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Skullkid755 Have you been watching the news lately? If you have, you know about Hurricane Mathew, a massive weather system which made contact with my state, North Carolina, over the weekend. It flooded houses and farms, along with roads and plenty of places which were lower than other parts of North Carolina. There are people who drove while it was storming and ended up getting into a car wreck with several injuries. Did I forget to tell you it caused several people to lose electricity in their homes. When my house finally turned back on, I instantly plugged in everything I unplugged including my tablet to charge it, since it has the worst battery power I've seen. Since my laptop is fully charged now and is also the go to device for this website, I'll be reviewing my favorite Nintendo 3DS game today. That game is Monster Hunter 4, by Capcom. The intro for this review is over, and now time to get to the review itself. 3,2,1 REVIEW!!!

Monster Hunter 4 has many pros and some cons. I'll go over both of those in this review. I have thought about waiting longer to review this, since I probably am not 25% done with the game. Who cares though? I believe that all the hours I've put into this game is enough for me to give the game a review.

The first thing I'd like to go over is the graphics, which are outstanding. If I can, I'll post an image of the game in this post to show you all how great the environments look. These graphics are highly detailed, clear, and you can tell stuff apart easily. The grassy areas look great, the watery areas look great, the snowy areas look cool, if it's rocky it's scenery rocks. If it is volcanic, it could even be considered hot. It may not compete with Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and Alien-ware in the graphics category, but it's still one of the best looking 3ds games. On a technical level, meh. It's art direction makes up for it though. The frame-rate are also very smooth, and one more thing, the monsters look like something to fight instead of something to train with.

Time to talk about the sound. The songs were meh. I barely paid attention to any of them, and I didn't care for it. But the other sounds though, let me say this. The cries of the monsters, the noises of running, jumping, and climbing, to the stabbing sound effect when you mount a monster add up to increase the immersion of the experience greatly, despite the world being broken up into sections cut off from each-other. I guess that does prevent a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper loooooooooooong loading screen from being part of the package, and also prevents the need for an installation cartridge (Grand Theft Auto V, I like you, but hate your cops, and that both of those are part of you). The sound itself makes up for the mediocre music by making you feel like you're in a world where you're beating the crap out of monsters over three times your size.

Now, for the characters. You have a good amount of character customization. You can get a variety of clothes, voices, eyes, and haircuts and other choices of physical attributes to give your character. The HeadWiskress and your first Palicoe are also good and cute additions. The Caravaneer is great too. The characters were pretty good and above average with good personalities.

For the plot, I have to say, I didn't expect much from a game about hunting monsters. I haven't gone super far into the main story-line yet, but what I have played of it it's mediocre. I wasn't very interested in what was going on in the games universe. It felt like the creators chose action over plot, which is a good choice, but it made the plot mediocre. Maybe it will get better as it goes, but the "I will be the best monster hunter, and will defeat a rare monster" goal is meh to me.

So, now for some cons before I go over the best thing about the game. In the beginning, you go through multiple tutorials that if you don't know how to skip, there's no help for you, well, except for what told to you in the tutorials. They don't last long though. But they are tedious as hell. Another con is that the sections of the world are cut off from each-other so you don't see another section until you go into it.Fishing quests. You know what, how about some pros that fit into the "other" category.

Doesn't hold your hand after tutorial. Good names for monsters. Variety of items. Don't grind all of the time. Exploration. Variety of monsters. Different weapons. A large quantity of quests that vary. Not unfair. Don't actually level up, but you do level up your gear. Palicoes are a good addition. Met people's expectations. Known as best of the series. Best 3DS game. I think I've done enough for the final category, ACTION!!!

The best thing about this game is, well, the combat! You fight mostly gigantic beasts that are challenging, but not unfair. You can go alone or team up with others, online or locally. With friends or strangers. The weapons have good variety. By variety I mean button mashing to use Dual Blades, Jump and Hit for the Insect Glaive, Run and Gun for Bow and Arrow, Stab and Block for the Sword and Shield. My favorite weapon is the Insect Glaive. You can mount monsters and jump to high areas while also dodging attacks using the pole vault. By using the Kinsect, you can extract health and stamina and other stuff from monsters. It does plenty of damaged while allowing for good mobility. Mounting is when you get on the back of a monster and attacking while you're on it. The monster can throw you off or you can greatly weaken the monster this way. The combat is hard, but fun. Challenging, and rewarding. Every kill you perform on a monster makes you feel like a "game god". This game is like Shadow of the Colossus but with more monsters and everything else. The challenging battles with massive monsters which reward you greatly for winning are my favorite thing about the game. Who doesn't like to kill sociopaths over three times your size? Who doesn't?

My favorite 3DS game is Monster Hunter 4. It has good sound effects, characters, and a decent plot. The Palicoes help you out and are good characters for the game, and also add comic relief. It holds your hand and then quits holding your hand. But the battles, with big beasts, make this, my favorite game, on one of my favorite consoles. I love Monster Hunter 4, and I am sure I always will. I give it a 98/100 and I hope you 3DS owners play it in the near future. The cost is worth it. I am done reviewing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and I hope you enjoyed this review.


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