Top 10 Moomins Characters


The Top Ten

1 Sniff Sniff

This kangaroo can be annoying at times, but he's a great character - 445956

2 Moomintroll Moomintroll

The main character, so the credit is where credit is due. - 445956

3 Moominmamma Moominmamma

This mother is probably one of the most caring mothers in fiction! - 445956

4 Snufkin Snufkin

A nice guy to hang out with - 445956

5 Snork Snork

For something from an older work, Snork looks like that kind of nerdy internet user with glasses. - 445956

6 The Groke The Groke

I actually feel sorry for her. Poor thing is so misunderstood. - Aragorn98

Such a misunderstood character - 445956

7 Moominpappa Moominpappa

A funny dad kind of character - 445956

8 Snork Maiden Snork Maiden

Like Snufkin, Snork Maiden is fun to be around - 445956

9 Little My Little My

Not my favorite but she gets a spot on the list - 445956

10 The Hemul The Hemul

He appears to be a wizard. I love wizards! - 445956

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