Ten Morals to Learn In Life

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1 Having a nice personality

Let your beauty shine from within, Forget man made beauty & looks. Physical Appearance does not last forever but beauty from within your heart does not fade, age or wrinkle & will see you through.

It is the most important thing in life - ShiviDIVI

2 Having faith in yourself

Trust is meaning succed in your life

3 Hard work

That's crap! You must be able to put living before " A " living!

4 Love

Love every brother & sister on this Earth. There is good in every person. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper with some people to find there inner good. Bring out the best in everyone by showing love, don't Hate, Criticize, Judge & do bad to other people just show them kindness & Love and when they wrong you, back bite you, hate you, abuse you, just keep showing Love any way & Hopefully eventually they will love you & be kind back. We all want World peace so be the first to make that change in the right direction starting with yourself rid yourself of all the hate & just be nice to people. Peace

The answer to all of humanity's problems, if only all could see it. If only all could offer it before they demand it.

5 Be smart
6 Humbleness

Never hang your hat too high, Be humble

7 Obedience
8 Keeping a hobby
9 Happiness

The most important value in life is happiness.

10 Courage

Believe me, this website and voters would be the stupidest thing ever on this earth if courage isn't placed on number 1.

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11 Acceptance

Yes. The world should be more accepting, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. - Heedrie

I accept that people have different opinions - Markerzegamer

12 Two wrongs don't make a right
13 Carpe diem

Ah, yes! When an opportunity presents itself to you, TAKE IT! Snatch it greedily with both hands and hold on to it tightly.

14 Life goes on

True. However much you hurt, however much your heart breaks whatever happens to you in your life, life DOES still go on. It's what we all have to remember at a time we are at our lowest. It's what picks us up and helps us to carry on. We cannot stay still, simply because life won't let us so why fight it?

I think Britgirl is right. Bad experiences in life can be lessons to learn how to make it better and not to make the same mistakes and to go on with that new knowledge in life.

15 You don't stay in this life forever
16 Compassion
17 Patience
18 Tolerance

Even if you disagree with people at least show them basic human respect.

19 Kindness Kindness
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