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21 Goro vs. Kintaro

The two "tanks", the two four armed sub-bosses combined, enough said

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22 Lin Kuei vs Shirai Ryu
23 Kano vs Sonya
24 Sheva vs Goro
25 Taven vs Liu Kang

The Classic Hero vs The strongest of all

26 Sonya vs. Jax

I think sonya has a powerful kick and Jax is a strong guy

27 Mileena vs Raiden
28 Predator vs Jason
29 Smoke vs Kabal
30 Rain vs Mileena

Rain kicks but and Mileena stabs you with a spear also Mileena's teeth are like daggers Rain shoots you with water and at the end if he wins he makes a thumder storm If I had to pick who would win I would say Rain also because I've used him and beat Mileena

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31 Baraka vs. Quan Chi

The both have something to stab them with and it hard to to say its not a good matchup

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32 Rain vs Jade

Rain is stronge and that jade is is power full and they both have awesome powers

33 Raiden vs Kano

Its god of thunder Vs strength really it's a easy pick Raiden would win

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34 Cyrax vs Cyber Sub Zero

They both can take on any challenge but it's no dobt that Cyrax would win this fight

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35 Raiden vs Ermac
36 Rain vs Sub-Zero

To really good fighters what rains great attacks and subzeros great fatality it js a good match

37 Noob vs Kratos
38 Sub-Zero vs Raiden

Don't know why but I always loved this match-up for some reason.

39 Reptile vs Ermac

I'm surprised that no one else voted for this. They were both hidden characters in the first MK game.

40 Jason vs Freddy
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