Top 10 Months With the Worst Weather


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1 February

It's actually pretty annoying.

Cyclone Yasi hit in this month. - coolguy101


A lot of snow

2 July

Being in west Michigan, the weather's quite warm (80 degrees at average), but what kills is the HUMIDITY. Living by Lake Michigan can be fun, but the humidity could make anyone die. - Turkeyasylum

It is so cold in Argentina! This list is wrongly done. It should have specified the hemisphere. - keyson

It's no fair. You're lucky. It can be unbearably hot and so rainy in Venezuela in July. But I guess it could be worse. - OriginalVisionary

The heat doesn't bother me

I'll take the heat over the cold any day. - Therandom

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3 March

March has the worst weather, the snow melts and it's very muddy

Yay! my birthday is the wettest month of the year in Townsville (where I live by the way). - coolguy101

Jan, Feb, Mar- Winter
Apr, May, Jun- Spring
Jul, Aug, Sep- Summer
Oct, Nov, Dec- Fall - Curtis_Huber

4 August

Bad typhoons hit the Philippines in August/September.

L know it is my b'day in august but it still is a pretty bay weather month!
:-( - KG34400

5 January

January is brutal where I live. Well really, every weather event is brutal where I live. Its either scalding hot or freezing cold. - keycha1n

Where I live, it didn't snow last December, but when January came along, we started to get snowstorm after snowstorm and schools were closing like crazy! February was also pretty rough too.

This should be at the top you blockheads. It is the coldest months. Always avalanches, snowstorms and blizzards. I get so cold in January.

The heat and rain will ruin you in Australia - coolguy101

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6 December
7 November

Once there was freak snowstorm at the end of October and I lost electricity for four days (so no heat! ) and we had to postpone Halloween because there were so many trees on the road that it was too dangerous to go trick or treating. - keycha1n

Middle of fall, but where I live it seems like the start of winter! - Curtis_Huber

Cloudiest month is November

Extremely windy

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8 September

I need to rant a little about this month. Come to California in the beginning of September and you will know what I mean. IT'S TOO HOT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! IT'S HOTTER THAN JULY FOR US! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!

September weather Is so sunny and boring

At least it's not too cold or too hot

9 October October
10 June

Its very hot for me - SpencerJC

The heatwaves! My birthday has to be in the middle of the heatwaves! - Pegasister12

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11 April

This should be a lot higher because tornadoes are most likely in the Plains.

Because I don't know why

Thunder month in Cali - SoloPotato

They made me sick

12 May
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