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1 Monster High: Ghouls Rule

This is the best movie hands down. Probably the only time where I actually like frankie

My favourite MH film so far

Io like this movie because it shows a good message

This one's my favorite. It shows a ton of the characters and really gets you to know them and their relationships with each other. There are also SO many awesome Abbey moments! - Awesome_Me

2 Monster High: Haunted

Ok frankie is barely here which is amazing, spectra DOES SOMETHING and she became one of my favorites along with abbie draculaura twyla and robecca

I love how Frankie makes a 1-minute appearance and never comes out again until the end! Also, the ghost characters are totally cool

There is a couple of reasons this movie is favourite,
-Frankie is barley in this.
-Spectra is basically the main character.
-We get a little look into Spectra's past.

3 Monster High: Boo York, Boo York

Best Movie ever

I love this movie the best but there's one thing that actually make me feel bored ok I of course love the boo york song from Catty Noir and pharaoh but I think that song come out to much but this movie is my far favorite

I LOVE THIS MOVIE,had a bunch of great songs but my favorite would have to be "Boo York Boo York" Sung by Pharaoh and Catty Noir

How is this only 4th? All the songs are amazing and are even better than most of the crap they play on the radio! Not to mention, it doesn't star Frankie! Catty Noir's voice makes me so jealous! Not to mention, we get a sneak peek of Nefera and Cleo's family that is way more main than the other movies. Go Cleo! This movie was so good and by far my favorite movie of all time. The music is so well written, it rivals Hamilton for such a usually cheesy line. I am so proud of Monster high. When I heard they were making a musical, I was ready to cover my ears. Catty is amazing, and so are all the ghouls! This was such a deep and meaningful movie that drew me back to Monster High after I started drifting away. Sadly, Monster high went downhill after that.

4 Monster High: 13 Wishes

I love this movie, but I don't like portrayal of Cleo in this.

Why is cleo so mean in this? I thought she was a good guy!

5 Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

This is probably the best movies focusing on mermaids.

I love how my favorite character, Clawdeen comes out so many times in this and it is even at the point of view of her! I wish they would make more Clawdeen movies

6 Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights

Best one ever! It has the more drawn out and involved storyline. It actually feels like a movie.

7 Monster High: Friday Night Frights

Why didn't they put Abbey on the final team? They really should have! She has the best powers out of everyone and deserves some more attention. At least she came out in the movie.

I hate this. Clawd is sexist, annoying, and stupid. And Frankie doesn't deserve to be on the team. only abbey clawdeen and lagoona do. and this stereotypes girls. Not all girls are dumb like frankie stein.

8 Monster High: Escape From Skull Shores
9 Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

It's amazing movie

A simple story can sometimes be better and more fleshed out. It gives you the "high school' feel throughout the whole thing and doesn't try to make itself too confusing in regards to plot holes, etc. this is the most "Monster High" out of them all that perfectly captures the doll line. Also, whats with the Frankie hate on here? She's the best character.

Valentine definitely an interesting character

This is one of my favorites. 💕

10 Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!

I never get bored of Hollywood movies

Love this movie

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11 Monster High: Freaky Fusion

I love this movie!

I Think Frankie Is Probably My Well One Of My Favorite Character

12 Monster High: Fright On!

They're all cartoon ya idiot.

Ok so it's mostly a cartoon I still like it

13 Monster High: Welcome to Monster High

I HATE this movie with all my heart. It goes against EVERYTHING else about Monster High. Also, the characters are SUPER ugly. And mostly, WHY DOES IT STAR FRANKIE?!?!?! - Awesome_Me

Way too Wonderland is much better than this movie!


Better Transformations than Winx Club
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Different but Awesome Outfits

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Apple looks like a milkshake
Madeline looks like a teapot
Briar looks like a rose
Kitty looks like cat stripes
Raven looks like a bird princess
Lizzie looks like a queen card

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