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21 Scarr The Outcast

Haha, thanks for including me. - Scarr

I have scarr he is really good

He is a VIP he should in the top 5

Full of Opness, Can have the best names ever like ChScarrge, definitely should be in the top 5

22 Tempest Tempest

His attacks are the best and he is very very fast. He can stun very often as well then and is a good member for your team to stop the, from dying as he can continuously stun and sometimes stun all enemies at once!

His raging thunderstorm move is so op, it stuns everyone and he's really fast definitely a top ten monster...did I mention he's fast

I have tempest level 86 currently and he is my main monster, his attacks are high damage and can stun, combining with vadamagma, and lord mammoth is a great team. I leveled up from 43 to 47 in a day thanks to that unstoppable team. Runes are a must though when using tempest, minimum of rune level three for real.

He is very strong and he has a lot of negetive forms

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23 Nishant's Pet

He can posses all enemies in one turn, can daze and blind an enemy with one move, leaving them with only a 25% of hitting it's targets. He can make sure the enemy never touches your monsters.

He can posses the enemy team in one move, and then give one enemy posses and amage boost, you think that's good? He can daze and blind enemies giving a 75% non hit chance. Don't forget how he can slow his enemies! He has four or three attacks that can possess. His cost is reasonable. And he looks intimidating.

Can be good if speed runes are on. Can Posses ALL ENEMIES IN ONE TURN. 3 moves can posses! Really good!

Posses all enemies is 1 of the strongest if not blocked. You can beat 20+ monsters

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24 Treezard

I don't think treezard should even be on this

I see +50 Legends after him. Why is Treezard even on this list?

The BEST monster. He's so rare, no one can get him. He is the best

He is the. Eat in the game a level one can take anything

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25 Count Vlad

He is really powerful.


Out Of Blood = 60 Damage + 100% Life Steal! OP
Horror Gaze = Skills Group 2 + Moderate/Nightmare AoE! OP

26 Noctum Noctum

He is not the best but OP in some respects

Noctum is really good monster but I think Klectus is more stronger than noctum...they both have instant death special attack

I personally have him, for those people that want an op monster and one that looks good. Or even looks cool. THIS IS THE ONE. Not only is he sweet looking he's op as I already said

Noctum is strong and very good

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27 EggEater EggEater

Should be in top 10. Possessing egg and dominating egg are too powerful.

Do I even need to say anything? He can Possess all the enemies, he can burn all the enemies, he has Stun, he can also put several random effects on them. Incredible. True beast.

This dude is amazing I have him and I got to level 100 because of him

He's the best

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28 Samael the Plague Carrier

The day this monster arrived is the day we will all remember the game broke. This guy's purchase button is Instan-Win button. What I mean? He has very high power so that means he can be one of the best Attackers thanks to his abilities. He has one of the tankiest HPs and he also is faster than almost every other average denier of the game. He is almost impossible to deny, and he is also the most versatile monstter of the game. He has 2 Ressurection ablities which makes it impossible to take his team down. He also has 75% healing plus HP regen to his team. He can clearly remove every effects of the game and the skill that makes this monster the best monster in the game is his Damage boost ability... Damage boost + Precision + Extra turn + 100% stamina to one ally!?!?!? Also costs 0 Stamina!?!?!? that's definitely NOT balanced monster. The fact that this monster is almost impossible to deny, he can resurrect 2 allies, he has also almost 100% healing and he can give your attacker extra ...more

Whst the heck he's the best support
he's a uriel because of his 2 revive moves
he's a ourus because of his tanky tanky life
he's got a move that gives 1 monster 75% health back and regeneration and the other two monsters 50% health and regeneration
and he's an anti thetys anti stamina drain as he's got 2 moves that don't use stamina the first gives posion and bleed and he's a demise as he has a extra turn skill to a ally and it cost no stamina


29 Frostbite

Great deny monster. Can often immobilize the whole party along with 1 person losing 2 turns because you have frozen them AND taken their stamina.

Good denier? Are you kidding? HE IS THE BEST DENIER!

INCREDIBLY strong. -100% stamina attack, double damage, stamina leak; what's not to love?

Looks totally awemazing butt not that powerful in battles - Niko2575

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30 Sphyrnus Sphyrnus

I know one of his powers where he goes into a rock pool. He teleports to all your of your characters.

Awesome Water Legend! Freezes Everybody!

Looks like globrush - Omega496

He is superb

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31 Super Dan

His moves are really strong and he looks like a champ, definitely one of the best metal monsters

Very strong attacks! Merciless blast takes 34000 life on strong

He is one of the best attacker in the game.

Super dan, super dan, does what ever super man can! can he defeat monsters? yes he can cause he is strong, Don't mind me just singin a song! look out! here comes super dan! look out here comes super dan! look out out out out! here comes super dan!

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32 Qin

Super sturdy, a tank type, loads of powerful attacks, lots of health! What more can you want from a monster? He's probably one of your first monsters, and is so reliable. You'll be pleased

Sturdy as Trump's wall. Thick as a brick.

Top three earth legendary

He is indomitable when paired with timeron

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33 Oghma Oghma

He has great skills for attacking all of the enemies and I think that he is the most powerful monster of light element. - OnurLegends

Oghma is overpowered, he is great in every way!

Best light legendary

His shield moves give 100% immunity to 4 elements at a time ge should be top 10

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34 The Ringer

Death knell with bleeding is just too strong, is quite always a must in my team

Is very pour! Should be in the last position!

His life is high and his attacks are powerful. He is good.

I personally own the ringer and if you just add speed runes he is op

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35 Terroriser

The Terroriser is one of the best monsters in the game he is also one of the best you tubers

Terroriser is probably one of the most overpowered Monsters in ML. I have him level. 100 and his Strength is more than the double of my level. 100 Noctum. I just can't understand why he/she/it isn't in the TopTen of ML best Monsters. - Niko2575

36 Malair Malair

Great moves all have secondary effects and some cause a random 2

Amazing damage, lots of varying status effects to inflict, stick him with a couple strength runes and a good moveset and he will be your strongest monster

He just destroys Briti much everything

E super taree

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37 Singularis

I got this guy from lucky drawing in a 72 hour event with singularis, super tomato and one other I can't remember and I don't even have paradox yet and he is my best character, I am confused why he is not top 10

His instant death move paradox can easily wipe most enemy teams, and if you combine it with his stamina drain move, the opponent won't even be able to attack during paradox's countdown.

His attack can kill big enemy in forth time'

Really want him

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38 White Pandalf

A pretty good light

White pandalf I have and is my best monster


I think that white pandalf could be even in 8th position because he is professional in his attacks and I will vote him💪✌

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39 Layth

Overpowered should be #2 does an attack that instant deaths in 3 turns

Layth is a pretty good monster it helped me push up it the 2000 cup range

This guy should've been #1

My one best legendary ultimate attacks much healt good with oghma

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40 Ouros

One of the best legendary ever! A must have!

Like the same before

My first legendary

Best monster ever.

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