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41 Layth

Overpowered should be #2 does an attack that instant deaths in 3 turns

Layth is a pretty good monster it helped me push up it the 2000 cup range

This guy should've been #1

My one best legendary ultimate attacks much healt good with oghma

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42 Ouros

One of the best legendary ever! A must have!

Like the same before

My first legendary

Best monster ever.

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43 Terror Dactyl

She's so weak. I can kill her and still have almost all of my life left.

What! An uncommon!

Stupid and ugly

Um what lol - Omega496

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44 Lilysha

She would be versatile if you only consider her solid skills that can daze or stun. Throw in powerful possession skills and she becomes one of the most crippling attackers in the game.

1: She is sexy. 2: She is useful in battle. 3: From a scale from 1 to 10, it's a nine

Smart monster but easy to knock out

scary :D - Omega496

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45 Ultrabot

First, he came to the game with the alien island. When I saw it I didn't think that he is powerful. But then when I saw his skills I thought that this monster can be the best monster in the game! - OnurLegends

Probably one of the best steel monster in the game can do a lot of damage he's pretty fast and has a lot of health

Yo OnurLegends what level are you in monster legends I am level 39. And I am in a clan called "The Force Awakens". by the way what clan are you in?


46 Dr. Hazard

Great legendary. Can poison(4 turns), burn(3 turns) and give nightmares (3 turns). Interesting moves can make any monster weak to thunder, fire, water, nature or light, magic, earth, metal. Although using these moves your stamina will be gone in a blink but that doesn't matter because your opponent will be dead before that.

His special move is really overpowered, gives burning effect for 4 turns, gives poison for three turns and can even give nightmares!

My first legend, his toxins are really great for battle and he has rather a balanced stats

He is the 2nd best Monster in the whole game - Niko2575

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47 Felix

Who the heck is Felix? Are you talking about Fenix? Fenix is terrible


Who is Felix?

48 Toy Master

He done most of attack in one turn like bleeding nightmares freezing etc

One of best I ever had...

Very good power


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49 Klectus

Strongest dark monster in the game. And it's festive, well if you consider it feeds on of Christmas spirit.

Klectus is a boss! He beats more monsters then any other monster in the game!

That guy looks like a spider... - Omega496

Pretty epic!

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50 General Alces

Is to strong I used him against 3 max legendary and still be a them and is one of the only generals that has a multiple attack special move

I also have general alces my general alces is level 30 and it beat 3 rares which are level 40 like what the heck he should be in the top 10!

He can heal and attack. Period.

Should be top ten period

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51 Laomu

I think that this monster is very powerful. He has so dangerous skills and he can poison you with almost every skill. - OnurLegends

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52 Minotaurus

What are you talking minotaurus's stamina is real good it is the slowest stamina taking legendary monster

Awesome. He can kill a lot of enemies in one hit, especially if they're the thunder element.

He is very power full but he runs out of energy really fast

Super strong and a great defense one of my top 3 at level 100

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53 Demise

She is the best support monster and best light monster out there, she gives the whole team double damage and precision then she can your teammate 2 extra turns. Terrific monster and unique design

It's a shame that she got nerfed so harshly but even after she is still a solid deny monster and definitely one of the top light monsters in the game. By far the best in the halloween maze

Best deny monster in the game

I own this amazing monster the only bad is attack and her healing a debuff moves are so good so go Demise yay

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54 Pixelion

Pixelion is a very mysterious monster he is legendary (magic element) but he has water and fire skills! - OnurLegends

He is very good and his special move is beast.

Very good and has a lot of skills

Freeze All is 50% Chance BURN Alll is 50% Chance super cheap monster only getem if your a collector he is not good at all I Loved him @ 1st but now he's crap

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55 Firestorm

Not very good but kinda good it's in the middle I guess

You suck and he is good

This guy is the worst legendary monster ever

He's ok and I think I would rather choose Vadagama

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56 General Uria

Charged boom is SO good even at level 70 it dose 7009 and more to griffin why do people hate him

He is fast and strong

He hurts like BOOM

He should be 1

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57 Igursus

Incredible skill set and very powerful defensive unit. Incredible health and great support. A must have

He Is "The Tank" ha s the most life

It's a great tanker

Very flexible for the size of him..he can reflect all attacks to which can be really useful if he finds he's the only one left in the team

58 Darude

Darude is awesome and he crushes everybody

He is mint



59 Pulseprism

I had one too bad he is only rare

He is very powerful

He looks epic also!


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60 Musu

Early on, this thing can get the job done. It plays more of a support role than offense. My favourite move is easily Energetic water, boosts attack by 50% and heal about 20% of your health. It lasts for two turns. Though it's no slack to offense.

When your a low level and get a musu it's good cause I'm level 16 and my musu is great

Not that good but really appealed to me as a kid

Musu can be used to breed rocantium with terracrank. But it is really weak I have one at lv 40

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