Long Lists Inspecting #19 Den of Geek's ''Mortal Kombat: Ranking All the Characters''

As the community knows by now I love the Mortal Kombat series know a lot about the franchise still going strong 26 years later. I pretty much can give great descriptions of each character I come across from I to X. I will include the timeline when these kharacters were first seen, and or playable timeline occurred. The only things I cannot really comment much are like shows like Conquest with certain character not in any video games I have no knowledge of those, but sit back as we dive into finishing fatalities onto this list. Round 1... FIGHT!

#73 Reiko (MK4-MKA): Also known as the Kharacter who tried too hard to be like Shao Khan. While I do not see him as the worst on this list he is somewhat slightly more tolerable than many of the other kombatants coming up. Sure the background ain't exactly original, but hey we got some they are way less than this type.

#72 Hsu Hao (MKDA-MKA): You want the lamest clan to join try the Red Dragon clan, and than enter Hsu Hao the worst one of them all. A Korean looking sorry Mongolian whatever i'll never get the difference with a laser heart oh expect Kano has the eye and that was cool here it looks ridiculous. ''Hsu Hao would not dishonor his Red Dragon clan; he would complete his task at any cost.'' Well hat to break it to you, but he got stopped by Jax on the way as he would never return until Armageddon of course, and thus the end of the worst kharacter moveset showing of all time.

#71 Chameleon (MKT64-MKA): What's the difference really other than the cloak ability ninja with that only one version they can be playable. This is an example of a filler placed kharacter with no real set story of any interest.

#70 Meat (MKA): You want the most pointless, and the most grotesque of all of the kombtants here it is a red second layered creation of simply Meat who was I guess a secret kharacter in Mortal Kombat 4, but that seemed more like showcasing a fatality more than anything here he is in Armageddon and the most least likely anybody would want to play as.

#69 Jerek (MK4-MKA): ''Never!'' Jerek is one that's so bad its good type where you can't help, but laugh at the epic fail seen right before you, but also realize his movesets are pretty much Kano which doesn't help much, but backs up what i'm saying you would rather see more utilizing of Tremor than you would Jerek.

#68 Tanya (MK4-MKX): This is pretty much biased toward hating the majority of Mortal Kombat 4 new cast, and this is justified seeing Tanya near the end of the list is completely absurd. Her villainous personality was before D'vorah would eventually use that trait. While she may seem boring for the most part no way would I have her as one of the bottom 10 to start off, but opinion is opinion. She has great movesets, and a great look for Black and yellow attire.

#67 Dairou (MKD-MKA): Awe yeah generic kharacter from Deception whose known as a mercenary paid assassin, and that's not very interesting for a realm that was new, but never caught on neither did this idea. Especially towards the end of conquest he appears with a not that great of a supporting role.

#66 Li Mei (MKDA-MKA): Makes me wonder if she'll be a playable kharacter in the next installment, but anyways one of the weakest female kombatants of the entire series with one trait is not that bad looking, but not enough really to say as a pro.

#65 Shujinko (MKDA-MKA): Sure the Kharacter himself is dumb blinded by a talking spirit cloud (Onaga), but his move set ain't that bad once you get to the near end after no shape shifting into other kombatants constantly. I'd say a bit overhated for a primary antagonist do i think his bland no. There is one other that I can see the argument for.

#64 Mokap (MKDA-MKA): Should be more lower to the bottom of the list, I mean seriously who i tell you who wanted to play with a dude with a motion capsule with balls attached literally all throughout his body, and the description of it all makes it even more bizarre.

#63 Khameleon (MKT64-MKA): I'm just gonna repeat exactly from before a few spots ago. ''What's the difference really other than the cloak ability ninja with that only one version they can be playable. This is an example of a filler placed kharacter with no real set story of any interest.''

#62 Ashrah (MKD-MKA): She's got a good background a demon in all white in the netherrealm, and wants to kill Ermac solely to get out can't blame that idea her move set is very good kinda sad she may not appear in any Mortal Kombat game. Probably one of the few from the PS2 era that has a great origin ideal that I actually did like more than some of others will get to I don't understand why there as high as they stand.

#61 Fujin (MK4-MKA): Heavily underrated the fact he wasn't playable in the newest released game disappointing I must say that would of been great to have Fujin in the new universe, but like Tanya lots of biased towards hate for Mortal Kombat 4. Sure it wasn't the greatest game by any means, but not all the kharacters were throwaways.

#60 Hotaru (MKD-MKA): Hotaru is a very good secondary antagonist in Deception the guy purely enforces order when he arrives at outworld, and as Shujinko gets older he does not recognized him thus locks him up resulting in the two to battle with one another. My only problem was he was very boring in terms of personality, but yet his fatalities are well done so underrated kombatant sure.

#59 Jade (MKII-MK2011): Way too low on this list, sure she's more of a side protagonist for the most part, but since being revealed as a secret kharacter in Mortal Kombat II she's been a likable from the fans, and one that this far down the list that's way far off the outlier so far even more than Tanya is.

#58 Taven (MKA): Okay now here's the most least liked protagonist of any of the Mortal Kombat games, I feel like Armageddon is one that I liked based on the idea, but adding in three new kharacters in the mix were not the best of ideas. Taven is gonna be brought back in 11, but will he be playable or fend to the wolves like Moloch?

#57 Drahmin (MKDA-MDA): Speaking of the sidekick This smelly mask oni demon has one move set which makes for boring expedience. Says it all for me don't touch the smelly oni demon in a mask i'll pass. I looked up recent shot of what Mortal Kombat XI could look like, and Drahmin looks like his gonna return... meh.

#56 Daegon (MKA): Yeah let's have the same identical face only a fully whited eye, and there's brother Daegon of the red dragon clan which is perhaps the worst faction in Mortal Kombat history.

#55 Bo' Rai Cho (MKDA-MKX): When it comes to the drunken teacher we knew back in Deadly Alliance he seemed like a random protagonist kharacter that taught greats like Liu Kang, and yet get no love despite bringing him back in X which might mean he’ll make the next installment like how Kenshi was DLC.

#54 Kai (MK4-MKA): Okay Now I expected Kai to be more down the list than the fact his higher than many of these other kombatants for a shaolin monk there's nothing interesting about him just a generic protagonist and a forgettable one at best.

#53 Blaze (MKDA-MKA): I’m amazed this torch background went from just a slim kombatants to all of a sudden promoted make him the final boss in Armageddon seemed a bit lazy I must say pretty much Onaga's moveset only easier to beat well to me.

#52 Kung Jin (MKX): Yeah I don't like Kung Jin at all something about him is so smug it doesn't go well with me, arrogant I rather play as the other three to be quite honest anybody but Kung Jin.

#51 Nightwolf (MK3-MK2011): A native shaman fighting on the side of good, and in doing so sacrifices himself to a corrupted Sindel. Nightwolf is great to play as over the years he was one of the ones I would always use something to his moves just work effectively enough.

#50 Motaro (MK3-MKA): When he first appeared the hardest boss in Mortal Kombat history with cheap over and over good luck trying to beat him in Mortal Kombat 3 with the unrelenting attack combo. Here's where the coolness goes away though he has two legs, and make him look less mortal in the 6th gen era. In the 2011 game making a cameo he looked more like he did the first time we saw him four legs and invincible, but stopped by Raiden imagine him as a boss to face.

#49 Nitara (MKDA-MKA): I like the concept around this mysterious kharacter from the vampire realms one that they do not go too much in detail, but in doing so she plays a role in hatching the dragon king in the next game setting up Reptile. To me if your gonna set up Mortal Kombat XI correctly you should bring her back if Onaga too comes back it would make sense consider Reptile will not be a playable fighter in this coming up installment.

#48 Skarlet (MK2011): Awe right the first ever new made kharacter that was DLC only, I feel that Skarlet feels nothing more than Kira only more original in the sense her bloodline is literally moving quick spilled blood talk about plu crimson.

#47 Jacqui Briggs (MKX): I mean she’s okay she serves a purpose in Mortal Kombat X, and has very good combo moves one of the more favorable choices I go with, but aside from a blossoming with Takeda not to her other than the daughter of Jax Briggs.

#46 Tremor (MKSP-MKX): I mean don’t get me wrong Special Forces is a terrible game one of the worst Mortal Kombat games in the series, but hearing Tremor would finally be a playable kharacter in the newest installment was not a bad option seeing we knew very little why he was apart of the Black Dragon with Jarek, Kano and company.

#45 Smoke (MKII-MK2011): I feel like Smoke has had probably the most different kharacter outfit changes over the year more than any other kombatants in the series as a whole one minute he is a ninja smoke, a cybernetic purple looking smoke, pretty much bring him back the same way in Deception form as a semi-boss with Noob which seems weird. In 2011 they made him have personality unlike the other two counterparts where he had no say of anything so he does feel like an outcast when they brought him back making him feel underappreciated. At 45 I feel his a tad low than others where about to come up with I feel should not be Above Smoke.

#44 Darrius (MKDA-MKA): I mean this is one of the most unoriginal ideas. Not the most in the series oh no, but up there as one of the worst being halfway up is puzzling that while its cool to play as the Blade knockoff I guess his origin has no redeeming factors.

#43 Kobra (MKDA-MKA): Here's another one similar kharacter to Darrius, and that’s Kobra who is obvious knockoff version of Ken Masters from Street Fighter, and is easily one of the worst ideas in any fighting game. Let’s add in a filler side antagonist in Deception and have him be a throw away type in conquest mode his given no kharacter development other than his story I say he should of been one of the kombants to start off the list way too high up.

#42 Sheeva (MK3-MK2011): The first of three shokans this was the female counterpart that was fairly easy and has had many different looks over the years like Smoke only not as well received.

#41 Kira (MKD-MKA): The design of the kharacter looks good, but what turns me off from this forgotten kombatants is Kira was apart of Kabal’s band of misfits, and therefore She and Kobra tangled along as well, but of the two I like Kira more even though she’s a unoriginal fighting mix of Sonya, and Kano in a more evil way.

#40 Rain (UMK3-MK2011): Sure seeing a purple ninja not everybody was a fan of, but the origins around Rain is a bit interesting an Edenian prince who has blood of other fighters like Taven, and such others. His background I find fascinating kinda like Tanya they just fight to serve as at neutral for most of the storyline.

#39 Mavado (MKDA-MKA): Now look the design of the kharacter is great and all, but when you play as him he absolutely is unbearable the worst set moves, and even more so his fatality has to be the worst a catapult ropes and apparently dead?

#38 Ferra/Torr (MKX): Hey ever seen Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome yeah great movie right well let’s have a Mortal Kombat version of master plaster, and that’s this kharacter in a nutshell and strangely voiced by Tara Strong. A bit high just based on unoriginality, but wildly fun to play as.

#37 Frost (MKDA-MKA): Hey you want the female opposite to Sub-Zero than meet Frost who wants the control of Lin Kuei to herself a bit cool in terms of story development, but needs to be seen more often.

#36 Onaga (MKD-MKA): When you think of the best antagonists you think Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, and lately Quan Chi. To me an underrated villain in some ways I liked Onaga’s whole origin Shujinko, and Nitara do the dirty work, and once you see the opening intro it still gives me chills to introduce this villain definitely deserves to come back in a newer title in the future the scale though is gonna take a ton of effort.

#35 Shinnok (MK4-MKX): In Mortal Kombat 4 I fought Shinnok was the weakest boss until they brought him back in X they redeemed him as a threatening boss well done, but I like Onaga justs lightly more, but I give credit that Shinnok has been treated much better than he started out to be more like a villain who needed a ton of assistance.

#34 Takeda (MKX): Probably my favorite of the new kid protagonists of the block in X. Takeda has a cool look, and has a good moveset and has been mentored by Kenshi, and Scorpion that's one way to not like what see from his story is the most fascinating almost like his given everything.

#33 Sonya Blade (MK-MKX): As time goes on I feel Sonya is by far the least of the original seven combatants. I mean she's definitely a memorable kharacter in the series, but the designs in the later games just seem more off than usual, and I start to gravitate more to Johnny Cage, and Kano more.

#32 Jax (MKII-MKX): ‘’Gotcha!’’ Yes Jax is gonna most likely grab you which is what his most known for other than his a special forces member with Sonya Blade. One thing I don’t recommend is playing that game I just spoke of forgot that it actually exists.

#31 Sareena (MKM:SB-MKA): The breakout one hit star of Mythologies Sareena now making a cameo return in the recent game could it be possible she is playable the next installment? Clearly they gave her great story development from being a servant of Quan Chi to suddenly helping Sub-Zero (Bi-Han).

#30 Havik (MKD-MKA): Unpredictable motives that likes nothing more than than to create chaos making him neutral. Havik's fighting set is of complete biazzro which makes him a great standout not for his design which may seem generic it good to see he made the 30.

#29 Sindel (MK3-MK2011): The mother of Kitana at one point was on the side of good, but that was the first incarnation, in this second incarnation Sindel is revived, and literally defeats 2/3's of Raiden's forces all becoming property of Quan Chi quite the smart choice to go with.

#28 Reptile (MK-MKX): While he is not playable in the first everybody that played the first game knew right away that was Reptile in Green, and that was exciting to play against him. He is played second fettle two main antagonists despite that he is great to play as and is used effectively when he is taken out in the form of the dragon king extra pointers for you.

#27 Sektor (MK3-MK2011): The Red Cyborg Sektor was always the more evil of the two cyber initiative occurrence. A more side kharacter than anything perhaps creating a cyber army which looked like he almost succeeded in getting Smoke and Sub-Zero only twisted the two around in the newer sorta re-creation of it.

#26 Quan Chi (MK4-MKX): Awe yes many say Shang Tsung is the best sorcerer, but Quan Chi I would have to say is vastly better based on the fact he can use deceased warriors and control them into his own brotherhood army. Although you see he dies at the hands of Scorpion they must be working on a way to resurrect Quan Chi in undead form if so this is a gonna be very interesting what direction they go with this in XI.

#25 Moloch (MKDA-MKA): This oni Sub-Boss has a chain to his advantage i'll admit it was tedious, but the design of this demon is quite bulky looking I must say wonder if they chose to actually bring him back for a possible Quan Chi revival from the images I have been seeing.

#24 Baraka (MKII-MK2011): Baraka was always an early favorite of mine, the leader of the foot solider specie Tarkatans. For being nothing more than a loyal servant Baraka was always a classic favorite from the fans who would eventually return way later down the road only to be killed off again.

#23 D'Vorah (MKX): ''This one'' Definitely a well done kharacter her motives change within the story mode from serving Kotal Kahn, to eventually the Brotherhood of shadow a good plot twist, but betrayal is one trait somebody else already had way before D'Vorah came around.

#22 Liu Kang (MK-MKX): The Mortal Kombat Champion from the first four title, and has had many different changes through two timelines is only 22? Liu Kang is way too good to be that far down.

#21 Kung Lao (MKII-MKX): Kung Lao is great kinda sucks he got killed at the hands of Shao Khan after running through a gauntlet of tough stretches between the Deadly Alliance, and Kintaro. I feel like he was hugely ignored in the next installment where he is just an undead servant nothing more shown.

#20 Stryker (MK3-MK2011): Many fans of the franchise majority are very split when it comes to Stryker, and no not the dude you see in X-Men, but this one is a cop whose many different looks over the years trying to make him look cool. While Stryker ain't that bad to play as the way his brought into the whole situation was complete random Raider just chooses what he sees and there's that police brutality I guess?

#19 Kitana (MKII-MKX): The deadly fans say it all with the female ninja in blue was really not ruthless assassin as Shao Kahn would of hoped for instead falls right into the other side only to die at the hands of her mother cruel. Hey look on the bright side you’ll rule with Liu Kang by your side in the netherrealm.

#18 Shang Tsung (MK-MK2011): The powerful sorcerer that has been in most of the mortal kombat games from the beginning and has always stayed on the evil side ever since. Shang Tsung can be cheap like early on or just downgrade him in the later games inferior like the rest equally. Serves a great role in what he has created in the midst of being the supposed apprentice to Shao Kahn.

#17 Kano (MK-MKX): The black dragon leader who has always been a rouged crime type persona. Kano is in some ways underrated I feel more fascinated in how he orchestrated the clan and how that ends up perhaps coming back as it looks to reform.

#16 Kintaro (MKII-MK2011): Pretty much the same as Goro only tiger skin, and he will eat your heart. Plays a tough guy sub-boss, but not as memorable as you would suggests.

#15 Goro (MK-MKX): The first difficult sub-boss fight ever get past him congrats. Severe punishment when it comes to Goro back than frustrating in the new games easy compared to what I was use to doing. The best of the shokan warriors.

#14 Kotal Khan (MKX): The successor of outworld played by Phil LaMarr, well at least you got the right choice for that voice, but aside from being a sun god and all it's pretty much Shao Khan imagery trying to happen all over again.

#13 Cyrax (MK3-MK2011): Cyrax was a wickedly mad combo kombatant that would be net, bomb, repeat over and over. I find Cyrax way more intriguing in kharacter development over Sektor. Seemed more good than evil which seems odd to think seeing a yellow cyborg be more of that than the other.

#12 Kabal (MK3-MK2011): I do like the re-introduction they attempt with Kabal how he is like that as he is all flamed up, but Kano gives him life, but doesn’t go back to him is a bit surprising Kabal was apart of the black dragon in the 1st timeline which means Kira and Kobra will not return as hinted by Erron Black.

#11 Cassie Cage (MKX): Same traits from both Johnny and Sonya combined way too high, should be right next to Kira is anything there literally polar opposite from one another.

#10 Erron Black (MKX): Erron's whole origin background is never explained thoroughly how he got to Outworld you just know he is a bounty service to Kotal Khan, and that's really it. Great look, but alternative ugh... let's not go there.

#9 Raiden (MK-MKX): The thunder god Raiden good and all knows many different outcomes, but of course took things much serious, but what do you expect one that controls Lightning that’s gotta be a painful way to go out in his crosshairs. whether that’s being usually on the good side, or a more darker approach which by the way the best look for him. Raiden is one of the three most important kharacters in the Mortal Kombat series.

#8 Noob Saibot (MKII-MK2011): Bi-Han the first Sub-Zero who fell to the hands of scorpion, but to Quan Chi’s success as Bi-Han is dead has a new name in Noob Saibot literally anything he does is of dark magic. In the 1st installment you first see him as a secret in pitch black, and again in 3 you had no idea of his intentions until Deception when he gained Smoke as an ally strangely. Hasn’t been seen since Nightwolf took care of him making you wonder what’s in store is the unknown.

#7 Kenshi (MKDA-MKX): Oh remember when I said Havik was the best of the 6th gen era let’s not forget the blind swordsman who has a great story origin to boot. In the newer installments the only thing you have not seen yet is the fact Shang Tsung disappeared, but perhaps in XI he may make a return and Kenshi may get his revenge in due time.

#6 Ermac (UMK3-MKX): From generic red ninja to ‘’we are many, you are but one’’ that was a great change up, and even more so the cheapest combos of any kombatant out there. An original idea the later showing, but it does make you wonder if he may fade out quietly in his ending Shang Tsung is seen doing something with Ermac.

#5 Mileena (MKII-MKX): The sister clone of Kitana, Mileena is revealed to have the teeth of tarkatans when a fatality is performed, but her clothing is what gamers attached themselves to most not the face, but the look making her insane is one trait that works real well.

#4 Shao Khan (MKII-MK2011): Who is always the toughest boss ever in the series, while Motaro you face only once try facing Shao Kahn 3 different times in two different timelines. Maniacal laugh, and threatening to conquer the realms. Shao Kahn in the 5 best sure iconic villain

#3 Johnny Cage (MK-MKX): An attempt of a movie star who thinks he is all that and back it up would be Johnny Cage. Wildly entertaining over the years yes. Number 3 worthy ugh… that’s tough for me to accept despite being there from the beginning.

#2 Scorpion (MK-MKX): I prefer the crazy over the naturally good, it was always a hot debate which ninja was better between these two its the catchphrases over the spine that get the nod... ''GET OVER HERE!"

#1 Sub-Zero (MK-MKX): Sub-Zero is undeniably great I’d only flip the two and I’d be okay with it, the only time Sub-Zero is an antagonist was when Bi-Han was grandmaster than Kuai Lang came in and played the role of good for a long time nice seeing the two ninjas almost let bygone be bygones after all these years fighting against one another constantly for different reasons.

For the most part if I compared this to UGO which that list by the way much worse than this one that was in 2011 I believe now the updated showing, but that is almost like saying IGN is better than Game Informer or something to that extent. There are just somethings that seem great other throw away kharacters that needed to be reexamined, and fought out more greatly. FINISH THIS! Outlaws wins... FATALITY!


Johnny Cage my personal favourite - iliekpiez