Top 10 Money In the Bank Cash-ins

Ever since Chris Jericho had the idea, it has become my favorite time of the year besides WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. So, here's my top Cash-Ins.

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1 Edge - New Year's Revolution 2006

Luckily, I had a video recording of what happened somewhere, so I saw it with my eyes. This was the high point of Edge's career, though, it also innovated how EVERYONE pretty much cashes in ever since then. - Super64

Edge is the ultimate opportunist. Enough said.

He nailed this one

I agre when edge cashed in the money in the bank at new year's revolution in 2006 it was the best money in the bank cash in of all time - seahawksfan

2 Dolph Ziggler - Raw after WrestleMania 29

My God, that's the biggest pop I've ever heard in the Modern Era since the return of Brock Lesnar. I REALLY wanted Ziggler to legit win the World Heavyweight Championship, and he did it. By the way, WWE PLEASE let Dolph keep the title for a while, and NOT just hand it to that DEL RIOO. - Super64

The reaction was HUGE!

3 Randy Orton - SummerSlam 2013

Yep, I knew he was going to do it at SummerSlam, though, not the way it happened. I'm a Daniel Bryan fan, like, REALLY, though, when Triple H Pedigreed Bryan, I screamed my head off in frustration. - Super64

It was so unfair. Triple H has no boundaries of how low he can go. Daniel Bryan lost the title because of him.

4 Rob Van Dam - ECW One Night Stand 2006

Besides Bryan, RVD is my favorite wrestler in the business, and when he won the WWE Title, it was awesome. Add in the fact that John Cena was booed at like OVER 9000 in the dislikability meter, and you get a legit win. - Super64

5 Seth Rollins - Wrestlemania 31

Saved the bored fans from a boring match. THE best cash in of all time - MRRANDOM

Come on this should be first he stole the title after a brutal match between Brock Lesner And Roman Riegns

One of the best Wrestlemania moments ever and certainly the best MITB cash in

6 The Miz - Raw after Survivor Series 2010

The Angry Miz Girl expression says it all. I was literally in awe at Miz winning the WWE Title, though, it's like an underdog story, except that the underdog is the bad guy this time. Now let's imagine Damien Sandow's Cash-In. - Super64

7 CM Punk - Raw after Night of Champions 2008

This was a great way to give Edge a taste of his own medicine. Having an up and comer take your World Title after you've done it TWICE before. Plus, I like CM Punk, when he's not a coward. - Super64

8 Daniel Bryan - TLC 2011

YES! YES! Sorry, as much as I like Bryan, this Cash-In wasn't that great. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome, but it would've been better to cash in at WrestleMania than to have that laughably awful 18 second match. - Super64

9 CM Punk 2 - Extreme Rules 2009

This was the beginning of Punk's heel turn and more funny, cowardly persona. Though, you didn't dislike CM Punk for doing this to poor old Jeff, you HATED him. - Super64

10 Alberto Del Rio - SummerSlam 2011

Bad guy underdog, yadda yadda yadda. The thing that makes it an upset is that Punk unified the WWE Title, gets attacked by Diesel (Kevin Nash), and loses that title. Also, the look on Triple H's face was kinda funny, I guess he didn't think it was "Best for Business"? Anybody? - Super64

The Contenders

11 Edge 2 - May 11 Smackdown 2007

Edge went for it again. On a darker note, it could've been Mr. Kennedy, but a MINOR injury made him lose it. After Mark Henry came and attacked Undertaker after a steel cage match, Edge won his first World Heavyweight Championship. - Super64

12 Kane - Money in the Bank 2010
13 Dean Ambrose - Money in the Bank
14 Sheamus - Survivor Series
15 Damien Sandow - October 28 Raw 2013
16 Seth Rollins - Cash in at Wrestlemania 2016
17 Jack Swagger - Smackdown
18 John Cena vs. JBL - Judgement Day 2005 John Cena vs. JBL - Judgement Day 2005
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1. Seth Rollins - Wrestlemania 31
2. Edge - New Year's Revolution 2006
3. Dolph Ziggler - Raw after WrestleMania 29
1. Edge - New Year's Revolution 2006
2. Rob Van Dam - ECW One Night Stand 2006
3. Dolph Ziggler - Raw after WrestleMania 29
1. Edge - New Year's Revolution 2006
2. Dolph Ziggler - Raw after WrestleMania 29
3. Rob Van Dam - ECW One Night Stand 2006

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