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Top ten characters that you will most likely find at Monster High!

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1 Clawdeen Wolf Clawdeen Wolf

Yeah she is my idol.

So fashion forward and relatable about little sisters and older siblings

Clawdeen is so awesome she is one of my favorite characters I love her style she is not the worst by far

She's really fashionable, energetic and acts like a big sister. She knows what's best for you and she will stand up for her friends any time. Clawdeen is one of the best characters in Monster High to be honest.

2 Abbey Bominable

Abbey has to be the best character in the show. Before I only liked Lagoona, but ever since Abbey appeared I STAN. Her sense of humor is great. And she seems to be the only one not caring about boys in this show.


What kind of IDIOT would be afraid to speak their mind? Before I even knew her name, when I watched Monster High for the first time, I knew she was the best. She has a great sense of humor, awesome personality, and cool powers. If I went to Monster High, I would make friends with her the second I started school. She makes me wish yetis really existed! - monsterhighfan

Abbey is really SPLENDID as a character. Brave, brave, funny, proud,... and so on. My favorite! It's thanks to her that I love monster high and with the restart, it makes me sad to see that she still has not appeared again and I would have loved so much to see a movie on it. And then the icing powers, it's too cool! In short, a great character that really deserves its place in the top! (I would have put it first! )

I totally agree! I HATE the restart thing so much and I bet they'll make her look super ugly. I love Abbey so much! - Awesome_Me

3 Twyla

I love Twylas character and I love how she's the daughter of the boogeyman. She is so superstitious and chill. It seems like she knows everything. I also love how she vanishes into the shadows

The first thing I check on this list is twyla she have always been my favorite when I first saw her I knew she will be my favorite shes my favorite type shy but kind and helpful shes way different from the others she help others while others focus on their style personality and popularity shes completely like she from a new clean world shes not vain I love her she shows that even a monster can be unique and everyone is unique in their own way

Best monster high character ever. She's so adorable, sassy, and beautiful

Twyla is definitely one of the best characters. She is so unique and different; she really stands out from the crowd. Most of the monster high characters care about popularity, fashion, and boys, but not Twyla. Twyla has expressed that she doesn't care about being popular, she feels more comfortable in the shadows, and she hasn't said much about fashion or boys. For the girls who are kind of annoyed the constant chatter of boys and fashion from the monster high girls, Twyla is an awesome and relatable character. She is the best.

4 Draculaura Draculaura

I think she is the best one in the whole monster High because she is the first one.. And the beginning starts with her She is the cutest one and the best one..

She's such a great character! So friendly and cheerful, by far the best character.

Who doesn't love Draculaura? She brings cheers to everyone! She is funny, kindhearted, cute and she has good sense of humour! She always smiling but she's a bit emotional. I actually love her very much. She is one of my favourite characters of Monster High and better than the other characters.

Draculaura is awesome, She is so nice and friendly and she cares a lot for her friends. Who would think that she is ugly? For me, Draculaura is very pretty and her taste on fashion is very cool. Her pink highlights really suits her black her and also her style.

5 Cleo De Nile Cleo De Nile

Cleo isn't as bad as people make her look like 😂 First of all Frankie was the one causing trouble for her at first (even if it was unintentional), but u guys should see the movies she's like a queen and way nicer. Cleo is definitely my favorite - She's confident, strong, and pretty successful and she deserves her popular rank in Monster High. Deuce and Cleo are also my favorite couple in the series/MOVIES. DEFINITELY STAN /THIS/ QUEEN, GHOULS

I know that Cleo was really mean in the first few episodes vp it now she has changed and turned into a kind ghoul! It's not her fault she was spoiled demander because she was raised that way by her dad and her mean sister! I really like Cleo

Cleo is the best and I'm really nice person I even want to be her so stop all those mean comments about cleo

Um. By the way, I don't hate Cleo. Because I hate Frankie and when Frankie was new at school she was mean to her! That was so good. I like Cleo much more better than Frankie! But still my favourite is Clawdeen.

6 Lagoona Blue Lagoona Blue

Lagoona is a GREAT character! She is kind, and she believed in Frankie in the first episode! She is such a big hearted and kind ghoul!

Lagoona is absolutely the best! She is so nice and big-hearted! She is kind to everybody and doesn't let people judge her, especially about her and Gil dating. She was nice to Frankie even though Frankie didn't follow her advice, and is always confident about things! I also think she is absolutely adorable! One of the cutest characters to me. I think Lagoona deserves to be higher than #7. She should at least be one of the top 5!

Lagoons has always been my favourite. I always believed she needed more spotlight and attention in the series! She's so laid back and sweet and in my opinion the most genuine person out of them all.

She's probably my favorite of the main characters. Here's a few reasons for that:
-She's generally level-headed, which is nice compared to a lot of the other characters.
-She's kind and compassionate.
-Her relationship with Gil is pretty realistic for a kid's cartoon.
-I adore her design, especially the scaled beanie on her basic look.
-Her accent is so charming.
-She's a perfect mix between girly-girl and tomboy.

7 Spectra Vondergeist Spectra Vondergeist

She's basically a mix of Blondie Lockes and Cerise Hood from Ever After High. AKA a total recipe for awesomeness!

Spectra is beautiful. I love her, She is one of my favorite monster high characters. She's like me because I love gossip stories.

Spectra should be part of top ten, She is the best ghoul. I love her style, Who wouldn't love her? Gossips and photos?

In my opinion, I have to say that I believe Spectra should be number 1

8 Rochelle Goyle

Love love love

Rochelle's my gal. Love her!

Rochelle is the best! She is the greatest character in the show! I actually don't like Cleo because she always gets on my nerves. Rochelle is an amazing character for the show. She should be number #1 greatest characters ever.

How is Rochelle not part of the top ten list she's super pretty and I love her French accent, also she was great in the monster high Scaris movie.

9 Howleen Wolf Howleen Wolf

I love howleen she is so pretty and likable I prefer her over clawdeen sorry clawdeen fans

She is so cute!
My other favorites are
Jenifire Long, Elisabat, Vandalla Doubloons, Rochelle Goyle, and River Styxx.

Howleen Wolf is so CUTE

Howleen is awesome!

10 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

I like frankie because shes beautifull and gorgest out of all the goulsquad

I think Frankie is awesome. I think that she should be 1#. Even though she is mean it doesn't mean you can't like her.

Just saying my opinion, I think Frankie is a great character, she is kind hearted and sweet, she is not the perfect one but also not the worst one too! It just that she is a new ghoul in monster high that's why a little much time will be needed but in my opinion, she is great character! - Crystalsnow

When I was little I sort of had a crush on Her, she is so beautiful and she is so kind and friendly, I Don’t understand why people hate her, she is so lovely.


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11 Venus McFlytrap


Venus rocks! There I said it and no one else can argue that she is so awesome especially with Chewy by her side!

I love her hair

I love Venus because she loves nature and she likes pink but she's not an idiot

12 Vandala Doubloons

Eye eye a ghost pirate I spy so cool like her eyes and earings and her pirate ship is cool to eye eye

I am watching this movie and #VANDALA

I like that she is so rich and her style is so monsterrific!

She is amazing
Adore her
I have 5 of her dolls

13 Shiver

This character is absolutely sweet and adorable and I never want to keep my eyes off it. If you wanted to know Shiver is Abbey's pet. Please VOTE. This character is very low and is my 2nd favourite. My favourite is C.A. Cupid but that is the last in the chart. Watch the films and programmes to see how brilliant these characters are.

I love shiver. I think Mattel did not do a creative job at assigning pets, just giving Frankie a dog and clawdeen a cat, but I think it was SO ORIGINAL to give Abbey a baby mammoth!


14 Operetta

She may not be the most monstrous, but the phantom of the opera never really was a monstrous monster in the first place so she's acceptable. Her color scheme is stunning and unusual and I love the way she styles. She can be mean in her animated form from time to time, but she's just being herself. Nobody's perfect and it would be rather difficult to be nice ALL the time. I'm not saying she's the beast out of all the characters though. But she's a nice addition to my collection and I wish Mattel didn't get rid of her in the reboot. She wasn't that scary in the first place, so why they got rid of her is unknown.

Operetta is really awesome, she reminds me of applejack and I love all sorts of music. I love operetta's huge scar/beauty mark on the side of her face. she really needs more attention and I wish she was included more often, she might be a really unique character.

Operetta is amazingly great! She can make you smile just by her sweet laugh. Operetta would go out of her way to do anything for her friends, music is her soul and her heart. She's my favorite character and should be higher ranked!

Operetta is one of my favourite characters. She loves music and her singing voice is beautiful. I wish Operetta should be main character of the show, Not Lagoona!

15 Scarah Screams

She’s kind of creepy, but I don’t mind her

16 Sirena Von Boo

Sirena von boo is so funny and she a awesome half blood

She is my fave half blood

I love her personality and she was the 2nd nicest out of all the hybrids

Sirena is the best

17 Gigi Grant

I love how genuinely kind she is. It's somewhat rare for genie characters to be benign and kind to their masters instead of twisting their wishes, but Gigi really does want to help everyone.

Poor Gigi. Having to grant horrible wishes for Howleen in Thirteen wishes. You can tell she was upset. She is very kind

She's super sweet and her voice is not annoying, even though it sounds a little bit like apple white form ever after high.

She is awesome and positive

18 Ghoulia Yelps


I am not a hater, But ghoulia is very smart and she is always into saving things.

I love Ghoulia! She's so pretty (at least prettier than everyone else) and cute

I find her annoying

19 Gillington "Gil" Webber


I hate Gil,BOO GIL

20 Catty Noir

Catty is definitely the best monster high! She is super gorgeous, sweet and convinces people to be true to their heart. She also has the best singing voice! Love you catty!

I love catty she is beautiful and she sings so beautifully. I also love lagoons but I was waiting to see Catty Noir.

Catty Noir is actually one of the most beautiful characters in my opinion as well as her gorgeous voice and creative clothing. I also really like the concept of having a black-cat character who associates with bad luck and turns it into things that make her luckier.

Catty Noir has such a voice! No wonder she is a rock star! Like me, she likes to let out her inner monster through music! Rock on Catty Noir!

21 Porter Geiss

So cool and helpful sometimes and really good at art

Porter is actually really sweet. Well I think so anyway.

He is so awesome

He deserves someone else

22 C. A. Cupid

Who's genius idea was it to move her to ever after high- posea reef is the daughter of a god too and she is not shipped off to some second rate princess school- that has completely copied monster high's structure. Cupid is an adorable girl who fit this franchise so well- so in return the heads in charge decided to ignore everyone's adoration for their favourite characters and fuel their hatred by getting rid of the most unique and inspiring monsters that made this franchise in the first place- with unrealistic, overrated bubblegum garbage that is the characters that remain. Look at the rest of the posts- most people's comments are judging the quality of the renewed version of monster high and how much it had ruined this franchise- no wonder it has been discontinued!

It's so hard to find her now. I do like rare dolls- but its impossible to find her anymore- even online. Those people were idiots to move cupid to ever after high- who even liked it anyway?

Give her a better story- not that these comments will make a difference with the creators. I think this is more for people to rant their feelings, so go ahead!

Most amazing character- completely unique and adorable

23 Catrine Demew

Catrine is one of my favorites. She is so good at art. Oh and, I appreciate people's opinions. You shouldn't be afraid to tell us who you like. Catrine is a cool accent

I love latrine she's so cool she rides on a motorcycle!

I love art I have two favorite ghouls and she is one other one (witch u probly don't care ) is venus

I care who your favorite characters are. My favorites are Venus, Abbey and Twyla

24 Elissabat

She is so beautiful. I love her style. She is awesome.

Elissabat is the best.

She is awesome.

She's the best vampire,and my favourite character in Monster High

25 Deuce Gorgon

Deuce is actually considered one of the hottest boys at the school and I agree! Deuce was one of the first characters and is very thoughtful and considerate of others!

Deuce is caring and handsome and his snakes are one of the best features on him his eyes are very beautiful. I think Deuce is the best character

Deuce is a handsome boy. He is one of my favourite boys from Monster High.
But I don't like his hair but I love him. He is better than Cleo because she is mean.

Cleo doesn't deserve him. Deuce doesn't seem into Cleo

26 Jackson Jekyll

Jacksom is by far the most relatable and for a character who barely gets used in the television series anymore, he probably has the most depth along with Holt. The character is constently bullied in school for being a human, his parents are divorced, the kid has several social issues, hell if you read his diary and pay attention to his behaviour, he shows signs of depression and anxiety. In his diary he states that when he visited his fathers the next door monsters would play kick the can, except Jackson was the can. There has never been a more relatable character in the whole series.

I HATE Jackson. He's SO ugly!

He's so adorkable and cute! By far my favorite.

27 Clawdia Wolf

I don’t like her lol

Claudia is clawdeens big sis she a writer that's what I want to do

28 Clawd Wolf

Guys... I love Clawd... I dressed up as him for a party once (and I'm a girl)

I hate Clawd because he's SO overrated. Everyone says he's so handsome and cute, but I think he's ugly and WAY over-the-top on romance!

I love how Clawd tries to be romantic but I think he should maybe go out with someone else. Draculaura is always falling in love with other guys.


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29 Toralei Stripe

I just love Toralei I have her as my facebook I love her because one of the characters says "that conniving kitty toralei." And she's a bad kitty lol

She reminds me of a stray kitten who had trouble as an infant and so will bear its claws out before it decides to trust you- and to make sure you are reliable, will seize any moment to make it harder for you to pet it. - Loza

She has a lot of room to improve as a character. She is misunderstood and had to fight her way to survive. She is someone who has flaws that can be related to. Revenge and ambition. She always plays fair, too.

I like Toralei! It might be because I relate to her because I am very full of myself and am always getting in trouble everywhere!

30 Robbeca Steam

Hate to burst you bubble, but I had a look in my Monster High collection book and Rebecca's name is spelled with a double c. NOT double b. Now that I've mentioned that, I just need to tell you that I thick Rebecca is cool character.

Notice how there is nearly a monster representing every destination. Like Robecca- she represents a steam train from England (she's even got an accent), Lagoona is a stereotype of Australians who say crikey a lot, like surfing and swimming, and sound like a bushman after a 'long tucker'. Jinafire represents Chinese religion and style- even though that is just a racial stereotype, Rochelle is a gargoyle with a French accent, French style and to top it off- has a French boyfriend who is very involved in romance. Isi dawndancer sees visions, likes to dance in a certain way, has a family that all look the same, and has many stereotypical features from her home in New mexico. like racism has been put up with enough for these guys to start with the act. Its not like you would go up to someone and say- your wearing a kimono, you must be Japanese! - Loza

Robecca is gorgeous and so nice I love that ghoul to death

She's my personal favorite.

Her steampunk style is gorgeous, her design itself is top-notch (even her irises are shaped like gears, for pete's sake! ), she can do incredible stunts, her British accent is adorable, and she has by far one of the best backstories out of any of the ghouls. I wish we saw more of her.

31 Holt Hyde

If any guy at monster high is handsome, it's definitely Holt

Him and Jackson are definitely the two best characters, and I'm so disappointed that they rarely are in stuff

Cute Guy in holt


32 River Styx

You know saying that you know about greek mythology and how it relates to this character is true- but saying that you are the only person who knows this and ''unfortunately no one else did'' is pretty snobbish. greek history is a popular topic and saying that you are the only one who knows about it is pathetic. river styx is an awesome character who deserves a higher place on this list- but not if it means the people who like it are snobby, and patronising idiots who think they are smarter than everyone.

She is the coolest ghost on monster high

The name river styxx originates from the greek mythology. it is a soul river in hade's underworld. if you try to pass the soul river the souls will drag you down, so you have to pay the grim reaper so he could take you on his boat to the other side. When I first heard of river styxx (the doll) I knew exactly what the reference meant. unfortunately I'm not sure if anyone else did.


33 Viperine Gorgon

Her snake hairs are pretty with pink and blonde

I love her style. Especially her hair.

Viperine is a nice ghoul friend and I love her hair and those snakes in her hair totally go's with her style but I wonder if she went out with Dauce.

34 Lorna McNessie Lorna McNessie

She is Cute

Its about time they make a monster with red, curly hair. I love lorna- but I'm a bit annoyed at her style choices. I don't like her in plaid. show some individuality for yourself instead of sporting your home colours nessie! Another thing, when gil helps lorna talk to her parents about her saltwater boyfriend, on the screen he looks suspiciously like finnigan wake? is that just a coincidence or has nobody noticed that they are going to the same school but haven't told anyone. - Loza

35 Moanica D'kay

She has much potential for development :D

36 Skelita Calaveras

The doll version of her is so gorgeous, I love her huge unrealistic eyes and face. I'm also sick of other people saying that they don't look realistic- they're monsters! they are not supposed to look like humans- if you want a doll that looks more like a person, buy yourself a barbie doll and stop complaining. people don't like monster high because it is like everyday life- they are weird, unrealistic, big-headed dolls, which makes them more orginal than any other form of doll that has come out in a long time. got a problem with that then get off this list- because its about the dolls you hate- and youll just put other people down - Loza

I love skelita. Sh has a beautful accent

I wish she was a sugar skeleton

Skelita is okay but all of the rest characters are amazing

37 Jinafire Long

Jinafire is a pretty in a way

She is pretty

Good. I love her

Why,Jinafire is awesome!

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38 Nefera de Nile

I really like nefera. Because of the empire music video and because of being Cleo's enemy. I know Cleo and nefera are sisters but they are each other's enemy. I like nefera more.

I like Nefera because she is bossy and sassy and Beautiful

Nefera de Nile is a decent character. Of course she is better than Cleo.

She is sooo annoying in Boo York! Boo York!

39 Kiyomi Haunterly

My favorites are Kiyomi, Rebecca Steam, and Twyla.

Kiyomi is kind and helpful to all of her new friends. She also demonstrates selflessness by protecting Draculaura and the other ghouls from detention chains.

40 Isi Dawndancer

I love her gorgeous blue hair contrasted against her huge intellectual eyes- it just fits. I want to know more about her and her story instead of rehashing garbage about the main characters we already know everything about. They created these gorgeous new characters but they deprive us of learning about them. I'm in love with her 'deer', lifelike face and her heavenly calm voice.

She is so awesome! She has a great personality and is very pretty. She has a passionate attitude and puts her family first, like when she knew she had to follow her vision, but she couldn't leave the family! I believe she is just all around great, and she has such a great fashion! I love her

I like her because I believe it's cool to be able to have visions

I like the way she dances I would totally ship her with Deuce!

41 Mouscedes King

My name is close to mouse cedes King and she is so cute

So want this doll love her character


She is sooo cute and funny! #ugottalovethemouse

42 Kieran Valentine

Pretty much the best villain in Monster High

NOOO! He is so rude to Draculaura and kinda uses Toralei even though she uses him.

43 Manny Taur
44 Gooliope Jellington

She is a super relatable character! I love her hair!

45 Avea Trotter

She is pretty cool being a centaur and everything. She is like Bonita in a way... She also didn't leave a very big impact on me therefore I can't put her very high.

She's the best centaur.

Bird and horse


46 Bonita Femur

I am tired of the usual lagoon, Frankie, clawdeen, abbey and etc. It would be cool if we could get a better look at how bonita lives her life, and maybe her other friends as well. I wish they could make more different versions of her maybe in different fashions because only a few of the newly introduced characters have gotten a few different fashions. A lot of people really liked the freaky fusions and the hybrids and I wish they could be brought back. maybe some ghoul accidently discovers the time machine and gets fused with another ghoul and uses the powers for no good so the main cast get fused together (this time on purpose) and fuse with different ghouls instead of the same ones from last time because it would be interesting to get some more ghouls to fuse like how about operetta and abbey? wouldn't that be cool? or how about Frankie getting fused this time with viperine or lagoona or something else besides the main characters god save me I'm drowning in the same old mh ...more

To me Bonita is way too bland and does not stand out. She seems sweet and I have nothing against her. She is just not that important of a character to me. Her wings are kinda cool though.

Bonita is so funny because shes scared of a lot of things shes pretty and her mums a different to her dad I think she is cool

I love her wings

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47 Honey Swamp

I love taking photos and she would be just like me


48 Crescent

Clawdeen's pet is so adorable

49 Elle Eeedee

Boo York's hottest robot in the city!

Am I the only one who likes her not because look?

Why doesn't a lot of people like her?!

I just love the doll sculpt

50 Amanita Nightshade

I like Amanita Nightshade because:

. She's beautiful
. We can relate
. She loves nature

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