The Angry Outlaw #21 Mortal Kombat Clones

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Mortal Kombat was wildly successful around the world. While it was in the realm of controversial like DOOM, it is one of the greatest fighting game series ever, but unfortunately what follows its greatness is a lot of poor ripoffs, clones, etc. If you know what I'm talking about then great because all these have elements of that in it. I tried my best in order of when these awful clones started so if i'm a bit off some these then my bad now let's dive into some pile of garbage they call fighting games in my collection. Also if you expected Pit Fighter you are so wrong because that game was before Mortal Kombat so if your wondering do not ask.

Time Killers: This is the earliest clone of MK is it the worst well let's see. You got a choice of 8 characters, pick the dude you chose, and here we go. Oh wow just like that in 2 seconds the CPU kills me in one hit TF? Round 2 and have a chance this time, but again came up short because the controls suck so bad I can't even win a round of this crap. Time killers more like spawn killers.

Body Blows: At first I thought it was a boxing game, but weirdly its not. A secret MK clone hidden in the game disguised as the premise you would think it would play as is not what people expected out of a game like this. This was on a DOS and just hearing sounds like failure already well let's see. The opening music sounds all tedious as hell, and I'm not liking this already. Pick my random fighter, and the announcer sounds badly muffled. Hey at least I can win a few until it gets a little bit more challenging then that's all I can take of this game so its got at least playable gameplay everything else is bad though.

Survival Arts: So far these are games I have had little to know about, this one most certainly resembles being a MK Clone. Pick out of the 8 fighter I chose the Sonya clone basically, and the gameplay has that MK look to it, but worse look how much damage you have to inflict on your adversary is absolutely absurd there not invincible, but that's what it feels like playing this game. What I mean is doing a special is the only resort you can do for major damage if you just regularly punch that ain't gonna do you no good.This game is beatable if you know what your doing in the fight. Dantel in the main villain of this game who looks like an intimidating Baraka clone swinging blades constantly at you. Finally after beating the game, you get a ending of what the character does next in which the Sonya clone retires from ninja related things, and the credits roll pointless ending, but at least beatable i'll give it a pass.

Eternal Champions: This game was on the Genesis, and I knew about it until somebody recommended this to me why I do not recall, but moving on. Pick the guy, and fight, and well in controls okay, the music sounds very good for the Genesis times. Fight my way up, and holy crap the final boss is pretty tough. Try knocking the dude down 5 or 6 times, and then finally beat the game. credits roll with no special ending. The weird thing behind this game is its actually one of the better clones I can agree actually, this game even spawned off a sequel of its decent success.

Bloodstorm: Oh god Time Killers had a secret sequel oh no. It starts off with a unknown assailant murdering a king as they show his blood and screen goes dark with words shown on the screen. All with superhero like abilities it seems like. It starts off kind of coll, but knowing what first game was like let's see how they screw it up. Well at least I did not die immediately like Time Killers I am given a fair fight. Okay its not that bad as the first game so they sort of redeem themselves, but not by much because I just see this as a bad MK clone nevertheless I will not continue dude to other ones I wan to show off more.

Shadow War of Succession: Now were in the level of really bad fighting games this was on the 3DO in 1994, one of the more infamous ones of the bunch. With strangest cast of characters, and an even more laughable voice acting this game is a legend for being so awful yet hilarious good at the same time. You get the following cutscene hearing music with a helicopter you could barely see at the beginning with its horrible look. pick the random guy, and fight and the game is ridiculously fast pace fighting button mash it feels like. Next!

Way of the Warrior: Let's keep going with the 3DO with this game. This game has White Zombie music all over it okay cool, but does it deliver. Next you get this CGI cutscene of this skull head talking to you on what your about to embark on. The gameplay is very tedious with jumping all over the stage for the most part. literally the only way to evade an attack from the adversary. its okay, but not the best by any means no other game has White Zombie music so alright better than the last one.

Tattoo Assassins: So the geist of this game is that the Tattoos each character has is like a ink of secret origins do not ask that's what the story is for main antagonist who wants to enslave the world and create a new Army yeah this sounds a lot like Mortal Kombat alright Koldan is basically Shao Khan then. 9 fighters put there might to try and defeat the tyrant Koldan. Pick the fighter, you get a bio of how that person ended up with a tatoo on them which makes almost no sense. Could you image me getting a tattoo one day and I had special abilities not even possible. It would be hilarious, but look like fool then people think you are delusional. Back to the game, after going through the longest gauntlet of all the clone games you finally face Koldan. The game starts to really get quick in fast pace realm, eventually beaten him there is a newspaper of what happens with the character, and what they do next. As they show you the voices of who played who some not even, and some extremely weird. Back to the title screen, and i'm not doing that again any time soon.

Ultra Vortek: Now let's look for so Jaguar fighting games, this one is not very well known, but the cover of it remind me of Doom, but plays like MK hmm... two in one. You pick between 7 fighters, and they do not exactly tell you who is who which bugs me already. Get to the gameplay well it plays okay, but what makes so interesting is this quite humorous line after you win a round ''fighter is victorious'' why not just fighter wins instead a little nit pic, but I thought that was bizarre. Let's just move to a game that so infamous, and even worse then this.

Kasumi Ninja: Oh yes that's right, the game with the most bizarre character select screen in history. The game controls bad, and the laughable ''show no mercy'' when they ask you to finish off your opponent for good. You got a ton of stereotype characters in this game which makes even more unplayable. Its just so bad people already know about it.

Xenophage Alien Bloodsport: 1994 you would think would be last of any attempt to recreate Mortal Kombat, but no were we wrong, instead we we are making tese games in 1995, and even then we were moving the Saturn, PS1, & N64 era of gaming people were still making these games. Now this game was on the DOS what is it exactly. Well it starts off as two humans are captured to fight for there lives to essentially return back down to earth by winning the bloodsport against all types of incredibly oddball species. It doesn't play like a Mortal Kombat game, but the story itself is kind of like MK if anything so yes I'd say it counts.

Catfight: Oh god get ready for your ears to plead, try turning down the sound for this game is so incredibly ineffective. The gameplay is like someone's failed magician could not come and give these women the power to fly seriously what were they on. While playing the game the fighter makes a grunt which sounds totally off putting if anything.

War Gods: This game is infamous to just beat with one war fighter whom is also the most uninteresting character as well. Great job oh did I mention that strangely Midway made this game so is it a poor rip-off, or just a flat out awful clone. The game looks so unfinished, (maybe it was the one level I played) it was first out for the arcade, and then ported to consoles, and even then it still looks terrible. If I used any other war fighter I would quit this game in a heart beat.

Bio F.R.E.A.K.S: Bio F.R.E.A.K.S was on the N64, and PS1, I feel like these freaks remind me of playing timesplitters with all the random characters they would throw in there. Again this is MK though with its poor gameplay. Also this is when you knock your opponent off the stage they should be awarded to the that mutant, not automatically jumped right back out of it like nothing happened. I do not care who you are that is dumb logic, no other fighting game does this! No point in continuing that would infatuates me pretty quickly.

Cardinal Syn: This game was made by 989 Studios what? The same guys who made sport games for the PS1, this ought to be very interesting if its bad. So we get this cutscene that I guess explains the games purpose that this women is the syn that wants you to fight in this tournament. The women not named is basically the evil antagonist you must defeat. Surely the gameplay does not depict itself as MK in anyway, but actually tells me otherwise. This game has a lot of wacky stages, some good, some terrible. Final boss is obviously sin, and its pretty easy fight, and wait its not over. Now i am fighting a dragon who is almost as super cheap as the dragon in Dragon Buster. After finally beating the beast you get a victory cutscene that's it. Now to be fair this game was okay nothing special really.

Rise 2 Resurrection: Last but not least Rise Resurrection for the PS1. This is a sequel to the most infamous Rise of the Robots which is a uniquely bad fighting game, except the difference with that & this is that the first game depending on what system you had did not have an announcer (if i'm wrong correct me). It tough to say this is somewhat of a clone only because the announcer they added in just says this robot wins in MK terms. The gameplay is just awful just as bad as the first, but at least your not cyborg all through the game unlike 1. Not much better just a bad fighting game in general.

What Happens From Here: Well the chapter of terrible clones ends in the 20th century, no longer do you see games copy as much as you saw in the 90's with all these different Mortal Kombat type games that were just nearly in the levels of that with some exceptions. Some were just god awful that the young gamers will know of the ancient history we knew of that we regret to play. Until next time america.


Good rant. - Skullkid755