Top 10 Best Morals in The Loud House Episodes

The Top Ten

Lies have short legs. (The Loudest Yard)
The end doesn't always justify the means. (Making the Case)
One way of learning isn't better than another. After all, everyone is unique. (Driving Miss Hazy)
Don't get too radical when you ensure fun for your family or friend. (For Bros About To Rock)
Only the masters know best. (Funny Business)
If you have a problem with someone, then just say it to their face. (Get The Message)

I hate this moral

You can't hide from your problems and will have to face them eventually. (Dance, Dance Resolution)
You don't always need a plan to have fun with friends. (Overnight Success)
Accept strange habits of your family. (Undie Pressure)
Don't insult others for your own benefits. (Save the Date)

The Contenders

The holidays are about the ones you care about, not the things you get. (11 Louds a Leapin')
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