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61 Exo Skeel

His skills are so powerful, he has a skill that attacks %50 to the all of the enemies. - OnurLegends

Just put strength runes on him and bam entire teams are annihilated a Ted by that Xenon ion laser

So many status effects and supporting skills, very nice support

This is by far the third best lightning legendary(behind voltaik the mercurius). He has a heavy stun, heavy daze, and an attack that takes half the opponent's monster's health.

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62 Cailleach

Team Immunity to Daze, Freeze, And Stun for 3 turns! OP And Ultra Frost! Freezes all and removes all stamina! 2 turns lost! If you are a VoltaiK With no stamina, you can't use 50k volts! If you are a Theyts With no stamina Can't use her best skill! Stamina Devourers! OP MONSTER

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63 Lux Aura

I don't believe that LUX AURA could even be in this latest position she is powerful and she is the LORD OF LIGHT but please make even in position 10

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64 Thorder

I like him, but he just needs higher chance status effects.

Bad legendary

I fought 3 and my team wrecked them

Good monster

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65 Tryon

He is awesome for getting him free from 72- Hour Challenge! I have Dr. Hazard, and his moves make targets weak against fire, making a great team.

First fire legendary and awesome!

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66 EggKnock

He is SO OP He can posess all in one attack! Best Rare! Best Monster! And his special skill beats up everything! Use him!

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67 Arcade

New, creative and strong! My best legend now!

His stats are op

Strongest Monster... No can beat him

68 Megapolaris

Megapolaris has great stats and is just amazing.




69 Uru

No flirty is ugliest

Uru is perfect like uru good

Awesome Jelly!

Uru is basically in my own opinion the 25th greatest monster in the game. LUTHIEN, COME TO ME DARLING

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70 Brontoes

Brontoes is a force to be rekcon with his mega stun is so great. With a lot of speed he can take down the best of teams!

Best earth type in the game, why is he in 61st place, by the way I'm not just saying that because I bought him, he is actually incredible the only monsters relatable because of mega stun are reptie and atlas and it's their super power while it's this guys normal moves!

Wait surely it's not Bro N Toes

Better than atum, ouros and qin. Best earth monster in the game. With speed runes and mega stun can even beat voltaik or thetys.

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71 Discobolus

Great monster! Should be in top 20 at least

I use this beast of a monster with general thetys. Thetys uses stamina drain then discobolus stuns them. After they are stunned they still don't get a turn because they don't have any stamina. Then I stun them again because his aoe stun has no cooldown and they just lost their immunity to stun. that's a combined 3 turns lost and by that time they are usually dead. He is a terrific monster definitely one of the best in the game. None of his moves have any cooldown!

Deserves #1! Seriously! Moderate and Stun AOE NO cooldown! Same With Daze! can't get any better than that!

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72 Firesaur

Max level is 40. Legendary max is 100. Need I say more? This should not be on top list.

Very weird. It should not be on this list

Solid common

Firesuar and treezard are really good in ONLY pvp wars. Heal then fire

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73 Skipples

VoltaiK is way better. But I prefer Dr. Hazard. Skipples is just an epic.

It can breed a legendary pulse it's OP... better than VolTaiK! Nough said.

I don't know if your a troll or inexperienced or just someone who doesn't have a legendary but had skipples instead and decided to do this lol

74 Cupid

My bad she is one rank farther but STILL

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75 White Walker

Super op can freeze all enemies and daze them for 2 turns

Best monster right after Metalhead

Beast Frost!


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76 Reptie

I want him, please GLAMORIZE me, my voice, let me attract girls please

I think when I use glamorize on my voltaik I think reptie is glamorizing me for victory

Glamorise is probably my Favorite move it is overpowered when you use it on babartos

Glamorize is only for one turn dble damage skills are for two! BE SMART

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77 Thundhare

He is really strong my Thundhare is level 29 he even beat lord of Atlantis!

Weak attacks but NO COOLDOWNS

At least he's better than thorder


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78 Arcade

He can't be beat he is only level 20 and he is beating everyone he challenges without dying!

79 Basthet V 3 Comments
80 Captain Legends

Really good has strong attacks with low cool down his stats are all good for a epic. - hellfire

Fairly strong. Increased damage and life shield.

Sick epic but not used because legends. Always use in team wars thougha

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