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21 Krewella V 3 Comments
22 Bustre V 1 Comment
23 Rezonate V 1 Comment
24 Hardwell Hardwell Robbert van de Corput, who performs under the stage name Hardwell, is a Dutch big room house and electro house DJ and music producer.

Why on earth is he on this list?

OMMG I love his song flight feat. tristan and broken <3 my favorite monstrcat of all tim! 1!

25 Splitbreed
26 Grant Bowtie

He needs to release a tad bit more but besides that his songs (so far) are very unique and all have their own sparkle and shine.

There's so much detail in every one of his tracks you see why it took over a year to make every one of them. - AnalogNinja

All of his songs are filled with detail and uniqueness, wish I could see him on tour.

Just cloud nine should be enough to get this guy in the top 10

V 5 Comments
27 Vicetone V 1 Comment
28 Stonebank

I am completely convinces stonebank can't make a bad song

Stonebank can do anything.

How is this guy 37?

The Best in New Hard Dance (Matduke)
Overall, Amazing

29 Astronaut

Astronaut's tracks are without a the best when it comes to atomosphere.

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30 DotEXE

They're actually more well known as "Summer was Fun" now, but their music is still as amazing as before.

The person that lead me to monstercat

He's one of my all time favorite monstercat artists, this guy should at least be in the top 10


Pixl is one of the best and should be around the top 5 this list is trash

This guy is top 10 to me. Buzz Kill and Sugar Rush are awesome songs!

Pixl is a pretty good artist, if I do say so myself.

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32 Laszlo

Interstellar and Supernova are 2 of the best Monstercat tracks ever released in my opinion. Along with Nitro Fun, he deserves to be at the top of this chart. The closer EP was amazing! Perhaps the best of those five tracks would be Our Arrival.

Laszlo also does some amazing songs outside Monstercat but Supernova was good!

Laszlo is a very good artist.

Now Laszlo, he's not above 20 as of now. Yet he makes better music than most others. Airglow, Interstellar and his collab with WRLD, You & Me. Amazing songs.
Definitely deserves to be at the top.

V 2 Comments
33 Tokyo Machine

Deserves to be higher on the list, but I understand why he's down here. It's probably extremely hard to challenge the staple artists of Monstercat. Hopefully he will be able to climb higher and higher!

Probably one of the least well known artists, though the 8-bit feel and those amazing drops make him one of the best artists I've heard on Monstercat.

They make some of the most amazing songs like Okay and FIGHT

Tokyo Machine deserves way more respect in my opinion. I have loved every one of his songs so far, especially CRAZY. My only concern is if he is going to release anymore songs... I really hope he does! [^v^]

V 4 Comments
34 Razihel

I don't get how Razihel is not in the top 10.

Okay, I have no idea what happened here. He should totally be number 1. My top four favorite songs are all by Razihel, Titans, Legends, Skybreaker, and Edge of the World. Come on, is this list even joking?

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35 Rameses B

Makes such peaceful music, and very heartlifting, it's hard to resist the slow, yet amazing music from Rameses B. Songs like Timeless and Transformations, are incredible.

36 F.O.O.L V 1 Comment
37 Haywyre

Such a unique sound. He perfectly combines natural instruments with extremely catchy electronic themes. Every MC artist is great, but Haywyre 's songs blow me out of the water every time. My favourites (out of what I've heard so far) are Synergy, Back and Forth and The Schism.

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38 Fractal

Among the most underrated artists on monstercat, he can do so many styles so well, and the complexity in some of his tracks is insane. My second favorite is Au5, and they're even better together. - datrandomguy

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39 Rootkit

Absolutely unique and fully capable of making a good song in any genre. Not defined by style, he always makes great songs.

Concrete Jungle is amazing, and he has an assortment of other great songs as well

Rootkit is one of my favorite artists on monstercat. His old songs are amazing. But his new songs are even better he has definitely mastered house and tracks are getting better and better. SO UNDERATTED

40 Marshmello

Honestly, this guy was just a one-time artist to promote Monstercat and gain more popularity.

Alone has to be one of my most favorite songs on monstercat

This artist deserve better eh?

Marshmello has the highest amount of monthly plays on spotify, just that "alone" says that mello is one of the best artists of monstercat and definitely up there with tristam.

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