Best Monster Hunter Weapons

This will Include the two new weapons that won the competition for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The Top Ten

1 Sword & Shield

The perfect balance of both speed and protection! - llamabaconllama37

2 Great Sword

An all-time favorite since the very beginning! - llamabaconllama37

Big, beefy, badass!

3 Insect Glaive

The insect glaive is very versatile, it has a pole vault which helps mount and avoid monsters. It has long range attacks with its bug, and it is a powerful weapon. If you have the red juice at least. The one problem is that it is very hard to upgrade compared to the other weapons.

4 Charge Blade

Perfect for both fast attacks and massive damage.

It is the most mlg weapon I. the game

5 Longsword


It's a weapon with swift strikes,long range and good damage and IT CAN BECOME STRONGER IF YOU GET THE BLADE TO RED MODE! THIS IS AN INSANE 20% DAMAGE BUFF! - Lord28

6 Lance
7 Dual Blades

The Fastest weapon, perfect for those who like button meshing,

8 Light Bowgun
9 Heavy Bowgun
10 Hunting Horn V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Switch Ax
12 Bow & Arrow

Extremely good, fast movement combined with accurate fast and potent attacks this is a Great weapon for safety and distance

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Top Remixes

1. Sword & Shield
2. Great Sword
3. Insect Glaive
1. Longsword
2. Sword & Shield
3. Dual Blades



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