Best Months of 2019

This is a ranking of all 12 months of the year of 2019. Highest spot belongs to the best month and the lowest spot is where the worst month belongs. With that being said here is the list.

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1 July

The month where the big heat wave took place in Germany, with a new temperature record in mid-July. Finalizing my Bachelor thesis, having a nice trip with the group I wrote it in, and leaving home at any given occasion. I'll give it a good 8/10. - MaultierColt308

Overall one of the better months to come out of this year so far. I have done a lot of things this months. I went to Kungsbyn (a swedish zoo about nordic animals) which was alright, Parken Zoo (another swedish zoo but with more exotic animals) which was pretty great but the most notable thing some of you toptenners are aware of is that I went on vacation to Lithuania. So far a good one. I will maybe post a review on it when I get home and make a list about the best things about it.

8/10 - darthvadern

I had Too much rain in my town during july it was depressing 3/10 - trains45

I'm going on holiday this month - darthvadern

2 April

It was kinda boring until Easter, when a close relative went to hospital and everything went down the drain from there on. Positive note was the release of Endgame, and the mostly okay weather. 4/10 - MaultierColt308

This seemed for four months straight like it was the only notably interesting month of 2019. The other three months before it were so stale and so boring I don't think I remember doing anything too noteworthy during those three months. Only interesting parts were TTT for me then. April on the other hand, while not necessarily a "great" month was interesting enough to be at the top of the list for a while. Easter and my mom's birthday are two notable things I really love about aprils and this month wasn't disappointing either. Sleeping over at my friend wasn't disappointing either, and one of those times it was both me and another friend sleeping over at the same friend I slept over before that time. April definitely one of the top choices for me. In terms of TTT this was pretty annoying to say the least. Small flame wars everywhere. It seems to have gotten calmer later on in the month though.

7/10 - darthvadern

My birthday was on this month. That alone should give this a 10/10.-DarkBoi

The month that Avengers: Endgame came out in - Atham

3 June

The month summer vacation started. There has not been anything too interesting I've done here but I remember the last day of school was pretty fun. We had a field trip about learning to survive in the wild and it was interesting to say the least. Late in the month I also started to get interested in philosophy and I've since had an answer I believe to be to the meaning of life. On another hand I accidently logged out of my Roblo account and I didn't have email or phone number attached to it so I can never play Roblox again although that also is a bit of plus as I don't have to care about it anymore.

6/10 - darthvadern

This month was good but it rained a bit too much in my town 7/10 - trains45

I’m pretty exited for this month because i’m going to do some cool things. - Userguy44

4 March

Boring month and too wet a weather. Mostly sat at home... I passed some oral exams taking place in that month with flying colours. 5/10 - MaultierColt308

To say the least March was boring. The only thing I seem to remember from here was playing Jailbreak on Roblox a lot..., without my friends here. There was this one time I went to some sort of party that I thought was a lot of fun, or at least I think that was in March. But that's really it. My waifu Paul Barbato of my favourite youtube channel Geography Now! also took a hiatus that lasted for the entire of March making it even more boring. On TTT March was better than other months but man this was boring.

5,5/10 - darthvadern

This month I think was a 5/10 - trains45

5 May

May and especially May 12 have officially become my Nemesis of the year. Like usual in the last years, the most unlucky events of the year took place in May, with two very close relatives in the hospital, one of them passing away on May 12 2019, the other one needing daily ambulant care from then on.
Unlucky circumstances to begin with the Bachelor thesis (started on May 13)... 1/10

This was the only month my town got nice warm weather june, july and August wasn't as nice weather was depressing, 8/10 for may

In my opinion, this was overall this was not a very good month for me. While it had an ok start, it quickly involved into an atrocity later on. I god 39 degrees celcius fever and I had to be in bed for a whole day and I sweated so much. The following days I were a little bit better but not much. I did however make loads of new friends which was a plus, through Roblox. But it's still at a five


I just can’t wait for my birthday, and the finals.

6 September

Generally this was a good month. Maybe not amazing or anything but it was a solid nice month. My birthday alone gives this a good rating as it was pretty fun. I also was more outdoors this month, at least during the first half which is good because it wakes up nostalgic memories for me. School is alright as well. I saw Toy Story 4 in theaters as well. Very good movie. However the reason this month is only good and not amazing is because of the last few days when I caught an incredibly annoying cold and there was a very annoying pain in my skull. Other than that this month is a good month overall.


Most exciting month of the year for me (aside from December). It had me having my Bachelor colloquium on Sep 18, and getting my results on Sep 30 (I got a very good grade on it). My fall family holidays also started in September, and the weather was at its finest for most of the month. 10/10 would repeat again

Fall just started and it started pretty decently. Unfortunately, it starts with lots of rain in Netherlands.

September not the best month in my opinion

7 August

Not a fan of this month. It was if anything pretty annoying. It's one of the more diverse months I've experienced this year though. The first three days I was still on my vacation to Lithuania. The last of the three was especially fun when we visited the Orvidas Garden and being on board the M/S Stena Flavia. This month felt so long because everything after the vacation felt so different. I had two weeks of boredom until school began. I did start to get into Playmobil again though after not having played with it for several years. School is actually pretty fun though. I felt motivated to get good grades. Then at the end of the month I got sick and caught an incredibly annoying cold that lasted until the first days of September.

It's a very diverse month I've experienced though. All the other months I can usually sum up in a few things and it all feels like a month, but August, each week felt so different from each other. From the nostalgic lithuanian trip in the beginning, to ...more - darthvadern

Too much rain in my town during August as well it was a little bit better than july but still was a bit too much rain, was depressing as well, 2/10 - trains45

My birthday is in August. - Userguy44

8 November

Absolutely boring. Work got done, and it always was rainy and stormy in the area. 3/10 - MaultierColt308

Honestly there isn't anything noteworthy about this month really. I did get introduced to the anime of Sword Art Online though which is a huge plus as it might be my new favourite cartoon surpassing Trollhunters and Bob the Builder. Then again I have not watched many cartoons. Other than that this was just boring and relatively uninteresting yet again like October although a bit better I suppose. This is because I also started to play Duolingo a lot again and now I'm moderate in the esperanto language which is awesome. I'd guess this is a 6 of 10 for me. - darthvadern

This an okay month 5/10 - trains45

9 October

The main thing I said about August can be said with October as well. It's a somewhat diverse month that seemingly lasted forever although a tad better maybe? So many days during this month I just didn't feel well at all with annoying headaches and stuff. But some good stuff as well was there. Halloween was pretty good when I carved my own pumpkin but that's really it. I do remember playing a lot of Turf! in the first half which was very fun and my optional film school has been fun. But that's it.


Best month ever for me personally

This month was ok not too bad of a month 6/10

10 December

I loved it! My (and the birthdays of 2 of my cousins) were awesome, with parties all over the place. Christmas was awesome too and after that I took a short trip to the Netherlands with my cousins. It was cold at the Northern Sea coast, but it was awesome! 10/10 would do it again! - MaultierColt308

This month generally followed the same formula as October and November in that it wasn't anything in particular or interesting. Mostly just boring. December like always has something that the other two don't though, which is the christmas spirit and advent. I always get a lego city advent calendar every december and while this year's wasn't the best, it was decent. Christmas was pretty good as I got a telescope and some other stuff, and so was new year's eve. I also improved my school grades tons which is a huge plus. So it's overall a

6,5/10 - darthvadern

Writing on Christmas Day night in Australia, this was a great month! Probably the best Christmas I have ever had since 2016. 2016 is now my second best Christmas. This year in 2019 I got a google nest mini and it’s working perfectly fine. This is great month. I got a Jeffy puppet and a iPhone 5s on my birthday on the 6th & the Last day of school and year 6 because I Am In year 6, was great! I hope 2020’s & 2020 is going to make it better. But 2019, you made my day especially December.


December was not bad 5/10 - trains45

The Contenders

11 February

This was the worst month was too cold, was -30°C too much for like half of the month it was really annoying 0/10 - trains45

February is pherhaps even more boring and stale than March. Think I remember even less things from here. The first half just consisted of me playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team from time to time and walking around the house at the same time. On TTT there was Darthvadern vs. The Rustlers Pt. 3 which was just annoying at best.

5/10 - darthvadern

12 January

Not a bad month maybe 7/10 - trains45

Well there was 29th of January 2019 where I experienced passing out for the first time ever in my life..., that is not a pro though, ok? That was just scary and unsettling. Man that headache I had before and during the fainting was so traumatizing. On TTT, there was Darthvadern vs. The Rustlers Pt. 2, which was in my opinion honestly one of the better and more fun flame wars IN MY OPINION. Other than that..., this was boring as well

5/10 - darthvadern

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