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41 Manny Taur
42 Amanita Nightshade
43 Gooliope Jellington
44 Nefera de Nile

I really like nefera. Because of the empire music video and because of being Cleo's enemy. I know Cleo and nefera are sisters but they are each other's enemy. I like nefera more.

I like Nefera because she is bossy and sassy and Beautiful

Nefera de Nile is a decent character. Of course she is better than Cleo.

I love Nefera and I don't understand why people don't like her! I guess it's because she is like me! A classic evil big sister who will do anything in her power to make her younger sister's life miserable.

P.S. I have a little brother not a sister!

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45 Honey Swamp V 1 Comment
46 Jane Boolittle

She is beautiful and nice and funny and fun to hand around

47 Dracula
48 Luna Mothews

I love Luna cause she's a singer, actor, and dancer! She would do anything to help her friends and has big dreams! Plus her hairstyle is too cute!

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49 Watzit V 1 Comment
50 Purrsephone

I love cats and there pretty like me and cute I love them sooo much

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51 Meowlody V 2 Comments
52 Headmistress Bloodgood

Headmistress Bloodgood is my favvoriye because she can take off her head and also because, I'm bosy like her I guess, also I waish bloodgood would be more in the monster movies seen as it is her school.

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53 Holt Hyde

If any guy at monster high is handsome, it's definitely Holt

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54 Hissette V 1 Comment
55 Neptuna V 2 Comments
56 Gillington "Gil" Webber V 2 Comments
57 Finnegan Wake (Rider)

A merman in a wheelchair who has a tattoo, performs daredevil stunts, is an adrenaline junkie, is understanding and friendly to other monsters (even those who come across as rude due to insensitivity about his condition), and doesn't let things get him down? There are no words for how awesome he is! He's like the Kamina of Monster High; all he really needs are the triangle shades.

58 Gilda Goldstag V 2 Comments
59 Kjersti Trollson

She loves video games! That's all I need to tell you. *Drops Microphone*

60 Batsy Claro V 4 Comments
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