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Top ten characters that you will most likely find at Monster High!
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1 Clawdeen Wolf

I love Clawdeen Wolf! She is my favourite character in Monster high and I want her to be the main character, because she is Clawsome and I'm dieing for her Fierce style! She is confident so I just love her! I love her much more then any characters and she has the nicest clothes in the entire thing. So shut up Frankie! Clawdeen is better then you!

I see that Clawdeen is in the top of the list. Yes! She is my favourite. Why did they put Frankie to the main character of Monster high, while everyone sees that "everyone" likes Clawdeen! For example this list! Who is in the top!? Who!? Clawdeen! Than why they always like "Frankie! Frankie has 4 boyfriends" she is sooo anoying! But I LOVE CLAWDEEN!

Seriously guys Clawdeen is not that bad. I like her sense of style! She's a true designer that cares for her family and friends. Plus she's the best. I love werewolves in Monster high especially Clawdeen! She is the top of this list and I like it. She's always the best! Her voice is sooo cool I want her voice!

She's really fashionable, energetic and acts like a big sister. She knows what's best for you and she will stand up for her friends any time. Clawdeen is one of the best characters in Monster High to be honest.

2 Twyla

Twyla is definitely one of the best characters. She is so unique and different; she really stands out from the crowd. Most of the monster high characters care about popularity, fashion, and boys, but not Twyla. Twyla has expressed that she doesn't care about being popular, she feels more comfortable in the shadows, and she hasn't said much about fashion or boys. For the girls who are kind of annoyed the constant chatter of boys and fashion from the monster high girls, Twyla is an awesome and relatable character. She is the best.

I love Twyla, her personality is so unique and different it and it really makes her stand out from the crowd. There is literally no other ghoul like her. Some of the other side characters who's personalties are all very similar and it's nice to have someone like Twyla to add variety. She's also a great role model as well because she doesn't care about being popular and she's happy the way she is. And lets be real her raspy voice is just the cherry on top.

Twyla I the most calm charecter out of everyone. in 13 Wishes, Howleen was often very rude to her but she stayed calm and never got mad and always thought about howleen and she was so nice back. she's not usually funny, but she was hilarious in Haunted, and I just love her.

Twyla is so beautiful and cute! She's also shy! In the "13 Wishes" she doesn't want to be popular...she's also help her friend. Also, she helps Cleo when she is not popular. That even makes me like her. But I didn't like the fact that she is OVERRATED! since she is the 2nd best monster high character on this list...

3 Abbey Bominable

Abbey is really SPLENDID as a character. Brave, brave, funny, proud,... and so on. My favorite! It's thanks to her that I love monster high and with the restart, it makes me sad to see that she still has not appeared again and I would have loved so much to see a movie on it. And then the icing powers, it's too cool! In short, a great character that really deserves its place in the top! (I would have put it first! )

What kind of IDIOT would be afraid to speak their mind? Before I even knew her name, when I watched Monster High for the first time, I knew she was the best. She has a great sense of humor, awesome personality, and cool powers. If I went to Monster High, I would make friends with her the second I started school. She makes me wish yetis really existed!

Abbey is by far the best character of the show! I admire her for standing up to ToriLie and being brave on her first day of school, even when nobody understood her traditions. She is not cold hearted, she is just stubborn, brave, and not afraid to fight! Her fashion sense in one of the best, and who doesn't appreciate a freaky fab ice power?

Abbey is awesome and the himalyas stuff she randomly blurts out all the time is hilarious! she's also really pretty especially in 13 Wishes, and she always saves everyone else in ALL the movies. other then Ghoulia, she has the best ideas in the movies and webisodes.

4 Draculaura

Who doesn't love Draculaura? She brings cheers to everyone! She is funny, kindhearted, cute and she has good sense of humour! She always smiling but she's a bit emotional. I actually love her very much. She is one of my favourite characters of Monster High and better than the other characters.

Draculaura is awesome, She is so nice and friendly and she cares a lot for her friends. Who would think that she is ugly? For me, Draculaura is very pretty and her taste on fashion is very cool. Her pink highlights really suits her black her and also her style.

Even though she's supposed to be a vampire, she has so much love and heart to give! She's generous, kind-hearted, and other than her habit of getting very emotional and looking weak because she gets so emotional, there's nothing wrong with her. Plus, I'm sooo excited for the reboot!

Draculaura is a great character! She is kind and has a big heart! But one thing that I'm not sure about is that she cries all the time and in why do ghouls fall in love she was acting like she was expecting Clawd to give her a present! But I love Draculaura!

5 Cleo De Nile

I love cleo de nile and no she is not mean she just always says the truth which comes out as mean and sassy, she doesn't like her sister nefera cus she is always trying to meddle in her friendships and relationship with deuce,and you all can't expect her not to act like she is the boss of everything 1. She is an Egyptian princess, 2. She is the last born, 3. Her father gives her everything she wants and is only pushing her to live up to there families reputation(daddy's girl), 3.she is very confident and yes she has break downs but its normal ( especially when your sister and father are the cause of your break ups)4. Cleo is so relatable like she is rich and her father and sister only want her to be with someone who they approve off and will keep her happy.
Duece makes her happy its just a matter of time till they realise.
She is so relatable especially when it comes to living up to your families reputation and lastly she has a no nonsense attitude which is why she seems sassy ...more

I's hilarious how mean cleo is most of the time, and it's so fun to watch, especially in fright on when she competes with gory.the only rude thing she does that annoys me is how she takes Ghoulia for granted. she was awesome in 13 wishes when nobody knew her, and in skull shores when she got no royal treatment, and in friday night frights how she made her servants ride around with skates and carry her around.

Cleo gets on my nerves. I used to love her but now, I don't. She is the meanest character in the show, has disgusting face and she is jealous of Nefera. She is also mean to Deuce Gorgon. Poor Deuce! Why are you afraid of her? Seriously, Deuce is one of my favourite characters but Cleo is not.

Um. By the way, I don't hate Cleo. Because I hate Frankie and when Frankie was new at school she was mean to her! That was so good. I like Cleo much more better than Frankie! But still my favourite is Clawdeen.

6 Lagoona Blue

Lagoona is absolutely the best! She is so nice and big-hearted! She is kind to everybody and doesn't let people judge her, especially about her and Gil dating. She was nice to Frankie even though Frankie didn't follow her advice, and is always confident about things! I also think she is absolutely adorable! One of the cutest characters to me. I think Lagoona deserves to be higher than #7. She should at least be one of the top 5!

She's probably my favorite of the main characters. Here's a few reasons for that:
-She's generally level-headed, which is nice compared to a lot of the other characters.
-She's kind and compassionate.
-Her relationship with Gil is pretty realistic for a kid's cartoon.
-I adore her design, especially the scaled beanie on her basic look.
-Her accent is so charming.
-She's a perfect mix between girly-girl and tomboy.

Lagoona is by by far the prettiest, most. trustworthy character in Monster High. she always looks supes cute, she's mostly very calm and I love how brave and athletic she is. I Love her relationship with Gil, but I wish she trusted him more. she can always pick you up when your down, and she has great advice. and she always looks drop dead GOREGOUS!

Lagoona is the worst of all! She is a jerk, dumb, rude, dishonest and stingy. She has got a terrible boyfriend Gill so they made TERRIBLE couples. She swims terribly so she is a terrible swimmer. She always shouts and screams to everyone!
She is an awful dramatic girl and she behaves badly to everyone. She doesn't deserves on this list.

7 Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra is amazing. She loves taking photos when she sees strange moments. definitely Spectra is one of my favourite characters of the show. She should 1st after Frankie and Draculaura.

Spectra is beautiful. I love her, She is one of my favorite monster high characters. She's like me because I love gossip stories.

Spectra should be part of top ten, She is the best ghoul. I love her style, Who wouldn't love her? Gossips and photos?

She's basically a mix of Blondie Lockes and Cerise Hood from Ever After High. AKA a total recipe for awesomeness!

8 Venus McFlytrap

Venus cares about everything and I think she would have been a great student disimbody president if she had ran. she has great hair and I've always loved her fashion. I love how she cares about the earth and her power is also great. I can't believe they made her a rocker in the reboot.

The best character of the show. Venus McFlytrap is amazing and the sweetest monster high character ever. She espacially loves nature. She is even better than Cleo and Lagoona.

Venus rocks! There I said it and no one else can argue that she is so awesome especially with Chewy by her side!

She's caring about her fellow plants.

9 Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle is the best! She is the greatest character in the show! I actually don't like Cleo because she always gets on my nerves. Rochelle is an amazing character for the show. She should be number #1 greatest characters ever.

You should take off Cleo, Clawdeen, Draculaura and Lagoona because I hate them.
Rochelle should be number 1 best character ever.

How is Rochelle not part of the top ten list she's super pretty and I love her French accent, also she was great in the monster high Scaris movie.

Rochelle is extremely perfect. She's even better than Clawdeen and Lagoona because they suck

10 Howleen Wolf

I hate Howleen! To me she is just an annoying little sister and nothing more.

She has always been a favorite of mine. I love basically everything about her.

Howleen does have a point when she says Clawdeen bosses her around. Sisters!

Howleen is awesome!

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11 Vandala Doubloons

I like vandala because she's a pirate in on her right side of her leg she has a prostatic leg and I have a prosthetic leg Too And so we have that in common but hers is cooler because hers is wooden.

12 Operetta

She may not be the most monstrous, but the phantom of the opera never really was a monstrous monster in the first place so she's acceptable. Her color scheme is stunning and unusual and I love the way she styles. She can be mean in her animated form from time to time, but she's just being herself. Nobody's perfect and it would be rather difficult to be nice ALL the time. I'm not saying she's the beast out of all the characters though. But she's a nice addition to my collection and I wish Mattel didn't get rid of her in the reboot. She wasn't that scary in the first place, so why they got rid of her is unknown.

Operetta is so stylish, and I wish she was in it more often. I loved her character development in Friday night frights, and I just love how genuinely cool she is.

Operetta is really awesome, she reminds me of applejack and I love all sorts of music. I love operetta's huge scar/beauty mark on the side of her face. she really needs more attention and I wish she was included more often, she might be a really unique character.

Operetta is amazingly great! She can make you smile just by her sweet laugh. Operetta would go out of her way to do anything for her friends, music is her soul and her heart. She's my favorite character and should be higher ranked!

13 Sirena Von Boo

It's canon that she represents ADHD, and as someone who has ADHD I can say that she may not portray it very well but I still love how Mattel at-least tried. She's my comfort character.

Sirena has great hair, and I love how she gets easily distracted, and she always says the funniest stuff, especially in Haunted. she rocks!

I like Sirena because she likes swimming and I like swimming and I like mermaids.

I love how sweet she is and her hair is gorgeous!

14 Toralei Stripe

I love Toralei she is so funny and really pretty.Also she had a horrible past and she helped Monster High win TWO fearleading avents one she helped Cleo make a better winning routine two she stopped a spell that saved Cleo's routine at nationals and smiled when Cleo won. And when Jane Boolitle won the dannce it was because of...Toralei! Plus the only reason why Cleo's dance routine was given to the vampires was because of puke face, evil Frankie. And yet she is hated but people love Frankie come on she cheats on boys, she was horrible to Abbey but they are friends somehow, she is in all the movies,has the best ideas, tells every ones story for them and Monster High would be better without Frankie.

She reminds me of a stray kitten who had trouble as an infant and so will bear its claws out before it decides to trust you- and to make sure you are reliable, will seize any moment to make it harder for you to pet it.

She has a lot of room to improve as a character. She is misunderstood and had to fight her way to survive. She is someone who has flaws that can be related to. Revenge and ambition. She always plays fair, too.

I like Toralei! It might be because I relate to her because I am very full of myself and am always getting in trouble everywhere!

15 Robbeca Steam

Notice how there is nearly a monster representing every destination. Like Robecca- she represents a steam train from England (she's even got an accent), Lagoona is a stereotype of Australians who say crikey a lot, like surfing and swimming, and sound like a bushman after a 'long tucker'. Jinafire represents Chinese religion and style- even though that is just a racial stereotype, Rochelle is a gargoyle with a French accent, French style and to top it off- has a French boyfriend who is very involved in romance. Isi dawndancer sees visions, likes to dance in a certain way, has a family that all look the same, and has many stereotypical features from her home in New mexico. like racism has been put up with enough for these guys to start with the act. Its not like you would go up to someone and say- your wearing a kimono, you must be Japanese!

She's my personal favorite.

Her steampunk style is gorgeous, her design itself is top-notch (even her irises are shaped like gears, for pete's sake! ), she can do incredible stunts, her British accent is adorable, and she has by far one of the best backstories out of any of the ghouls. I wish we saw more of her.

Hate to burst you bubble, but I had a look in my Monster High collection book and Rebecca's name is spelled with a double c. NOT double b. Now that I've mentioned that, I just need to tell you that I thick Rebecca is cool character.

Robecca is one of the greatest characters ever I seen. She is even better than Lagoona and Cleo because they are a show offs.

16 Frankie Stein

Stop hating on Frankie so much! She is boring, but she's not that bad! The only reason why she was mean to Abbey was because she thought that Abbey threw the snowball instead of Toralei! She even apologized and said that she was wrong, okay?! I mean come on, she looks pretty with the different colored eyes because she is unique! Also Frankie does not solve everything people, she just wants to help out! Also she is 16 DAYS old! She doesn't know much, and she has a lot to learn! I get it that she sometimes is annoying, but she helps out her friends because she is nice and that's just what she does! Not an annoying brat who is mean to everybody! Also please stop saying that you want to kill her. She's already dead, and that is rude. And she's not the main character in every movie! She just doesn't know and maybe needs to adjust to the world more! It's fine if you disagree, but this is just my opinion. Also sorry if this is long I just like her and I think it's sad that most of you don't ...more

Don't cal me a hater, but I do NOT like Frankie! To me she is WAY too perky and WAY to friendly to be like a real high school student! I almost can't tolerate her! She was an okay character until I saw the episodes Back to Ghoul, Abomidable impression, and Frost Friends! Frainkie throws a snowball at Abbey for no reason, then tells Abbey she ruined her drink when she was trying to make it better! She tells Abbey she is rude when she was trying to be friendly, and does nothing when poor Abbey starts crying! Later Frankie invites Abbey to the coffin bean, which Abbey excepts. As if that makes up for her horible behavior!

I first felt bad because she was new, but now she is turning out to be the WORST EVER! She's so mean to everybody, even her friends, but still has the most friends. She is not nice one single bit. In 13 wishes, she is SO mean to Howleen! And on Abbey's FIRST day of school, she already hates her when she's only trying to help. Also, she's really ugly. Her eyebrows are like permanently pointed down, like she's angry, and her body curves in way too much at her waist. I wish she would die, really.

I hate Frankie she has to be in all the movies/episodes,has to have the best ideas and has to be the most special pearson at Monster High! Also she is always the main hero that solves everything she didn't have anything to do with the Great Scarrier Reef. She is always trying to make people feel sorry for her and all over the new Monster High album 2016.

17 Shiver

This character is absolutely sweet and adorable and I never want to keep my eyes off it. If you wanted to know Shiver is Abbey's pet. Please VOTE. This character is very low and is my 2nd favourite. My favourite is C.A. Cupid but that is the last in the chart. Watch the films and programmes to see how brilliant these characters are.

I love shiver. I think Mattel did not do a creative job at assigning pets, just giving Frankie a dog and clawdeen a cat, but I think it was SO ORIGINAL to give Abbey a baby mammoth!

18 Scarah Screams
19 Gigi Grant

I love how genuinely kind she is. It's somewhat rare for genie characters to be benign and kind to their masters instead of twisting their wishes, but Gigi really does want to help everyone.

She's super sweet and her voice is not annoying, even though it sounds a little bit like apple white form ever after high.

I love her and she's so kind and sweet and her voice is the same person who voices Applewhite from ever after high!

Poor Gigi. Having to grant horrible wishes for Howleen in Thirteen wishes. You can tell she was upset. She is very kind

20 Jackson Jekyll

Jacksom is by far the most relatable and for a character who barely gets used in the television series anymore, he probably has the most depth along with Holt. The character is constently bullied in school for being a human, his parents are divorced, the kid has several social issues, hell if you read his diary and pay attention to his behaviour, he shows signs of depression and anxiety. In his diary he states that when he visited his fathers the next door monsters would play kick the can, except Jackson was the can. There has never been a more relatable character in the whole series.

He is nice and don't judge anyone.

21 Gillington "Gil" Webber
22 Catty Noir

I believe that Catty should be number 1. She is an amazing singer and is not afraid to show the world who she is. Although the popstar thing is getting a bit old, Catty Noir has remained a constant. She is true to herself and even left the music industry because she wasnt being true to herself and so that she could find her music. I think she is a great role model for kids wanting to become singers or worude in that industry.

You can never get too old for Monster High!

Catty Noir is actually one of the most beautiful characters in my opinion as well as her gorgeous voice and creative clothing. I also really like the concept of having a black-cat character who associates with bad luck and turns it into things that make her luckier.

Catty is definitely the best monster high! She is super gorgeous, sweet and convinces people to be true to their heart. She also has the best singing voice! Love you catty!

Catty Noir has such a voice! No wonder she is a rock star! Like me, she likes to let out her inner monster through music! Rock on Catty Noir!

23 Holt Hyde

I think Holt is ugly in 2D but in 3D definitely the handsomest!

Him and Jackson are definitely the two best characters, and I'm so disappointed that they rarely are in stuff

Cute Guy in holt

Basic red head

24 Catrine Demew

Catrine is one of my favorites. She is so good at art. Oh and, I appreciate people's opinions. You shouldn't be afraid to tell us who you like. Catrine is a cool accent

I care who your favorite characters are. My favorites are Venus, Abbey and Twyla

I love latrine she's so cool she rides on a motorcycle!

I like Catrine because she likes art and I like art.

25 Porter Geiss

Porter is actually really sweet. Well I think so anyway.

He deserves someone else

He is so awesome

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