Top 10 Moments from Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

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1 BAD-ANON Opening Ralph's Introduction

The movie opens as Ralph gives his life story as the villain of Fix-It Felix Jr and is really tired of not getting any respect from the nicelanders and treated like an outcast and no longer wants to be the bad guy as the rest of the other video game villains are in a state of shock. - egnomac

2 You Really Are a Bad Guy, Ralph Destroy's Vanellope's Car

After King Candy tells Ralph that if Vanellope becomes a real racer then people would complain about her glitching and the game would get unplugged and she will be unable to leave the game due to her being a glitch and she would die, believing this Ralph tries to dissuade Vanellope from racing and when she realizes that he sold her out to King Candy she decides to go it alone and win the race, Ralph feeling he has no other choice grabs her and places her on a tree branch as she cries out for him to stop as he smashes her kart to pieces after she falls from the tree while in tears she tells him "You really are a bad guy". - egnomac

Unfortunately, this scene loses its emotional impact since Vanellope latter destroyed Ralph's pendant out her own selfish, petty b*tchines- not because she thought she was saving his life.

3 Ralph vs Turbo

In order to rid the game of the Cy-Bugs Ralph attempts to make Diet Cola erupt and create a beacon to lure the bugs and destroy them before they take over the arcade but standing in his way is Turbo who is now fused with a Cy-Bug as they face off in a final showdown. - egnomac

4 Shut Up and Drive, Vanellope Trains to Race

After escaping from the guards Ralph and Vanellope hide out at Diet Cola Mountain where Vanellope hangs out at as Ralph makes a race track so Vanellope can develop her driving skills. - egnomac

5 Your Just the Guy Who Wrecks The Building, Destroying the Cake

During the celebration of the games anniversary as the cake is brought out Ralph and Gene get into an heated argument with Ralph tired of being treated so unfairly just because he's the bad guy and claims that he could be a good guy and win a medal and Gene constantly points out that he is the bad guy and that bad guys don't get medals as he can never win won because he's just the guy who wrecks the building this frustrates Ralph as he smashes the cake to everyone's shock as Gene simply looks on with a smug look on his face. - egnomac

6 Turbo's Story

While searching for Ralph in Sugar Rush Fix-It Felix tells Sergeant Calhoun about Turbo an arrogant and cocky race car driver from Turbo Time who became jealous when a new racing game Roadblasters stole his thunder and he abandoned his game and tried to take over and put both games out of commission. - egnomac

7 Ralph in Heroes Duty

Looking to prove to the nicelanders that he can win a medal and earn their respect Ralph sneaks into the game Heroes Duty but this proves to me much more trouble then he bargained for. - egnomac

8 Ralph's Missing

After their game begins to Fix-It Felix and the rest of the nicelanders surprise Ralph is completely absent as they try to stay come as Felix moves off the screen and tries to find Ralph but to no avail Ralph is not there as he has left for Hero's Duty to earn a medal and prove them all wrong which leads to everyone pancaking over the situation as Mr. Litwack places an Out of Order sticker on the cabinet screen which leaves everyone in a state of sock, minutes later Q*Bert shows up telling Felix about Ralph going to Heroes Duty leading to him thinking Ralph has gone Turbo. - egnomac

9 King Candy is Really Turbo

Which isn't really that surprising if you weren't paying close enough attention. - egnomac

10 Making a Cart

Ralph and Vanellope sneak into the factory so they can create a new kart for Vanellope so she can race the both end up having to play through a series of mini games in order to build the kart which doesn't go so smoothly as the assemble line literally falls apart as they're trying to make the kart and when its all done the kart is finished and despite looking like a total mess Vanellope loves it as the pair escape as the guards chase after. - egnomac

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11 Vanellope is a Princess
12 Cy-Bug escapes into the undergrounds of Sugar Rush
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