Best Animals


The Top Ten

1 Black Dragon

Last and strongest animal, lives in the volcano. - UnluckyforSome17

2 Dragon

Can fly over every type of terrain. - UnluckyforSome17

3 The Kraken

One of the strongest sea animals, well, in my opinion. - UnluckyforSome17

4 The Yeti

Arctic equivalent to Dragon. - UnluckyforSome17

5 Blue Whale
6 Elephant
7 Mammoth

The snowballs are OP. If you get hit with one, you stay frozen long enough for the mammoth to kill you or charge up another, hit you, and kill you with it. Quite strong.

I've heard Blackie is weak because of the massive amount of animals tailbiting you, and the inability to stray far away from the lava. Just me, though.

8 Killer Whale
9 Sabertooth Tiger

It has a really good power ( double scratch ) it can't really be killed by anything because it's in the arctic ( unless it wants to to be freeze to death.

10 Hippo

The Contenders

11 Walrus

Hear me out. Walrus is a good animal. You can pass over anything (As dragons can) and slide on ice. This means no terrain is an obstacle for you, making it very easy to hunt, run, and overall move.

12 Eagle

Eagle is op because it's really easy to team with dragons, spiders, hippos, etc.

13 King Crab
14 Sea Monster
15 Land Monster
16 Ice Monster

Ice monster I think it’s in the game

17 Giant Spider
18 Dino Monster
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