Best Months to Go to Disney World

People who go to Disneyland generally have their preferences of when they should go there. I have gone to Disney World 21x in my life and I noticed people share strategies of what month to go. So here is the list of what are is the best months to go to Disney World.

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1 October

The weather is cooler and it's not so crowded, at Summertime, it's really hot, humid and crowded, on holidays, it's also crowded, though not so hot.
On Christmas and New Year's Eve, it gets REALLY crowded for the New Year's celebration.
October is the best month of all those and also includes the fact that you get a very fun Halloween party, though the problem with that is tickets cost $75, which is outrageous, like any other item, but that's Disney for us. - Gregory

2 November

It's not so crowded and it's cooler, but it's kinda chilly that time of year, and many people wear their jackets and while it's not very crowded, you might have a bit of a problem especially if you've never lived in Alaska or the North Pole.
But at least it'll do against a hot summer day. - Gregory

3 March

Not too hot, but a little crowded, though not so crowded like Summer days, but you know when it's Spring, Summer draws closer and it'll get hotter. - Gregory

4 September

It's a cooler month, as Fall approaches, but the 1st half of the month is still hot, and makes a trip to Disney World harder as you try to battle the heat. - Gregory

5 February

It's a little warmer than January, but still colder than other times. - Gregory

6 April

It's ok in the weather, and not so extreme in the crowds, but it is more crowded especially around Good Friday and Easter, and when people don't go to school, the parks get more crowded. - Gregory

7 May

It's a hotter month so it may be a challenge, and it gets more crowded as Summer approaches, and prices raise as more people go, and it makes it harder to choose which attraction or what you want to do. - Gregory

8 January

It's not very crowded once the New Year's celebration is over, but it's really cold that time, due to Winter, and many people will have a hard time and might freeze if they don't have proper clothing to protect themselves with. - Gregory

9 June

It gets hotter around June and crowded as school's out and Summer approaches.
It's very hard to plan a trip to Disney World that time of year, and is often one of the worst times to go. - Gregory

10 July

Very hot and crowded, one of the worst times to go, and usually the parks will close due to capacity, and lines for rides are very long. - Gregory

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