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21 Clawdia Wolf

Claudia is clawdeens big sis she a writer that's what I want to do

22 Deuce Gorgon

Deuce is actually considered one of the hottest boys at the school and I agree! Deuce was one of the first characters and is very thoughtful and considerate of others!

Deuce is caring and handsome and his snakes are one of the best features on him his eyes are very beautiful. I think Deuce is the best character

Deuce is a handsome boy. He is one of my favourite boys from Monster High.
But I don't like his hair but I love him. He is better than Cleo because she is mean.

I don't understnad why everyone loves deuce and clawd. The best and handsomest boy is obviously Holt.

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23 Robbeca Steam

Robbeca is awesome she is one of my favorite

She's my personal favorite.

Her steampunk style is gorgeous, her design itself is top-notch (even her irises are shaped like gears, for pete's sake! ), she can do incredible stunts, her British accent is adorable, and she has by far one of the best backstories out of any of the ghouls. I wish we saw more of her.

Robbeca Steam is such a helpful ghoul and I love her style.

Love the design

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24 Toralei Stripe

I like toralei, because of her style but not her personality because she is always into trouble.

I love Toralei she should take over as Frankie. Move over Frankie Toralei is way better than you

I like Toralei! It might be because I relate to her because I am very full of myself and am always getting in trouble everywhere!

Toralei is the best monster. But why she is always in trouble?

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25 Catrine Demew

Catrine is one of my favorites. She is so good at art. Oh and, I appreciate people's opinions. You shouldn't be afraid to tell us who you like. Catrine is a cool accent

I love latrine she's so cool she rides on a motorcycle!

I love art I have two favorite ghouls and she is one other one (witch u probly don't care ) is venus

One of my personal favourites. He r hair is gorgeous

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26 River Styx

She is the coolest ghost on monster high

The name river styxx originates from the greek mythology. it is a soul river in hade's underworld. if you try to pass the soul river the souls will drag you down, so you have to pay the grim reaper so he could take you on his boat to the other side. When I first heard of river styxx (the doll) I knew exactly what the reference meant. unfortunately I'm not sure if anyone else did.

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27 Lorna McNessie Lorna McNessie V 1 Comment
28 Viperine Gorgon

Her snake hairs are pretty with pink and blonde

I love her style. Especially her hair.

Viperine is a nice ghoul friend and I love her hair and those snakes in her hair totally go's with her style but I wonder if she went out with Dauce.

29 Jackson Jekyll

Jacksom is by far the most relatable and for a character who barely gets used in the television series anymore, he probably has the most depth along with Holt. The character is constently bullied in school for being a human, his parents are divorced, the kid has several social issues, hell if you read his diary and pay attention to his behaviour, he shows signs of depression and anxiety. In his diary he states that when he visited his fathers the next door monsters would play kick the can, except Jackson was the can. There has never been a more relatable character in the whole series.

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30 C. A. Cupid

C.A.Cupid is my sister's favourite character in Monster High

She is still pretty and beautiful its just that I love pink like her hair is

C.A.Cupid is my little sister's favourite character in Monster High

Vote her!

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31 Kieran Valentine

Pretty much the best villain in Monster High

NOOO! He is so rude to Draculaura and kinda uses Toralei even though she uses him.

32 Gooliope Jellington

She is a super relatable character! I love her hair!

33 Jinafire Long

Jinafire is a pretty in a way

Good. I love her

She is pretty

Jinafire is one of my favorite Monster High dolls she is on fire LOL :-)

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34 Nefera de Nile

I really like nefera. Because of the empire music video and because of being Cleo's enemy. I know Cleo and nefera are sisters but they are each other's enemy. I like nefera more.

I like Nefera because she is bossy and sassy and Beautiful

Nefera de Nile is a decent character. Of course she is better than Cleo.

I love Nefera and I don't understand why people don't like her! I guess it's because she is like me! A classic evil big sister who will do anything in her power to make her younger sister's life miserable.

P.S. I have a little brother not a sister!

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35 Avea Trotter

She is pretty cool being a centaur and everything. She is like Bonita in a way... She also didn't leave a very big impact on me therefore I can't put her very high.

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36 Bonita Femur

I am tired of the usual lagoon, Frankie, clawdeen, abbey and etc. It would be cool if we could get a better look at how bonita lives her life, and maybe her other friends as well. I wish they could make more different versions of her maybe in different fashions because only a few of the newly introduced characters have gotten a few different fashions. A lot of people really liked the freaky fusions and the hybrids and I wish they could be brought back. maybe some ghoul accidently discovers the time machine and gets fused with another ghoul and uses the powers for no good so the main cast get fused together (this time on purpose) and fuse with different ghouls instead of the same ones from last time because it would be interesting to get some more ghouls to fuse like how about operetta and abbey? wouldn't that be cool? or how about Frankie getting fused this time with viperine or lagoona or something else besides the main characters god save me I'm drowning in the same old mh ...more

To me Bonita is way too bland and does not stand out. She seems sweet and I have nothing against her. She is just not that important of a character to me. Her wings are kinda cool though.

Bonita is so funny because shes scared of a lot of things shes pretty and her mums a different to her dad I think she is cool

I hate Bonita! She should not be on this list

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37 Skelita Calaveras

Skelita is okay but all of the rest characters are amazing

Skelita has the most beautifull face. additionally I love that all the doll has diferenst makeup

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38 Kiyomi Haunterly

Kiyomi is kind and helpful to all of her new friends. She also demonstrates selflessness by protecting Draculaura and the other ghouls from detention chains.

39 Holt Hyde

If any guy at monster high is handsome, it's definitely Holt

Cute Guy in holt


I think Holt is ugly in 2D but in 3D definitely the handsomest!

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40 Crescent V 1 Comment
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