jam...

Okay.. Just... Press... The... Repeat... Button...

7 When it's Sunday evening

Or Monday morning. Aah, the dread.

Curse you Monday. Curse you!

The next day is hell. 8(

I hate that! I'm just like,

8 When the batteries are dying
9 You need or want more time to talk to your friend
10 When you have to return a great book that you didn't finish reading

I hate this. Also the times I plan to read it getting plans put into place by other people.

Please? Just one more page?

I had gotten right to the biggest mindblow at the end of Ender's Game (if you've read it... Like the big reveal part) and I had to return it before finishing. **sigh**

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11 When its 6 AM and you have to wake up

What about when you wake up before the clock and your like "HAH! Take that time! "

5 days a week. It's annoying.

12 When you over cooked your food
13 When you are having sex
14 When you are masturbating
15 When you're in love
16 When you're talking to your crush

Umm... I wish it was faster.

17 When you're watching your favorite movie
18 When you're on vacation
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