Top 10 Moments from Zootopia (2016)

Next up in the list series of best moments from Disney/Pixar movies is the top moments from Zootopia.
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1 "I Really Am Just a Dumb Bunny"

After finding out that the Night Howlers are actually the crocus bulbs Duke Weaselton stole earlier which contain a neurotoxin that has a psychotropic effects on mammals as she returns to Zootpia to ask for Nick's help once again as she makes a tearful apology to him while adding the line "I Really Am Just a Dumb Bunny" as Nick accepts her apology and agrees to help her.

2 Judy Chases Duke Weaselton Through Little Rodentia

While on Meter Maid duty Judy pursues Duke Weaselton who has stolen a bag from a florist containing crocus as she chases him into Little Rodentia which is a district for smaller mammals, she pursues him while trying to avoid crushing the tiny civilians the chase ends after Judy prevents a giant donut from crushing a female shrew then captures the weasel with the giant donut.

3 Judy and Nick Arrive at Cliffside Asylum

Judy and Nick arrive at Cliffside Asylum where they discover all the missing predators who have gone savage are imprisoned among them they find Otterson while looking around they find out that Mayor Leodore Lionheart is hiding them from the public while trying to find out why they are going savage and worries that if word ever got out about this it would cause a massive panic.

4 The Aftermath After Judy's Press Conference

Just as Mayor Lionheart was worried about Judy's comments about predators savage behavior being caused by their biology incites hate speeches and discrimination against predators throughout all of Zootopia upon seeing the damage she has caused as she resigns from the force and returns home to her family.

5 Bellwether's Reveals Her Plan to Judy

In a not so spurring twist Bewllweather is revealed to be the one behind the predators turning savage using the night howlers to turn them savage she uses on on Nick to attack Judy as Bellweather reveals her whole plan to Judy only for Judy and Nick to turn the tables against her and bust her leading to her arrest.

6 Meeting Flash the Sloth

Nick and Judy arrive at the DMV still on the trail of the missing Otterton and to Judy's displeasure the DMV is run by actual sloths as the two meet Flash the sloth to help them locate the limo where Otterson was last scene in and the whole process takes nearly all day as after they finish its nighttime.

7 Judy's Press Conference

After solving the case and busting mayor Lionheart Judy takes part in a press conference and suggest that the savage behavior is due to predator biology which ends up offending Nick which causes him to refuse not only her friendship but spot on the force as Judy's comments end up having a negative affect all around Zootopia.

8 Meet Mr. Big, Fru Fru Scene

The scene which parodies the Godfather as Judy and Nick are brought to Mr. Big who is actually an Arctic Shrew and is not happy with them snooping around his limo and is ready to ice them before Big's daughter Fru Fru the shrew who Judy had saved earlier vouches for her and Mr. Big stops the icing as they celebrate his daughters wedding.

9 Police Academy Training

Judy enters police academy training and despite failing at every turn she perseveres and overcomes the difficult training and graduates from the academy as she then sets her sites as being an officer in Zootopia.

10 Nick Gets Muzzled

In a flashback scene Nick Wilde reveals a traumatic childhood moment where as a child he preparing to join the scouts only to be restrained by the other kids before being muzzled.

The Contenders
11 Mr. Otterson Goes Berserk
12 Judy Arrives In Zootopia
13 "My mommy says she wishes you were dead"
14 Duke Weaselton Sells Bootleg DVDs
15 “Are you afraid of me?”
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