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81 Avaast

Pretty overpowered for an Epic! I would love having him.

He is super strong he is better than some legendary monsters

Best epic!


82 Dracontium

Full of Heavy Damage, and Ignis Area is OP HEAVY TO ALL AND BURN OP

83 Nemestrinus

Have good ability to heal life

He is a REALLY GOOD healer and is better than treezard cause of MULTIPLE HEALING instead of solo healing.

This guy is OP Regrowth 5% heal plus Regen OP And Alpha Declaration Heavy + Buffs Removed = OP
Beta Delclaration should come out LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

84 Wolfkami

He is one of the fastest monsters in the entire game. He has good damage with a strong thunder aoe, and poison attack that does good damage. Wolfkami is also nature and being immune to burn is very effective when fighting fire monsters.

What wolf kami he is a epic! Legendarys are better

Jdkskdjjh form

Love it

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85 Vapwhirl

Vapwhirl is very powerful and very speedy. He is my go to monster.

The ability to shutdown the entire enemy for one turn is great

One of the best monsters I have used for multiplayer and dungeons.

Great starter monster 'till about level 16.

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86 Zyla the Faithful

Like VoltaiK, But actually deals damage, doesn't lose stamina like crap, and I Just awesome, I Have her in my hatchery, If VoltaiK is #1 Zyla Should be #0! She is OP AS CRAP

Zyla is the direct upgrade from VoltaiK. They both have moves that give them extra turns, except Zyla only has three so you can't fill out all the move slots with them. But other than that, her moves do more damage, have shorter cool downs, and do cost MUCH less stamina. I am glad I accidentally bought 2. Overall, Zyla op.

All-around great legendary. An absolute BEAST in the arena. Her special is great. She should be MUCH MUCH higher on this list

I just got her yesterday! I've heard about her that she is good all of her stats is better than voltaik, I don't understand why people think that voltaik is better than zyla

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