Pegboard Nerds


Pegboard Nerds have tons of variety, and their music is the best quality of any Monstercat artist.

Definitely the best! Their songs Disconnected and Swamp Thing are awesome and very catchy - invinciblemario99

Have you heard their news songs? They are amazing! Definitely pegboard nerds all the way!

Pegboard Nerds are one of the oldest people on Monstercat and I have to say their recent tracks have been the best on Monstercat. I love the intention of their Pink Cloud EP and it is a good way to use the amazing songs and popularity.

Man, I can't pick a favorite Monstercat song, but my top 3 are all Pegboard Nerds songs. - funnysoccerdude11

You have not listened to true wobbles and bass until you have heard the Pegboard Nerds. BY FAR the best dubstep artist on Monstercat, with some good electro, glitch hop, hard dance, drumstep, and much more. THEY ARE INSANE!

Pegboard Nerds is the best! He make an electro music with their hearts!

Pegboard Nerds just can't be beat I love all their songs

Pegboard Nerds maybe have the most song on monstercat

By far the best group. I can't wait for their next tour!

Pegboard are just amazing! They do almost every type of genre (I think they've only got D'n'B, Trance, and House left...) so they are very unique to another artists, who only do a few types. My favourite by far.

Best by far, and have the BEST drops period.

Pegboard nerds are one of my favorites out of all the EDM artists as they have a good vibe when they make a song in which it brings a good feeling to the listeners.

Pegboard nerds are a legend and have released some of monstercats best electro songs.

Best. Ever. I like Tristam, but Pegboard Nerds are just the best. Period.

I got to admin, Pegboard Nerds are pretty good in electro music. With their own style and own technique, I think that they should be #1, although Tristam and Braken are pretty strong artists, even alone.

Pegboard Nerds. Kings of everything. They are the ones to almost complete all the genres. Everything they do is simply perfect. They also brought some artists to Monstercat like NGHTMRE MIU Snails or Quier Disorder. They just have to finish the house the dnb and kick it off with some trance.

I found them about a few years ago, and instantly fell in love.
For a while, I ignored their music, but when Emoji came out I became obsessed again... - Typhlosion

I like music with wobble basses and drums.pegboard nerds is the perfect match for me

Umm I do not know why pegboard nerds is first, I have have nothing against tristam. But I think pegboard nerds are sooo much better (no effence) yeah pegbaord nerds

If anything Pegboard should get the top because they have great songs like Razor Sharp,Hero,Here it comes and disconnected. tristam is ok but I perfer him 3rd behind rogue.