Best Monster High and Ever After High Characters


The Top Ten

1 Spectra Vondergeist Spectra Vondergeist
2 Raven Queen Raven Queen

She is selfless, doesn't care about her destiny, she is kind unlike Apple, Raven is my favorite. Second is Ashlynn. Third is Briar.

Am I the only one who loves both Apple and Raven? I'm a roybel and I love all of the students from Ever After High!

She is best and beautiful character

And of course she is acurate,the best,beautiful,and she is a leader to me

3 Clawdeen Wolf Clawdeen Wolf
4 Draculaura Draculaura
5 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein
6 Holly O'Hair
7 Lagoona Blue Lagoona Blue
8 Briar Beauty Briar Beauty

Her earrings reminds me are ILLUMINATI in the show with her basic outfit.

Briar is one of my favorites! She is one of the most selfless characters in Ever After High. She doesn't want to sleep for 100 years. My party gal! Amazing character.

Briar Beauty is my IDOL She is the best!

She is so stylish

9 Madeline Hatter Madeline Hatter
10 Apple White Apple White

The Contenders

11 C.A. Cupid
12 Casta Fierce
13 Darling Charming
14 Abbey Bominable

She's so bootiful!

15 Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella


16 Heath Burns
17 Meeshell Mermaid

Love sweet Meeshell

18 Rosabella Beauty
19 Jackson Jekyll
20 Holt Hyde
21 Venus McFlytrap Venus McFlytrap
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1. Spectra Vondergeist
2. Raven Queen
3. Clawdeen Wolf
1. Spectra Vondergeist
2. Frankie Stein
3. Draculaura


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