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1 Draculaura and Clawd

They look so cute together.

Power Couple Of Monster High!

They're so cute together!

They are the Cutest couple ever! Why do vampiers and werewolves have to be enemies? Draculaura and Clawd should set an example.

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2 Frankie and Jackson

So cute to get good couples for T.V. show ep
Name Frankie and Jackson love you

3 Cleo and Deuce

They are so cute together! She's his queen and I would claw my eyes out if they ever broke up permanently.

I love them! Not only are they my two favorite monster species, but also, they share my love for music, and they are just SO cute together!

They're the best because even though they're totally different from each other they still love each other


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4 Rochelle and Garett

Should be number 1! Cutest ever.

Rochelle and Garett are the most romantic couple on monster high! I like the way those two found each other on the movie scaris.

Rochelle and Garett are the most romantic couple on monster high! I like how they found each other on the movie scaris.

5 Invisibilly and Spectra

I think Spectra and Porter are a better couple

Not tryin to be rude here but invisible billy is scarah's boy not spetra's

6 C.A.Cupid and Valentine

I solute looove the idea of this couple

Um no

7 Porter and Spectra

I just find these two really cute together, and the way Porter has a soft spot for her. I was smiling every scene they had together.

By far the cutest couple in monster high

So cute together. Spectra is clam and Porter is crazy. They are a perfect dueo


8 Gory and Bram
9 Abbey and Heath

Love the couple. Hate the ship. Here's the thing: the one and ONLY reason I love this couple is because of their awesome relationship. The reason this couple's the best is because they're not sure if they like each other or not! And I want to keep it that way. Shipping them like they're in LOVE will make them less unique. They will not kiss. They will NEVER marry. And we should keep it that way.

People just think what they think because Heath likes Abbey. Abbey doesn't like him back, at least not that much. I know how they're "opposites" or whatever and "opposites attract" but nobody's really considering Abbey's personality when they comment these things. If Abbey were in charge of The Top Tens, she would delete all these comments right away. - Awesome_Me

I HATE Abbey and Heath together. The only time I really liked them was in Ghouls Rule! That was pretty awesome. But if they kiss, I'm never watching Monster High EVER again! - Awesome_Me

Don't get me wrong. I don't HATE the "couple" but I DO DEFINITELY hate the ship. Their relationship is the BEST and I would leave it right there and never change it. but you people ship them like Draculaura and Clawd and think they were "meant to be together". - monsterhighfan

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10 Holt and Operetta

I ship holt and Frankie. He even gives her the nickname Frankie Fine, which is so adorable. He likes her, and I have a feeling she has feelings for him too

Operetta and Johnny spirt should be together.

What no it should be operetta and Johnny spirt holt is for frankie

I looove holt and operetta together! They so cute!

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11 Manny Taur and Iris Clops

Manny taur and iris clops belonged together

They r the real power couple of monster high

My best friend's dating a cyclops? CLAWESOME!

They're so cute togetheršŸ˜Š

12 Vampire Boy and Clawleen

His name is Thad.

Rember when Dracular tries to find someone for Clawleen. We'll remember when Clawleen star s having a crush on a vampire when he comes up to her at a party.

13 Gil and Lagoona

They are the cutest. I love how Lagoona always calms Gil down.

14 Catty Noir and Pharaoh/Seth
15 Neighthan and Frankie

Okay this ship is sailing as we saw in Freaky Fusion. Shipping Frankie with Jackson/Holt would be weird considering Jackson might have feelings for the normie Clair cause they kissed in Ghouls Rule.


16 Robecca and Hoodude

No hoodude and ellissbat not robecca ew

17 Frankie and Holt

Holt is my favorite boy to be with Frankie! I think they're perfect together

This couple is my favourite couple of them all they are just so cute also if u say Jackson and frankie isn't the same with frankie and holt because Se hold and Jackson is the same person.


18 Frankie and Andy

I like them. A lot.

19 Scarah and Invisi-Billy
20 Catty and Manny-Taur
21 Jawcob Chase and Toralei Stripe

Toralei and Jawcob will be such a cute couple!

22 Rochelle and Invisi Billy

Both of them are shy and both of them can read each others's minds without speaking to each other - RaineElizaHender

Both of them shy and they head each others's minds

He's just so sweet to her when Rochelle is insecure, I ship it, >w<

23 Rochelle and Deuce
24 Clawdeen and Raythe
25 Elissabat and Hoodude

Ok they are perfect for each other maybe twyla and hoodude could be something too because hoodude is in new salem and elissabat is in hauntly wood

26 Clawdeen and Holt

Lets use our imagination and put these hot monsters together...I think they'll be the perfect couple!

27 Finnegan Wake and Sirena Von Boo

They are adorable together AW

Any one think theyll be perfect I do

28 Rocco and Catrine
29 Toralei Stripe and Gory

They are so similar I know gory has a boyfriend but oh well its an opinion. also they are both mean girls.

30 Ghoulia and Slo Mo

Cute zombie couple! They can just take it slow litterally. I think they could really go at the right pace I mean I know a lot of people like to have different monster mix and match but zombies are just different.

31 Garrott Duroque and Clawdeen Wolf
32 Heath and Jinafire
33 Toralei and Gary
34 Gigi and Finnegan
35 Twyla and Hoodude

Twyla is a lil shy but I think hoodude would be perfect for her as she says she likes monster for his porsonality and heart on by looks. looks don't make the monster because hoodude is not like a lot of monsters he is unique twyla+hoodude= love monsters

36 Jacob and Toralei
37 Manny Taur and Staci Clemmens
38 Kieran Valentine and Draculaura

Kieran and draculaura are kinda cute. both vampires. they are ex couple but they should be together. also draculara is really pretty and kieran is really cute :D

39 Heath and Abbey
40 Vandala Doubloons and Porter Geiss

I just think these two would work well together.

41 Toralei and Operetta
42 Twyla and Invisi Billy

I mean in the episode in plain fright Katty Noir tries to get away from her fans chasing her so she walks into a door and it's the disappearing club and it's just Twyla and Invisa Billy they can both diasapear and they look so cute none of the guys go for Twyla just because she's not popular but it's unfair she is really nice

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