Top Ten Best Monster Hunter Flagship Monsters

A list on the best flagship monsters in all of the Monster Hunter games. A flagship monster is a monster that is the mascot of that game, main goal a Hunter works towards and an overall big part in the story and game objective. Which one is your favourite.

The Top Ten

1 Gore Magala/MH4U

This is absolutely the coolest monster, amazing mechanics and great art design edge out the competition

Gore is easily the best representative of a monster hunter game. Being that the game he stared in was my first monster hunter game, he easily became my favorite due to his awesome fighting style, unique way to weaken you and looks. He is the main focus of 4U's story, so he has to be created for the challenge, and capcom succeeded. If you need to know why he's #1, look him up on images. There's your answer

Intimidating, powerful, an interesting fight with unique mechanics and very well done build-up and story integration, Gore Magala does everything right. Much better than any of the previous flagships, in my opinion.

One of the developers favourite monsters. Spread the mysterious frenzy virus, looks awesome and intimidating and a brutal fight (at least for newcomers). - Erikelelf

2 Tigrex/MHF2/MHFU

You have to face it in Mhf2 to understand why he is the best flagship monster, simple words can't describe the thrill of that hunt.

No word can describe the feeling of landing the final blow on the Tigrex. It almost kills you in the intro to the game, threatens you in a few quests then when the time for the battle with your rival finally comes... you will probably be destroyed. Again and again. It feels impossible at first but you start to learn using the environment to your advantage, memorising it's attack patterns and finding a way to dodge it's merciless charging. This monster is merciless, he doesn't give you a second to rest and a built up rivalry all make you feel like a God when you finish it and make it into a helmet. - Erikelelf

The king of the beasts. It is in so many games and it deserves them all. It is the king of the flagship monsters. ALL HAIL THE TIGREX!

Is this really a question it's the hardest And as a dark souls fan it's hard to get fair challenge fights

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3 Zinogre/MH3U/MHP3

Electric doggo of sick flips is my main man. I would put gore magala as a close second because he is my spirit animal.

Zinogre and its subspecies are the only species of Fanged Wyvern, so they are very unique both in move sets and designs.

Super. Saiyan. Electric. Wolf. That is all. - Erikelelf

It's a luxray but stronger

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4 Nargacuga/MHFU

Badass design, extremely difficult and a good expanse of what a monster with Tigrex's body shape could do. - Erikelelf

Best monster in terms of fun, disign, dynamics and rewards. It sure ain't an elder dragon but it's the most fun foe to battle.

5 Brachydios/MH3U/MHP3

A monster that literally punches explosions using explosive goo. What's not to love. It's equipment is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered though. - Erikelelf

6 Lagiacrus/MH3 Tri

Favorite and bad@ss design and fighting skills in the water

What monster looks cool and introduces water combat? Lagiacrus and it is the best underwater monster. The buildup makes it even more of a relief and a huge happiness when you finally kill it for the first time

Introduced water combat and was pretty cool looking but I don't get the same special feeling like I do with other Flagship Monsters. It just felt like another monster to slay. - Erikelelf

I think that all the flagship monsters are amazing, they’re all very awesome and creative in their own right and all very formidable monsters. But I think that the Lagiacrus did the best job of representing its respective game, with Tri introducing underwater combat. Not only did it look cool and feel fun to fight, but it did a better job than any other of being intimidating and challenging. He truly felt like a Lord of the Seas when fighting him underwater, and his speed, grace and aggression let you know that you were playing by HIS rules. I don’t care what new moves they try to give him, he’lol never again reach his former glory without underwater combat.

7 Kushala Daora/MHFU/MHF2

Although barely known as a Flagship Monster it is a metallic dragon. Yes, A METALLIC DRAGON. So badass going near it makes you fall over from the strength of the wind produced by it's wings. This monster proved that size wasn't everything to some of the previous hulking Elder Dragons. - Erikelelf

By far the best elder dragon, best flagship and my second favorite monster so yeah

What's cooler than a Metal Plated Dragon that controls storms?

That's right, I didn't think so.

8 Rathalos/Rathian/MHF

THE flagship monster for the Monster Hunter series. The Raths tie the games together in a way that no other monster can hope to do. But I will say that as a veteran monster hunter, I am biased in favor of the Fire Wyverns. I just wish Capcom would put more effort into integrating them a storyline for once. The wyvern is fantastic, but the producers are jerks.

Basically the one that ties all the games together. Monster Hunter just isn't Monster Hunter without the Rathalos.

Brilliant Monsters however although they laid the foundation they didn't expand upon it. - Erikelelf

9 Seregios/MH4U

I like the Seregios because it has an wild and cool look, fast, and somewhat hard to beat. it goes in the the top for me because it is one of the only invasion monsters in the flagships besides Rathalos.

Cool design but it has no build up and the first time you encounter it is stupid. OH NO A SEREGIOS! Force abandon quest. Well, that sucked but I guess he'll stalk me next few quests like Deviljho until the final battle with it. Oh hey, you know that Seregios I said was too badass to beat? Yeah could you go hunt it right now? >_< Not only that but the fight is painfully easy (at least for me). - Erikelelf

10 Glavenus

Grimlock in monster hunter but more badass

A dinosaur with a 15 foot ignitable tail. Tell me what is better besides the Tigrex.

Oh look that monster, it's so cooOOH MY GOD HOW HE CAN BE ABLE TO JUMP SO HIGH?!?

The Contenders

11 Valstrax
12 Azure Rathalos/MH3U

It's been here since the first game, it's a subspecies and there is pretty much NO build up. Japan got the MUCH cooler Brachydios. - Erikelelf

13 Nergigante/MHW

The build up for nerg and his fight is a long one to come in World's story, but it is a fun first time fight when you have to learn his fight pattern and his ability. Though before some updates, he was the second wall for people (first being the first anja for most) and gratefully so in my opinion. Though he changed with the updates and now is honestly easy if you know what you're doing. His concept being the eater of elder dragons is neat but what am I to fear when I could just bash his face in with a hammer. Cool battle theme though.

14 Tamamitsune

This monster can move preety agile, and have a beautiful design

15 Deviljho

I love Deviljho because of how it like it was made by a child (in a good way)
seriously, mix a T-rex w/ a pickle and give it laser breath and a serious underbite, BAM, Deviljho
It is also a reflection of our voracious appetite, it eats its own tail for crying out loud!
what's not to love?

16 Raizex

Cool fight, but where do I get the feeling this monster ripped off seregios?

17 Gammoth
18 Rajang

"The ultimate monkey monster"

19 Great Jagras

Best monster of all time, Arch tempered fight very hard

20 Amatsu

Ma wind boi

21 Plesioth

He is the god of hip checks

22 Gigginox

I enjoy the gigginox b/c it actually taught me to observe my surroundings and be very careful with my antidotes. Also, I actually like Gig's design, plus the bio-luminescent highlights on the head and tail are pretty cool. Also, his armor, in terms of design, reminds me a lot of Assassin's Creed. Anybody else get that vibe?

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