Best Months of 2016

2016 was probably the second worst year of my life, but it still did have it's positive things, so let's count them, shall we?

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1 December

This was the best month of 2016, December is usally the best month, it's christmias, I got a lego city ferry set, a pokemon alpha sapphire, and more, I got my second lego city advent calendar too, and as you might have not known, I'm a big fan of Lego City, especially the advent calendars of the 2010s. - darthvadern

2016 was a great year for me personally, but this month and Christmas of that year in my life sucked.
This is how I’d rank 2016:

1: May
2: August
3: June
4: September
5: October
6: April
7: July
8: March
9: November
10: January
11: December
12: February - Aha223

2 November

Ok, there is this Swedish Book called "Siv Sover Vilse" (in english Siv Sleeps Lost), it might not sound interesting, but it's one of my childhood books, and in November there came a movie about it, I was really anticipated, it was live-action, and went to cinema to watch it, and god was it amazing! It did get a lot of positive reviews to! - darthvadern

3 July

I went to Norway! Norway is one of my favorite countries in the world because there's so much mountains there, and considering I live in Sweden, there's not such a long way there to the beautiful Norwegian city of Gol! I also went to cinema to watch Ice Age: Collision Course, and I thought it was ok, not bad, just ok. - darthvadern

4 October

My B-Day, and I went to a wrestling show... - EliHbk

This was the halloween month, while I'm not one of those people that go out trick or treating, we usallly carve pumpkins, we usally buy three, becasue there's I have two siblings, and it would be too expensive to have five pumpkins, I actully made a pumkin that looks like Pink Sheep. - darthvadern

5 September

I hated September 2016 because I went to a mental hospital (I'm not insane I was depressed) - Ihateschool

Well, let's see, my birthday was in this month, I got Mario Party 7 and 5, I did a colonoscopy, ya know, bowel examination, because I have this sickening disease called crohns disease, and there were no sores in my collons at this time, good! I also got a new phone so I could play Pokemon Go! - darthvadern

6 August

Went to Lithuanian this month, god is it an amazing and beautiful country, the beaches to the seas are the best of the whole Baltikum! I went to the Dino Park outside the city Klaipeda, there was so much to do there, the main reason we go to Lithuania now and then is because my mothers parents live there. - darthvadern

7 June

I remember some days in this month here that was good, I remember watching DanTDM's Crazy Craft youtube videos. - darthvadern

8 April

I remember taking this long evening promenade with my dad the 17th of April, what's so good about this one's that we walked along the streets to Vallby, those streets are so beautiful. - darthvadern

9 May

Much better than the 2017 one, I went to Kolmården, Sweden's biggest zoo, it's so fun there, there's the cool rhinos, beautiful dolphins, and let's not forget those cute seals, they are so cute! - darthvadern

10 March

January: OK, some bad moments, two horrible days
February: Partly good, partly bad
March: Very good
April: Very good
May: Partly good, partly bad, some horrible moments
June: Relatively good, some bad moments
July: Very good
August: Mostly good
September: Relatively good, one horrible day
October: OK month, one horrible moment
November: Maybe OK
December: Very good, one bad moment - Ann21

Ok, easter was this month, but I don't really care about easter, all everyone cares about is... candy! Candy isn't even yummy! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 February

I don't remember much of this month, it was pretty boring to be honest, but I do remeber 13th February when I were with my new friend I got in January, and, that's it. - darthvadern

12 January

Let's see, 2016 January, well, first half sucked hard, because I had to drink those nourishment drinks because I have this sickening disease called crohns disease, I luckily got to end that period a few days to early, second half was better, I got a new friend, which was good. - darthvadern

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