Top 10 Moments from Winnie the Pooh (2011)

The top moments from the 51st Walt Disney Animation Studios Winnie The Pooh (2011) which is the second theatrical Winnie the Pooh movie released in theaters after the 1977 film The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

The Top Ten

1 Everything is Honey

Pooh again fails to get honey from a bee hive he has another one of his Honey fantasies where he imagines himself swimming and dancing in and around honey. - egnomac

2 Christopher Robin Holds a Contest to Find a New Tail for Eeyore
3 The Backson Song

After Owl reads Christopher Robins he thinks he was kidnapped by a thing he calls the Backson failing to intemperate Christoper Robins letter which actually says he'll be back soon as we get a song sequence of Owl describing what a Backson is and what it does. - egnomac

4 Trying to Find a New Tail for Eeyore

The group continues to try and find a new tail fro Eeyore by using diffrent items including a cuckoo clock, an accordion, a dart board and even a lighting rod but nothing they come up with works. - egnomac

5 Tigger Fights with the Baloon
6 It's Gonna Be Great

Tigger looking to defeat the Backson he recruits Eeyore whose not to thrilled about it to be his sidekcick and act as a second Tigger as we again get another song number "Its Gonna Be Great". - egnomac

7 Winnie The Pooh Opening Song Sequence

During the movies opening just like The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh opens with the classic Winnie The Pooh song this time sung by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. - egnomac

8 Christopher Robin Returns and Clarify's About the Note

After Pooh and the others find Christopher Robin and tell him about the Backson Christopher Robin clarify's everything saying he meant to say he would be back soon. - egnomac

9 Owl Reads Christopher Robins Letter
10 Everyone Falls Into the Pit Except for Piglet

While using an anchor Eeyore was using for a tail to get Pooh out Eeyore gets dragged along and rams into everyone as they all fall in the pit with only Piglet as their only hope of getting out as Piglet attempts to find something to help them get out. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Winnie the Pooh talks to a tiger

Such a good scene.

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