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61 Kjersti Trollson

She loves video games! That's all I need to tell you. *Drops Microphone*

62 Batsy Claro V 4 Comments
63 Marisol Coxi

I hate her. She ruins the point of Abbey.

She is wise and beautiful and teaches others about inner beauty

Marisol must be at least in no.3-5 because she is a beautiful ghoul from picchu and she is also Abbey sister,they r both full of fun..liv her

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64 Ari Hauntington
65 Gory Fangtell
66 Frets Quartzmane
67 Hoodude
68 Iris Clops
69 Kala Mer'ri
70 Posea Reef
71 Wydowna Spider
72 Astranova
73 Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch V 1 Comment
74 Zomby Gaga
75 Boo-Lu Cerone
76 Heath Burns

It would be better without him but he brings comedy

I think Heath is hilarious and that he and Abbey make an adorable couple! I absolutely HATE IT when people ship Jen and Heath and not HABBEY! KNOCK IT OFF!

Heath's voice acter is the same guy who voiced shaggy from Scooby doo don't you think?

Abbey and Heath for life
Jinafire came LATER PEOPLE!
Abbey's been there and he was into her first, he was just stoic about it...

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