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Vote for you favorite monster in the Monster Hunter series of video games. Your decision can be based on things like coolest looking, most fun to battle, hardest to battle. Also please comment why you chose it.
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1 Alatreon

The Alatreon is the most powerful monster of any monster hunter game and is the most powerful of all elder dragons, in other words, since the elder dragons are the big bosses of the monster hunter series, and there to test your limits, and since he's the final boss of monster hunter tri and him being the most powerful of every single monster in the monster hunter universe, that makes him, quite literally, the final boss of of the final bosses and final boss of his own species(being elder dragon)... think about it... that's pretty damn dope

Blazing black dragons, so named for resembling both lightning and darkness. They mercilessly tear apart whoever touches their sharp scales. Elementally unstable, their actions can affect the very weather. Living natural disasters.

Incredibly powerful, looks like a true elder dragon, and has the ability to use multiple elements. Truly an epic creature.

Just imagine Avatar, but Monster Hunter version.

2 Zinogre

He is one of the easier monsters in the games compared to say elder dragons, but he still can give a good fight even if you have great gear. I personally feel that the fight is just the most fun out of all the monster. It also is always on the ground giving you a good chance to attack it. This is one of the few problems I have with rathalos and rathian.

One of the most unique (yet cool-looking) designs in mh compared to the usual wings and tail (dragon/wyvern) template used in a lot of monsters in the franchise.

A fun a hell fight that really keeps you on your toes and on top of that and amazing theme

Oh hell yeah zinogre is so cool. his fight in my opinion is the most fun

3 Brachydios

It's truly a beast and looks amazing in every way and the perk given from its armor allows you to become stronger, as the beast you fight become stronger, all in all its beauty, explosive, and high-damage attacks, and coloration design make for what I think, is the best of all "normal" monsters.

Brute wyverns coated with an explosive green substance. The material is thought to be a unique myxomycete--or slime mold--that is primed to explode by the Brachydios's own saliva. Note that these crafty creatures can also deliver powerful foreleg strikes.

Angry monster that not only punches people, but puts explosives on them. Very cool

Have you seen it's Kinship Move?

4 Rathalos

A kind and compassionate monster that spews out raging balls of fire to provide warmth to orphans and kittens, so they don't die in the cold of winter.

King of the skies and the Emblem of monster hunter. It has been in every monster hunter game since 2004

Flag ship monster and after the redesign it looks really cool

It's the almighty king of the skies.

5 Shagaru Magala

Shagaru Magala was a big obstacle but also a big milestone in my Monster Hunter experience. As the first Elder Dragon I ever fought in my time playing Monster Hunter, this golden dragon was the most defining of all monsters I ever hunted, even when it took less time than fighting Gore Magala. The transformation you see, the tone of the battle, it's unique threat to the MH universe with the frenzy virus, and it's enjoyable battle even after the fifth time in a row set it apart from creatures like Zinogre, Nerscylla, and newcomers like Nergigante and Zorah. Also, in my personal opinion, if I could have any creature from Monster Hunter to be my pet, I would choose Shagaru Magala every time. Both with design and personal experience, no creature from the series can knock this golden god out of my favorite spot.

Being the final boss of the main story of 4U, and being the final boss of the first legit story in MH, this guy was built up for so long, and had an insanely satisfying battle. This thing is a god. No, seriously. It was named after a god because of its power. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.

The battle had both epic tone and excellent mechanics. His attacks are diverse and satisfying to overcome. And he looks absolutely amazing

It's so unique! There is no need to explain why it deserves this place. The dark frenzy virus, the majestic but also badass design, the power!

6 Lagiacrus

His design is one of the best in Monster Hunter series and in MH3U his underwater fight is the best

I love him, his armor and design is cool and the fight is easy yet challenging at the same time.

Lightning crocodile monster type thing I guess but it is very cool

One of the coolest monster hunter designs I have seen

7 Nargacuga

A dragon that looks like it have Blades on the front of the wing makes it look like the Ninja of the monster hunter universe.

Jet black shadow with Glowing Red eyes, your argument is invalid

It's a huge cat. What should I add?

It's beautiful and awesome!

8 Nergigante

The most difficult fight since the anjanath but come on an elder Dragon that eats other elder dragons. What is there not to love?

Nergigante was such a tough fight for me the first time, got carted again and again but that sweet sensation of victory when I finally downed the beast can't be beat. That and he's one of the tougher fights in MHW that's also a ton of fun.

Has a good design and a good fight. The lore behind is great because he eats elder dragons which is why he is an elder dragon. His armor is really cool and he is the second best flagship monster with glavenus as number 1.

angry pin cushion. What's not to love

9 Agnaktor

Also known as fire-pike wyverns, Agnaktor use their tough beaks and great strength to burrow through rock. However, their hardened-lava armor becomes soft when they burrow underground or are attacked with fire or explosives.

There is no way to say this thing is bad. It is respectfully my 3rd favorite monster and it has amazing model. All hail Agnaktor. Just kidding #Tigrexforlife

I will always have Agnaktor as my favourite Monster Hunter monster ever

Awesome monster goes with the awesome fight.

10 Gore Magala

one of the best monster in my opinion, what a cool design! I like the rage mode of them. they should really add it with iceborne like they did alatreon

Gore magala. The monster that got me into monster hunter
From great buildup. Being a rival to your player character. Along with that: His frenzy affected the game so much. Aka apex monsters
Fun and interesting fighting style with a unique gimmick.

Best monster, hands down.

Plays into the story line better than any monster, brought along frenzy, which forces you to fight instead of blocking and praying. Not only does he look amazing, but his fight is also top notch.

The theme for this thing is awesome!

The Contenders
11 Fatalis

stronges elder dragon there is and also one of the coolest. He can melt a 1m thick metal door in 10 seconds which is very impressive.

This is the strongest of the elder dragons, it destroyed an entire kingdom in a single day and it is so terrifying to other rlder dragons that it scarded a Lao Sham lung into mindlessly running into a fortress.

How is this guy 23?! He kicks all sorts of ass and has the coolest looking armour, plus the white form looks like it could reign all hell upon us, it's amazing!

Didn't the Fatalis basically annihilate an entire Civilization? I'd say that's pretty awesome

12 Xeno’jiiva

A very difficult fight first time but as you get more accustomed to it and when you see the armor you will find yourself looking for an sos flare.

one of the most beautiful dragons in all the games along with namielle, the glowing blue with orange eyes is wonderful! he shoots lazers, man!

Literally has the best design and his fight is really cool for being the final boss of World.

Really good design, great late/endgame monster.

13 Deviljho

A giant hungry cucumber

A badass trex

I love devils and Dino’s so yeah best monster for me

angry pickle goes around killing everything

14 Valstrax

A literal rocket powered elder dragon, what else could you possibly want? Shoots up in the sky like a comet, to come crashing down on any unsuspecting hunter, can flip his wings into different stances... and its orchestral theme is one of the very best the series has ever got to experience. We need this back into world!

Rocket powered elder dragon, need I say more?

The idea of a rocket dragon is just badass.

15 Barioth

Wyverns that rule the eternally frozen Tundra. Barioth use their huge tusks and spiked scales to move freely atop the slippery ice; this ability makes them very difficult to keep up with.

The saber toothed tiger aesthetic is too good to deny.

Best design...a mix of a reptilian and a feline

It's a tornado cat! A CAT!

16 Seregios

One of my favourite monsters in the series. It has a fun fight and stays on the ground a reasonable amount for a reasonable amount of time. It also has a great fight theme creating a great atmosphere. Another thing I like is the weapons and armour and their gimmick.

My favourite monster. Everything from the weapons, to the design, the music, the armour, everything about the seregios is awesome!

This demon is a beast and his weapons have the roll to sharpen thing. His design and fight are really cool.

No way is it not the best monster in the whole series

17 Amatsu

You've never played against him if you don't vote

Amatsu vs zinogre

Awesome! Dude, this thing is, like, AMAZING!

18 Tigrex

My personal favorite as it has the best everything. My favorite part is the roar.

It really rules as it is the beast that slaughters everything even Gammoths.

Absolute power.. Need I say more?

It will attack everything even Gammoths.

19 Vaal Hazak

they are like the embodiment of the rotten vale, and it's design is so interesting. constantly having to consume nulberries!

Can't believe he's not higher. The badass zombie dragon with 2 jaws, an amazing battle theme, and a super stressful effluvial effect. Vaal Hazak isn't the strongest dragon, but he's one of the most unique

VERY COOL design and great for farming elder bones and blood because it's way under powered.

The fight might be a bit underwhelming, but the theme makes up for it.

20 Dalamadur

One of my favorites being one if not the largest monster hunter monster it's a giant mountain snake! what more could you ask for!

A mountain sized snake with bladed scales on the back, head and claws.

snake-like dragon, he looks so wonderful. large and friend shaped (not nice to hug though)

21 Kushala Daora

Is a unique Elder Dragon capable of harnessing the power of wind. Its skin is plated with metal, which it has to shed occasionally, and it will defend itself fiercely from Hunters.

The only time my ps4 lagged was due to this guys twisters but his fight is cool and he is still the coolest elder dragon other than Vaal of course. All hail Kush, the dankest dragon

It is op and will wipe your party/squad in any game

I hate the wind but everything else is cool.

22 Glacial Agnaktor

A Tundra-based subspecies of Agnaktor that spits powerful jets of water. Its sharp beak allows it to burrow into the permafrost and clad itself in a layer of ice. This icy armor can only be melted with heat-based attacks.

23 Kulve Taroth

Though I don't use the armor, I really like the way it looks.

Just a really awesome monster in every way

Is the real queen

24 Diablos

one of the tougher fights in the series with him being very unpredictable. Annoying yet the designs of him, armor, and weapons make up for it... mostly.

"they are wildly aggressive and will pursue anything which enters their territory. Diablos are known to use their horns as weapons against attackers, but will also use them in bouts against other Diablos in battles for territory or mating rights.

Best entrance of any monster and the armor is a big help for fighting rathalos.

25 Barroth

Barroth usually remain beneath the mud, perhaps to shield themselves from heat; they are even known to attack by flinging mud. They will charge in a frenzy at anything that disturbs their bogs.

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