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1 Monster High: Ghouls Rule

This one's my favorite. It shows a ton of the characters and really gets you to know them and their relationships with each other. There are also SO many awesome Abbey moments! - Awesome_Me

2 Monster High: Haunted

I love how Frankie makes a 1-minute appearance and never comes out again until the end! Also, the ghost characters are totally cool

There is a couple of reasons this movie is favourite,
-Frankie is barley in this.
-Spectra is basically the main character.
-We get a little look into Spectra's past.

3 Monster High: 13 Wishes

Why is cleo so mean in this? I thought she was a good guy!

4 Monster High: Boo York, Boo York

I like this movie EXCEPT for that stupid Deuce and Cleo song! They had voices that sounded completely different from their normal voices and it would have been more dramatic if it wasn't a song. But I LOVED the movie so much and it's the kind of movie that makes you kinda depressed at the end, if you know what I mean.

Amazing singing! Also centered on a none main character. Catty Noir totally rocked the spotlights! This and Scaris, Ghouls Rule, and Haunted tie for 1.

5 Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

I love how my favorite character, Clawdeen comes out so many times in this and it is even at the point of view of her! I wish they would make more Clawdeen movies

6 Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights
7 Monster High: Friday Night Frights

Why didn't they put Abbey on the final team? They really should have! She has the best powers out of everyone and deserves some more attention. At least she came out in the movie.

I hate this. Clawd is sexist, annoying, and stupid. And Frankie doesn't deserve to be on the team. only abbey clawdeen and lagoona do. and this stereotypes girls. Not all girls are dumb like frankie stein.

8 Monster High: Escape From Skull Shores
9 Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Valentine definitely an interesting character

10 Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!

The Contenders

11 Monster High: Welcome to Monster High

I HATE this movie with all my heart. It goes against EVERYTHING else about Monster High. Also, the characters are SUPER ugly. And mostly, WHY DOES IT STAR FRANKIE?!?!?! - Awesome_Me

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