Top Ten Best Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Weapon Types

A list of the best weapon types in MHFU. It usually depends on preference so it will be fun to see what gets number 1 and last place.

The Top Ten

1 Long Swords

Fast and light like the Dual Swords except have more reach and instead of going into frenzy mode sacrificing stamina, you get an attack boost after dealing enough attack dmg. - Erikelelf

2 Dual Swords/Blades

Speedy attack damage, devastating and satisfying demon mode and it's small weight makes you really fast and makes it much easier to dodge enemy attacks. Very easy to use as well. - Erikelelf

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3 Bows

Great range for the players who like to stay as far as possible from monsters. Even better in multiplayer and I find them easy to use because unlike Bowguns, they use coating instead of much more complicated ammo. - Erikelelf

4 Bowguns

Another great range weapon however unlike the Bow it is less versatile, uses complicated ammo and is harder to aim with. - Erikelelf

5 Hunting Horns

Although more useful in Multiplayer, I find Hunting Horns to be great in singleplayer too. It is not easy to learn though the buffs and high dmg are very good. I also find they have the best designs from bongo drums to a literal Basarios Rock Guitar. - Erikelelf

6 Sword and Shield

Fast and similar to the dual swords however I rarely find myself blocking and often dodge roll instead which is why I prefer Dual Swords. - Erikelelf

7 Hammer

Just seems to me like a slightly more powerful hunting horn with the buff songs taken away. Raw power and charging can be devastating though. - Erikelelf

8 Great Swords

I don't like them because of how heavy and slow they are which makes it hard to dodge though the charge attacks can deal a massive chunk of dmg. - Erikelelf

9 Gunlance

Like the lance except with a cool explosive gun on the end. - Erikelelf

10 Lance

Makes you a tank however is unable to block some attacks like jumps or enemies coming out from underground and just makes the combat way to slow and hard for me. - Erikelelf

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