Top Ten Mortal Kombat Matchups

The Top Ten Mortal Kombat Matchups

1 Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion

Classic fight man come on

They are also my two favorite and easily are the best rivalry even though personally scorpion is my favorite

Its great but Scorpion would win so it is cool but all we do is see this fight if it was Raiden Vs Scorpion

Hands down the best match up in mortal kombat history

2 Raiden vs. Shinnok

They both like to fight hard and really I like Raiden

Raiden is my favorite so gonna vote raiden

Raiden is gonna kick SHINnok in the shins

Great fighters in general

3 Liu Kang vs. Shang Tsung

I say Liu kang would win this One

4 Kitana vs. Mileena

Kitana would win I mean its katana shes the daughter of the strongest character in the series and has the most experience out of the two all and all its katana.

Mileena would totally win shes way more stronger and her fatalities are better

They are pretty and mileena is scary

I vote for kitana

5 Blaze vs. Onaga

Two characters, or may I say "gods" of MK could do a great massacration

6 Scorpion vs. Reptile

I think this would be a great match and my vote goes to Scorpion because this amazing fatality he used it was so good and bloody.

7 Shao Kahn vs. Deadly Alliance
8 Reptile vs. Ermac

I'm surprised that no one else voted for this. They were both hidden characters in the first MK game.

9 Reptile vs. Sub-Zero
10 Goro vs. Motaro

Goro Stomps, Goro's The Strongest Character In MK PERIOD!

The Contenders

11 Goro vs. Kintaro

The two "tanks", the two four armed sub-bosses combined, enough said

Hulk four arms vs a tiger

Battle of the Beasts!

12 Baraka vs. Quan Chi

The both have something to stab them with and it hard to to say its not a good matchup

They are strong and fun fighters and there X rays are Awesome

13 Quan Chi vs. Shang Tsung

I prefer shang tsung never really liked quan chi

This is the best you will see especially Quan Chi

In serial MK Conquest is Quan Chi vs Shang Tsung be werry match magie, speel, good Kung Fu and shadow match.

14 Taven vs. Daegon
15 Liu Kang vs. Kung Lao

Kung Lao will win and you know that this will be an epic matchup. Just imagine Liu Kang becoming too powerful and Kung Lao is the only one who could stop him.

Liu Kang has already been declared the dominant and more skilled of the two. There's a reason the Shaolin choose Liu Kang over Kung Lao to represent them and Earthrealm.

They're both awesome

Kung lao sem duvida o vencedor não é uma criança que o vai o deter

16 Rain vs. Sub-Zero

To really good fighters what rains great attacks and subzeros great fatality it js a good match

17 Kabal vs. Nightwolf

Night wolf and kabal are two of my favorite characters even though it might not have the importance of say scorpion and sub zero but it is cool under the radar rivalry

18 Kenshi vs. Ermac

The mind vs. Telekeniese

19 Jade vs. Tanya

I like both of them and that they are power full

This would be wicked

20 Jade vs. Mileena

Jade and mileena because that when I was using them they both showed courage and strength they both take on a challenge

Mileena has sharp teeth and jade has a green stick that you can go in to people's bodys

21 Sub-Zero vs. Raiden

Don't know why but I always loved this match-up for some reason.

22 Kano vs. Sonya
23 Johnny Cage vs. Jax

Actor vs General will be great

24 Jax vs. Kano
25 Noob vs. Ermac

My vote goes to Noob. Telepathy won't work on what Ermac can't catch.

I would pick noob but he will lose but noob

Ermac is too good to lose

Ermac is so cool

26 Shaolin Monks vs. Deadly Alliance

Shaolin monks

27 Lin Kuei vs. Shirai Ryu

The shi ry ryu

28 Sonya Blade vs. Mileena
29 Mileena vs. Sonya
30 Cyrax vs. Cyber Sub Zero

They both are strong robots

They both can take on any challenge but it's no dobt that Cyrax would win this fight

They are both strog

31 Sheva vs. Goro
32 Predator vs. Jason
33 Taven vs. Liu Kang

The Classic Hero vs The strongest of all

34 Sonya vs. Jax

I think sonya has a powerful kick and Jax is a strong guy

35 Mileena vs. Raiden
36 Noob vs. Kratos

Noob saibot obiously

37 Smoke vs. Kabal
38 Rain vs. Mileena

Rain kicks but and Mileena stabs you with a spear also Mileena's teeth are like daggers Rain shoots you with water and at the end if he wins he makes a thumder storm If I had to pick who would win I would say Rain also because I've used him and beat Mileena

They both have powers which helps them fight like a animal

They are some cool fighters

They are both power full

39 Rain vs. Jade

Rain is stronge and that jade is is power full and they both have awesome powers

40 Raiden vs. Kano

Its god of thunder Vs strength really it's a easy pick Raiden would win

Raiden is a lighting god and Kano is strong like jax

The are cool fighters and would Knock out the competion

41 Raiden vs. Ermac
42 Jason vs. Freddy
43 Jason vs. Leatherface
44 D'Vorah vs. Mileena

This Matchup was made by Dvorak Executing Mileena In Mortal Kombat X Story Mode

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