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61 Deon Custom

This guy makes the best future bass ever. The only reason he's at the bottom is because he doesn't have too many releases yet.

His music is actually very different then what I expected. He reminds me of Haywyre simply because you won't hear any other form of this music done correctly, unless you listen to Deon. Him and Haywyre in my opinion are heavily diverse as they rely on simplistic sounds and soothing melodies to transition to greater sound.

62 Cozi Zuehlsdorff
63 Protostar

Everybody knows that Protostar is the bast artist not only on Monstercat, but it ever live in the entire universe. Scorpion Pit is the best song ever made ever, and his other songs are okay too.

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64 Unlike Pluto
65 Slips & Slurs Slips & Slurs

SLIPS & SLURS IS AMAZING how is he 62? he makes the catchiest tunes and makes them epic

An amazing artist should at least be around 30 or so

"Breakdown"? Awesome. Even though this guy only made a few tracks, I realize he has a good potentials. If you ever heard "Breakdown" or "Breakdon VIP", then you'll hear the rhythm.

66 Snavs

One of the best how is not in at least the top 40

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67 Dirty Audio
68 Virtual Riot
69 Puppet
70 Favright
71 Throttle
72 Teqq
73 Falcon Funk

If you love Bounce/Melbourne Bounce, you'll definitely like SCNDL.

Plus they're aussie!

The Munsta is hilarious and good to dance to. Needs to release more.

75 SirensCeol
76 23 V 2 Comments
77 Going Quantum V 1 Comment
78 Direct
79 Sound Remedy V 1 Comment
80 Volant

Great job with your song Full Circle. Really like Chill Ambient Glitch.

Minty was is one of my favorite songs on MC and his newer one is good to

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